How To Fit A One-Piece Swimsuit

a one-piece bathing suit is a terrific

look it's also terrifically challenging

when trying to find the right size and

fit for most women here are a few facts

to help you find the right one one-piece

bathing suits cover much of the torso so

manufacturers are forced to make several

assumptions when designing them the

first thing to know is that most

one-piece suits are designed for a woman

5 feet 4 inches to 5 feet 8 inches tall

the second assumption made is that the

wear is evenly proportioned between her

top and bottom so for example if you

were a medium t-shirt they assume you

also wear a medium panty the third

assumption is that you have an average

height and an even proportion waist and

waistline so not shorter long waisted

and no major tummy finally four

one-piece swimsuit sides with just a

number like 6 8 etc an additional

assumption is that your bra cup size is

between a B cup and a D cup so if your

height and proportions are within these

parameters you will find that most

one-piece bathing suits fit you recently

women are now able to find bra size

one-piece suits they give a much better

and more flattering fit and come in bra

sizing larger than a D cup however the

same torso assumptions are made and even

proportion and average height so as an

example if your bras band size is a 36

regardless of your cup size the

assumption for the torso fit is that of

a size medium panty a band size of a 38

assumes the torso size of a large

panting sister sizing can be used with

some success on cup size one-piece suits

say your bra size is a 36 G and your

panty size is a large or you have a long

torso you can move from a 36 G to a 38

triple D and get more room for your hips

tummy or torso while keeping the same

cup volume for women with hips and

curves that don't fall within all the

one-piece swimsuit on

you can still get a one-piece swimsuit

look for the style called a tankini

tankini gives you a one-piece bathing

suit look well actually being two pieces

and there are many great advantages to

this bathing suit style you can get a

perfect fit because you pick your size

for the top and the bottom it's easier

to put on and take off bathroom breaks

are simpler and you can mix and match to

get many looks without having to buy an

entirely new swimsuit as an example

here's a one-piece and a tankini

side-by-side they pretty much look

identical and with a tankini you can buy

a several bottom styles to trade out to

fit your needs

so the tankini style it doesn't matter

if you're tall petite or have a tummy

you can get a one-piece look that fits

your figure perfectly every woman can

now wear the one-piece swimsuit look

that truly fits and flatters