How A T-Shirt SHOULD Properly Fit

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discussing how a t-shirt should properly

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the drop now I do believe t-shirts have

their time and place in that there are

better alternatives for other occasions

but when you do pull out that t-shirt

you want to make sure you look like a

boss wearing that thing so I'm going to

give you 4 areas where you need to focus

on when you're wearing a t-shirt the

first one the neck area now when it

comes to crew necks which oddly Evan

really into lately because I'm always

promoting v-necks but when it comes to

crew necks it's actually pretty easy

most crew necks all come in the same

depth so you don't have to worry too

much about it the only thing you want to

worry about when it comes to crew necks

is avoid the bacon neck just remember

Jordan don't go for a bacon egg it looks

tacky t-shirts look cheap just doesn't

look good make sure your kunuk is always

nice and crisp

on the other hand if you were talking

about a v-neck you have to be a little

bit more careful with this one

a lot of guys like to go out and buy

these really deep v-necks which just

make you look like a tool so avoid those

really deep v-necks and go for a medium

to moderate depth v-neck those will give

you a little bit more dimension in your


sometimes even broaden your chest

secondary you want to focus on is the

bicep area I have stressed this before

especially in one of my shopping hauls

when you're shopping for t-shirts when

you're looking for a t-shirt make sure

that sleeve nicely hugs the bicep if

you're wearing a t-shirt that is too

loose in the sleeve area it's just going

to make you look like you have twigs for

arms and make you look again

in your arms but if you wear a t-shirt

that nicely hugs the bicep area even if

you have small arms it's going to

automatically make you look like you

have fuller arms so make sure that the

bicep area is nice and tight now if you

find a t-shirt that you absolutely love

you want to get it but the bicep area is

just to lose a little trick that I do is

I I do one cuff on each sleeve this adds

a little bit more bicep exposure giving

your biceps a fuller look the third area

is the overall body now here and is

another very dangerous area just like

the v-neck that you can quickly look

like a tool if you're wearing a shirt

that is two sizes too small you're doing

it wrong and you'll know you're wrong

when you see pinking when you see

stretching in other words when you look

like a sausage most guys like to go this

route just to try to show off like the

if they have muscles or look like they

have muscles or look big but in reality

it just doesn't look proportionate to

your body and it does not look good so

instead go for a tee shirt that fits

relaxed through the body most likely

through the chest area it's going to be

a little bit more tight which actually

may look good and then through the

midsection you want it a little loose

about one to two inches this will give

you breathing room and it's going to let

your t-shirt drape nicely which brings

us to the fourth area when you're

picking that right t-shirt and its

overall length so if your shirt is

draping nicely you want to make sure

that the overall length of the t-shirt

is right now if you see all my look

books when I'm wearing t-shirts they

almost always cover my belt region and

that's what you want so as a quick

reference point when you see your pants

you want it to cover your belt region

but you don't want them to cover your

pockets the pockets where you put your

hands in your front pockets so that area

in between that's the sweet spot for the

right fitting t-shirt so I hope you guys

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