how to put a tattoo gun together step by step

hey guys it's Jonathan with one big

impact today we're actually here to show

you something real quick it is how to

put together two tubulin tattoo gun I

can't even speak English fake tattoo gun

to do these things and these things and

all kinds of cool things so first and

foremost do not use nerd dirty needles

don't use nerdy needles either whatever

the hell those are so first of all you

get your barrel and depending on this

one's not gonna be for shading

necessarily it's gonna be for a fine

outlining and you are going to just undo

your allen wrench it's probably gonna be

a different size allen wrench than mine

it could be could not be kind of just a

basic unit here get your allen wrench

gettin in there tighten it up and get

your other end of the barrel put this

guy and it was fitting I think any day

loosen it back up a little bit remember

if you don't know what you're doing

don't tattoo people we don't need crappy

tattoos going around as my lady would

say which actually currently owns this

tattoo gun notice I said currently

because she loves me and she's

eventually gonna give it to me

she's awesome she's beautiful caring and

she's my queen

so next after that you're actually gonna

run this guy through here if you can see

that all you're gonna do is run that guy

through there I keep this facing out

because you're going to be able to see

if the needles going up and down and

kind of just snug tighten that in there

and then you got your needle and then

you're gonna put that through the barrel

coming out into there

if it can go through for me if I can get

it in the hole


that's kind of funny

okay holy crap got it so we got it in

there and we're gonna want to go down

quite a bit on that guy you don't want

it to be any more than a needle of an

eighth of an inch looks like I snagged

it there so that's not gonna work

but we're not gonna use this for

tattooing it's literally just to show

you some stuff and then once you get the

barrel in there kind of tighten that up

a little bit you got your little plug

here it's actually gonna go right over

there and then you're gonna pull the

needle up over it just a tad as you can

see there so it's nice and snug and then

once you have that ready to go you're

going to adjust this guy based on let's

see if we can get that in there get that

there tight and you're going to pull

this guy out a little bit and then come

over here and the idea is to not have

too much of the needle showing no more

than a tenth of an inch because it

causes scarring all the tattoos I'm not

a dad to artists I just happen to know

how to put it freaking gun together so

you got it down there as you can see the

little washer goes there your little

o-ring your chamber everything is good

to go positive checked next thing is

going to be you have your voltage right

here and it is going to be you're gonna

see a hole there and a hole on the

opposite side so you squeeze squeeze

these two puppies together

and I wish you could see the message I

just caught and and that's it it'll

spring together there we got the box

here and as you can see you got one in

left one in right I got the pedal down

on the floor as you can hear it you're

gonna plug the Box in and depending on

exactly what you're doing for tattooing

you're gonna set the gauge accordingly

but as you can see voltage keep it kind

of high step on the pedal

you're literally good to go

good to tattoo always use clean needles

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amazing tool and always spread it never

charge for it have a good day guys