How to Wire a Switched Outlet

a question on how to change a switched

outlet and so I'll go through the steps

on how to change it and also how its

wired and always make sure you check the

electric before you start and shut it

off I like a non-contact tester what I

like about it is you have to depress it

to turn it on it shows you a light that

it's working and also gives you a chirp

and then you don't actually have to

touch the wire so that you know whether

the electrics I don't know

so always turn off the power before you

start but a switched outlet has one side

of the outlet always on so in this case

we've got a nonmetallic two wire cable

coming into this box we have the hot

going to a leg going up to the switch

and then we created a pigtail a little

wire going to the bottom of the outlet

now this hot from the service panel is

always on so this bottom part of the

outlet is always at and now we have this

second cable to wire cable coming into

this box we twisted that together with a

wire connector and it's going up to this

switch now from the switch because we're

using a two wire cable this white wire

which is normally in neutral we have to

mark it with black tape to let everybody

know that this is a hot wire it comes

down to the top part of this outlet and

now this top part will be controlled by

the switch and again we have to mark

this white with a piece of black tape or

black paint so that everybody knows this

is hot but we can't have both of these

screws with hot wires so what we have to

do when we replace this so we're going

to turn off the power unscrew the old

outlet and then on the new outlet our

hot wires will be connected to the brass

screw our neutral wire is going to be

going to the silver screw and our ground

wire to the green screw but on the

Heights hot side you're always going to

have this metal connecting tab so what

we have to do because we have two hots

we need to break this tab and you can

either use needle nose pliers or

diagonal pliers and we're just going to

grab it with the pliers and we're just

going to bend it back and forth and you

can hear it snap and now these are

completely distinct they're separated so

we can have one hot that's always going

to be on on the bottom and then our hot

on top is controlled by the switch so

very simple to do and that's the wiring

scheme for a switched outlet