How much MONEY do TENNIS PLAYERS make? (including me)

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talking all things money and tennis

exactly how much Federer no soccer make

how much I make personally and exactly

how tennis players make a living from

paid appearances endorsements prize

money and sponsorships let's get

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last week as many of you would have seen

Forbes released their list for the

highest-earning athlete severe and it

wasn't Messi Ronaldo Tiger Woods or

LeBron James who came out on top it was

Roger Federer with a whopping 106 point

three million dollars earned in just a

year and not only did we have tennis

players the highest earning male athlete

on earth

Naomi Osaka also topped the highest

earning female athlete on earth with

thirty seven point four million dollars

earned in the last year so clearly the

sport of tennis can be unbelievably

lucrative at the top of the game beating

huge global sports such as football

basketball and golf but how can this be

tennis is not bigger than say football

so why are tennis players topping the

highest earners lists in one word

endorsements before I show you how much

money they're raking in with

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back to why you're watching this video

in the last year Federer's prize money

is totaled six point three million

dollars and his endorsements of totaled

a hundred million dollars Asarco is a

very similar story with 3.4 million

dollars in prize money and 34 million in

endorsements according to forbes compare

this to number two on the highest paid

athlete list which was Ronaldo he earns

a salary of 65 million year but his

endorsements only total 40 million year

I mean I say only I mean you know I'd

take 40 quid let alone 40 mil but you

get what I'm saying the comparison is so

much different tennis players earn a lot

less in terms of prize money but their

endorsements are so much higher why are

the endorsements so high in tennis even

though it's not the most viewed sport in

the world or the biggest televised sport

in the world

it's a combination between the schedule

and the demographics so first of all the

schedule is 11 months out of the year

where the potential of playing five

matches each week in a tournament week

that gives tennis players huge exposure

compared to other sports

then comes the demographics of the

average tennis fan tennis in general is

an elitist sport quoting Forbes magazine

the demographics of the tennis fan makes

sponsoring table play

attractive for brands at the US Open

last year attendance skewed in favor of

women by ratio of 56 to 44 a rarity at

big-time sporting events 78% held at

least a bachelor's degree versus 35% for

the US overall the average household

income was two hundred and sixteen

thousand dollars this is a group of

significant disposable income ready to

buy apparel sporting equipment cars

watches and financial services so really

all the money in tennis comes through

endorsements which is the problem

because who wants to endorse play who

say 200 in the world or how about a

player like me who's 450 in the world

I mean besides my mum dad made me a few

my auntie's and uncles no one and the

reality is not only the company's not

want to endorse players that aren't

playing a to beat or matches we can

reach out but the prize money is

actually exponential in tennis - for

those a graph to show what prize money

tennis is like this would be the one

that most accurately describes it

basically the prize money is pretty

terrible in futures fairly poor in

challenges and then it exponentially

Rises once you get to the ATP Tour

especially when you get to the latter

rounds which is why it's estimated the

earth to be around 200 to 250 in the

world as a male tennis player to break

even and probably even higher as a

female tennis player to prove this point

I did a bit of research and I looked at

who was ranked 200 in the world at the

end of 2019 year on the ATP rankings it

was a Spanish player called Morales in

2019 as a whole he earned fifty four

thousand six hundred dollars and that's

on the ATP website that's the for tax

now given that the average tournement

roughly taxes about 20% on average if

you take that off the original figure

now the figures down to forty three

thousand six hundred and eighty which

many of you may be thinking well that's

a great salary I'd love to be earning

that but you also don't have the same

expenses as this dude he probably spent

$40,000 of that on travel employing his

team and all the other expenses that

tennis players have tennis players don't

have the luxury of cheap living and an

employer playing all their business


everything comes out of a tennis players

own pocket I downloaded an app in 2019

to keep track of all my expenses and

income for the year in the last year I

spent thirty four thousand five hundred

and twenty-eight pounds on all my

expenses now that's me pretty much

investing on myself to the fully doing

everything as professional as I can

let's not say that I was traveling with

a coach a physio trained or each week

that's just my own personal costs plus a

few weeks here and there of having a

coach with me for sure I could have

spent less but that would have meant

cutting corners and not doing things as

professionally as I would have wanted my

income for the 2019 2020 financial year

was 40,000 pounds the only reason I was

able to get figure that high is because

I got the opportunity to play at

Wimbledon this year both in the men's

singles qualifying main main draw

doubles and the mixed doubles where I

actually had a really good run maybe

mixed doubles caught finals with even

silver had I not had that opportunity

and done so well in the mixed doubles my

income would have been half the amount

that it actually was so I'm actually

very fortunate as are the rest of the

players who come from nations with home

Grand Slams

so in reality as someone who got a

career-high of 319 last year my prize

money would have been in the region of

15 to 20 thousand pounds which sucks

when you consider I spent thirty five

thousand pounds on expenses for there I

mean obviously I wouldn't have been able

to spend that much if I hadn't earned

the forty thousand pounds but still you

know if you think about it in reality if

I want to do things as professionally as

I can had I've spent our 35 K and only

earned 15 to 20 gay I would have been in

a 15 to 20 K debt and that's just from

one year in terms of my sponsorships

I have flows and racket sponsorships by

idly and Yonex saves me a lot of money

not having to buy equipment and clothes

but I don't get paid anything I want to

take it and wear it with pride kind of

contract whereas Phaedrus honor here's

30 mil and you can design your own

clothes kind of contract now you may be

thinking Evan you're not really selling

tennis to me so here comes the positive

part although it can be tough to make a

living as a tennis player I do think we

need to try and let go of the financial

stress and see tennis for what it really

is a fun sport that provides us with so

many opportunities that normal people


get because at the end of the day we

live to our means and whatever we earn

in tennis generally goes straight back

into the funding our tennis and whether

we're earning a hundred K a year or

nothing we can all enjoy playing tennis

each and every day and pursuing this

sport for years I had to budget pick my

tormance based on what I could afford

and limit myself in terms of how much I

could actually invest in my tennis and I

still have these financial stresses I

think the message is that we've got to

focus on the process and enjoy playing

this sport and investing what we do have

into the sport and gradually as we get

better one day we might find ourselves

in the position where we're picking up

endorsements left right and center Aston

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