Production of Tarpaulin


we produce two types of tarpaulins woven

flexible and reinforced plastic

tarpaulins both types are produced in

sheet and roll forms we receive the raw

material which is safely stored in our

well mixing and tape extrusions the

production starts with the mixing of the

plastic granule

the quality of the granel mixture is

checked by our quality control team


the next stage of the manufacturing

process is the extrusion the granule mix

is melted and converted into sheets by

an extruder and then cut into yarns or

taped the yarns are integrated to

increase the dénia followed by the

winding of the arm onto the bobbin



next comes the weaving process the

plastic yarn is mounted onto the Creoles

of the looms to weave it into plastic

fabric the automated water jet looms are

used for weaving the high quality

polyethylene fabric


lamination the rolls of fabric event

transferred to the lamination machine

where the fabric is laminated on both


the wolf inflexible tarpaulins a gray

reinforcement band is applied to

strengthen the fabric logos are printed

on the fabric according to the clients




the laminated fabric is sent to the

welding and automated cutting section


the fabric is centrally welded and cut

into different sizes according to the

requirements of our client


hemming and eyelets

the hemming process and eyelets

application only applies to the

reinforced tarpaulin the hemming

machines add reinforcements to various

size sheets making them more durable

this stage ropes are also stitched to

the sheets eyelets are installed if our

client requests the main use of eyelet

is to tie the sheets to rope ensuring

different ways in which the tarpaulin

can be used

folding packing & stacking the

tarpaulins and are ready to be folded

pressed and packed into bales and then

stacked the plastic sheets and rolls are

ready to be shipped to ensure the

highest quality standard rigorous

quality control checks take place at

every step of the process these include

the tensile strength test weight test

and hook tear