Malkauns: How to Tune Surmandal, swarmandal, harp, Indian Classical

hi guys I've just finished tuning my so

Mundell - rargh


it takes time and it's its effort it's

definitely an effort but yesterday it's

only a rewarding effort I mean the lack

of material out is absolutely you know

it's appalling to be honest with you

especially covering the tuning officer

mumbles I mean you get theory but that's

only good as the pages written on

what I would be doing over some time and

it's all dependent on when I get time

I'll be uploading more videos covering

different aspects or different routers

actually tuning them just a bundle and

it's always a learning curve as you

would know that there's no it's a bottom

bottomless pit it's like the ocean to be

honest you keep on exploring and the

depth just increases and one thing you

got to be mindful about it's the tension

factor when turning

otherwise you'll end up by doing

exceptionally plentiful rounds to your

local music store to stock up on wires

and etc there is a method that when you

do become or when you do become a bit

more kind of customized after breaking

few strings but such would I haven't

broken any

I'll cover all that in due course


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