Bladder Tapping ! Suprapubic ! #drtusarofficial

this is the procedure of emergency

bladder cancer now you can see the

bladder how it is standard is full of

urine there is texture of urethra so we

are planning to monitor the blood added

just once and whatever of the su

probably written by I already given the

local NSS here now I am consider bladder

okay by the sector evening puncture of

the bladder you just gently close to the

skin and gently go down to the bladders

it will so easy and wait for two we come

out now we'll see the union will come


you don't see they didn't come out here

living in swing that is a process to be

done in emergency


fix it properly that needle will know

this list and it will not puncture to

any other area so to be very carefully

tuned to be filled up




in the winning plan for the supplies

educator present under local anaesthesia

here is we have done sorry I can't show

the video because that time I was quite

busy not able to record a video I just

want to show you how it was done so

magically there is no scar nothing and

so comfortable so we have changing the

dressing of the suprafacial catheter








it will remain open now and this

otherwise dissipated

you take care of the sachet of my plans

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