Reflections on Title 1 Schools | High School Teacher Vlog


this week we had college day at our

school so on Wednesday a number of boys

came back from all these different

schools that they are attending and it

was so great and so great on a level

we're like especially as a freshman

English teacher and I'm sure this could

happen on any at any age for any number

of reasons but you see these kids come

in and there are these little tiny men

you know I tease them in freshman year

that they're like that there's the weak

little mustaches that looks like velcro

that kind of like has been used too many

times or they have three chin hairs and

they're like yo Reynolds this is my

beard and I'm like bro that looks like

it looks like when Beavis and Butthead

like shaved their heads and glued it to

their faces okay dude that's bared time


to see these dudes come back and you

know that you weren't sure you just life

was either messy or they were messy or

they were 90 miles an hour like some

kids come in freshman year and it looks

like if the Cookie Monster an animal

from the Muppets made a baby this is

what they would have but to have kids

come back and be like grown men men have

grown into something they have made you

proud that have in college or found

their own way or figuring it out it is

the greatest compliment you could ever

have as a teacher and it doesn't even

have to come back to you I didn't even

need anyone to say you made the

difference or you're such a great

teacher or you're so awesome just to see

them show up in the building you're like

yo what happened when'd you become a

girl I feel like I'm exactly the same

dude as when you left but you are a

totally different human being so

Wednesday was catching up with all these

guys hearing about their experiences

what they think of college what it's

like the hardships what's life like

what's starting a career been like for

you it's an experience like like nothing

else that I can I can't connect it to

anything else kind of this moment hit me

when I'm talking to these dudes and they

start asking about teachers like where's

this person is this guy in the building

is this is this woman in the building um

is this person still in the same

classroom I went up to their classroom

and somebody else was in there to tell

kids that certain teachers don't teach

at your school any longer is it's kind

of a hard thing and so I want to talk

about this for a minute because I think

I think it's weird when people show up

to teach in title 1 schools for those of

you that don't know title 1 school are

schools that are typically in low-income

neighborhoods and they have the students

come from like low-income family

households when folks come and they try

to teach in a low-income neighborhood or

in a title one school for two years and

then they leave I think has such a

negative effect on the students and so I

wanted to break down that a little bit

right so maybe you're with me maybe

you're not I'm just trying to start a

conversation and this is awkward for me

man because I don't want to upset anyone

and I don't want to make it sound like

that the people that are coming to teach

in title one schools are like bad for

leaving what I'm saying is what I'm

saying what I'm saying is this for the

past 12 years I've only taught in title

one schools right and I don't even like

that title I feel like it we like assume

we know what it means if you say title

one school right but like I taught in

Canada New Jersey I teach in West

Philadelphia that's all I know it's so

attractive to want to teach somewhere

that that is kind of tough right it

makes people maybe feel like they're a

better teacher than other teachers are I

mean to be honest how many movies that

they have that are about like you know

affluent school districts right it's

always the movies that really get your

heart strings pulled is are all these

movies like the Dangerous Minds and the

freedom writers and all of these folks

that like are trying to serve the

downtrodden and and build them up but

for every like school of rock there's

always like for Freedom Writers ish kind

of movies right I I don't doubt that

anyone that comes to a school to any

school really but but these types of

schools in particular it's something in

their heart that they want to serve like


privileged and underserved children now

here's here's the tricky part for me

it's because then comes the students so

I think the overwhelming idea is that

there are kids in low-income schools or

title one schools or in the hood that

are eagerly waiting for some teacher to

please show up and help them find their

way in life and then what I've seen

happen time and time again are teachers

that show up they plan these great

lessons they have the classroom is on

point the lesson is on point they're

excited to be there and then they see

that the kids could care less that

they're there and so they persevere for

a month or a year or two years and then

slowly but surely they get kind of like

ground out and they can't figure out how

to be successful so they figure this

school is not a good fit for me I'm

gonna go somewhere else and I don't

think that's the answer I think there

are too many educational programs that

try to get young people to believe that

poor people of color especially are

sitting there like just waiting for

someone to save them and no one's

waiting to get saved what I'm talking

about my students no one was waiting for

me to show up right I knew that I can

have a positive impact I knew that I

could do good work and really help but I

also knew that that was going to take

time if you want to be successful in any

school you're going to have to have

patience and time and be vulnerable

because a lot of students that come from

hard neighborhoods right have kind of

been hardened a lot of times if you've

ever had your mom and dad get divorced

and your mom gets a new boyfriend you

didn't like run to that do with open

arms probably be like dad you're finally

here right or very good cheated on by

your girlfriend and the next time like

someone wants to hook up you're like you

know let's take this slow I'm not sure

how fast I want to get into this I want

to be careful this time right or if a

co-worker like dissed you and like threw

you under the bus

or if a boss wronged you in some way

you're gonna be more mindful the next

time you're not gonna be so quick to

jump into that relationship again and

students are the same way if you come

from a neighborhood from a house from a


that's been hard then you're gonna be

less likely and less eager to jump into

the next relationship but if you find

that right person that sticks it out for

two three four years someone that you

can come back to a school in 10 yrs and

they're still rockin it's still in the

same classroom doing the same thing

putting in the hard work and grinding it

out those are the folks I think that

really make an impact and to take it

back to college day I think what happens

is when you go to a school and you stay

for two years and you do either your

good deed or your due diligence and you

try your best sometimes it's a good idea

to leave right sometimes it's not a good

fit and it doesn't mean you're a lesson

teacher it doesn't mean you're any worse

off I think students in all schools need

care I think students that live in

low-income neighborhoods or harder

neighborhoods have certain needs just

like I think kids that come from

affluent districts have certain needs it

doesn't mean that their lives are

perfect they might be dealing with all

kinds of pressures outside to do good to

be good to live up to something else and

they're going to need care and an adult

that's going to help them that guide

their way through that just as much as

any other kid being a kid is hard

whoever out there says be the teenager

is awesome like I don't know where you

lived even every show you watch about

teenagers from Dawson's Creek to

Riverdale it's hard out there man it's

not easy you know you're trying to

figure yourself out you're trying to

separate yourself from your parental

unit that's been telling you how to

think and feel your whole life and now

it's on you for the first time and it's

hard to navigate those waters so I think

all kids need care I'm just saying that

when you teach it a title one school I'm

most certain that at more affluent

districts whether it's a private school

or a really nice suburban school or even

a nice blue-collar neighborhood right

there's probably less of a conversation

about are you going to come back next

year at my school every April the

conversation starts here you coming back

next year hey did you hear so-and-so is

leaving and then you find out that five

to ten or more people are leaving their

school what that does to the students is

it takes students that have sometimes

very little consist

and see in their lives and when you

leave its perpetuating that cycle it's

saying I finally found someone I think I

can trust and lock in with and then they

left and that is hard on kids

on Wednesday when they came back I can

see it in their faces it's hard on kids

and not everyone leaves for bed please

you know I have really great friends

that have gone on to like pursue

doctorates they're still putting in good

work somewhere else their life situation

shifted or change and they had to take

care of someone or move somewhere I get


I don't mean to down anyone because it's

not it's not my place to judge but what

I can do is put this idea out there

because they think it's worth thinking

about if we make this job about the kids

then I think it ships our thought

process you know in the end I knew where

I wanted to teach for as long as I want

to teach I knew that I wanted to teach

in a school that was like mine I knew

what subject area I wanted to teach I

had a feeling that my personality my

connection with young people would take

me far in a school like mine and I found

a fair level of success being where I am

you know do I wish things were different

do I wish I had more money more

resources that people wouldn't leave of

course I do

I love community I think that the way we

help kids is not by showing up and

trying to be the great Savior but by

working together with other teachers and

as a group raising them up you know the

adage of uh it takes a village to raise

this child I think that's a hundred

percent true some movies on on certain

level can be damaging that say you know

that one person stepped in and did this

thing I think it works a whole lot

better when you try to work together as

a team so that's that's what's on my

mind it's you know I I know I'm not

trying to hurt anyone's feelings or

upset anyone or piss anybody off I'm

just saying I think this is worth saying

and it's something that's on my mind

so and it's real wrap with Reynolds it's

not you know with Reynolds because that

would be a really weird channel folks if

you wouldn't mind leaving your comments

below I'm interested to know what you

think I read every single comment

anymore it's very hard for me to get

back to every single comment but I do

read every single one and I at least

talk to my wife for life

it nobody else but uh that's that I hope

you have the greatest week ever this

week and that's it