The 5 Types of Text Structure

You know much like buildings, text

especially informational and nonfiction texts have to be structurally sound or else

When you read informational texts you see the pattern in the way that its written.


There are five main structures you can check. Find the structure and they get less complex.

Let's flex and break down all five. Follow me, the Text Structure Mastermind.

This first text structures is called Description it described the topic and its characteristics

You'll se "such as" and "for example" and details and adjectives like in this sample

Leaning tower of pisa is located in Italy Mamma, Mia

It stands over 180 feet tall, tilted four degrees like it's starting to fall

That's description. The author described

[describe] the tower so you have the image in your mind now peep this, the structure called sequence

it gives events from way back to most recent. Construction began in 1173, but

1173 but it was halted when war was decreed.

Building stoped for a while, then resumed

Many years later in 1272. Sequence contains dates and the words

Next then before first second and third. Cause and effect is another way to organize

Its when authors tell what happened and why

Soft soil made the tower settle unevenly. As a result, it leaned increasingly. Builders tried to balance it with more floors

But due to extra [weight] it [leans] [even] [more] [words] like [because] since if then due to

Right to you. In text, I find description

Sequence, cause and effect. We can compare and contrast all day, all day

There's a problem and solution I bet.

all day, all day. There's a problem and solution.

And I bet if you heard the hook you already know there's two more tech structures to go

sometimes the author introduces a problem

and then

Explains how somebody solved it, the tower leans more

With each [passing] century. The tilt increased to more than five degrees. The people feared it would collapse into ruins.

Now we know the problem

what's the

solution? [Earth] was removed from under the monument and weights were added to balance out the top of it

They directed the lean- at least a little bit that problem and solution

not a riddle, kid. Just look out for the words involved. Since question question problem solution and solve.

I got another text you don't have to ask and its text structure? Compare and contrast.

It explains how things are different in the same with the words in bold I'm about to say both the tower of Pisa's

construction and the Washington monument saw disruption. The Washington monument,

Named after George, had constuction paused for the Civil War.

But the purposes of the buildings were different

One was erected as a church bell tower while the other honored a Founding Father

There we compared the two differenct structures thats five text structures in 1/16 of an hour

In text, I find description, sequence, cause and effect. You can compare and contrast all day, all day

In text I find description

I find sequence cause and effect. You can compare and contrast all day, all day. There's a problem and

solution I bet