Difference between Passive and Active Subwoofer Which is better

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subwoofers on the left is the passive

and on the right is the active now if

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so the chances are good you already know

that a subwoofer reproduces the low

frequency sounds in an audio track what

does that mean well in an action movie

when there's an explosion you're going

to hear and feel the loud boom depending

on whether you have a passive subwoofer

or an active subwoofer it's going to

determine how thumping and thundering

and enjoyable that boom is in the most

simple terms the the difference between

the two types is whether it contains an

amplifier or a dozen the passive one the

one on the left does not have an

amplifier in it and the active one the

one on the right does have an amplifier

in it so let's explore why the

differences might be important to you

now you're looking at the back of the

passive subwoofer as you can see it's

simply connected to another unit via

this relatively small speaker wire so it

gets its power and its audio signal from

another main unit now one of the

benefits is that this type of system is

going to be less costly one of the

downsides is that because of the short

wire you're only limited to where you

can place the subwoofer in the room but

most people will tell you ideally you

want the subwoofer right under the TV or

to the right or left of the TV but as

long as it's in front of you now looking

at the active subwoofer you notice that

the size and shape is different that

doesn't necessarily mean anything other

than in this case we know that it has an

amplifier built-in so the weight of the

active subwoofer on the right is

considerably heavier than the weight of

the passive subwoofer on the left most

active subwoofers like the one pictured

on the right of your video screen here

require two wires of course one is

electrical for the amplifier that's

built-in and the other is the audio

signal wire which comes from a main unit

like a VR or home theater receiver so

because of that audio wire connection

you do also have some limitations where

you can place it but with the wireless

version like the one we're showing right

now it could be placed anywhere

both perform almost equally as well we

use the word almost because occasionally

there might be an interruption of the

wireless audio signal from the main unit

to a wireless subwoofer now when you

compare the performance of both types of

subwoofers here's what we find and this

is only our opinion the passive

subwoofer while it definitely enhances

and brings out the bass and the thump in

a movie or music it doesn't do it as

well as the active subwoofer the active

subwoofer is going to give you in our

opinion a much more rich thumping bass a

much more enjoyable audio track so look

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