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welcome to another Witcher lore video

guys so why to suggestion the other day

to make a video on this creature and the

reason I decided to make today's video

on this creature was just because I

thought it's actually quite an

interesting creature we know bits about

it and there's a lot of speculation you

can kind of put into it and I just think

it's one of those really really

interesting creatures from The Witcher

Universe so I've decided to make today's

video on Striga so to begin with some

very very basic information on a

struggle just to get the general idea of

what it is so as trigger is a woman

bear in mind only women can be

Stricker's who has been cursed and

through this curse has transformed into

a striker so strikers have a hatred for

all living things and would happily eat

anything that they can lay their eyes on

and they can kill anything without any

weight on their conscience at all

they're pretty much lethal evil killing

machines Stricker's can only ever hunter

a full moon but when they hunt they have

inhuman strength and speed this is also

shown in the witcher 1 opening cinematic

when you see how powerful this creature

is considering that that creature is a

14-year old girl

so now to move on to the curse itself so

not much is known about this curse that

changes females into Striga so I can't

tell you exactly how it happens

but what I can give you is an example of

this curse there has been actually

documented so it can give us a lot of

information just about strigas in

general about how the curse works so to

begin with I will have to tell you of

the love affair between king foltest

and his sister adder so fall test was

originally promised to King vism a the

second daughter but instead decided to

have a love affair with his sister and

then eventually he actually planned to

marry his sister instead so through this

love affair

adda became pregnant and then after Adam

became pregnant and she had a love

affair with her brother a man named

Oscar it became very jealous as he

actually loved adder so ostrich went to

a witch and asked if he could curse them

so then the witch agreed and Ostra then

gathered the ingredients and uttered a

curse we don't know the words we don't

know the ingredients but that's pretty

much what happened so later on adder is

giving birth and she dies and so does

her child she was going to give birth to

said they were laid to rest in a single

tomb they shared and then foltest who'd

lost his sister his lover and his

daughter all in one day eventually moved

on with his life

but after seven years false has thought

to be dead daughter turned out to be a

stringer and

seven years had been in the tomb growing

and becoming a horrifying beast and

that's the first part of the story and

just as an extra point there have been

some reports that it was in fact false

mother who cast the curse as she was

also said to be very very disapproving

and if you think about the witch

universe it seems that everybody solves

their problems with curses so it's very

possible that both of them cursed her or

maybe only one of their curses worked

it's not confirmed whether she cursed

them or not but Oscar it definitely did

but yet again that's just a little bit

of speculation so my next point is how

you can cure ass trigger but the next

part of the story actually reveals this

pretty well and can explain it pretty

well so I'm going to tell the next part

of this story so thus trigger then began

to terrorize old for Zima for quite a

while and falters did try many different

methods for a long time to deal with his

beastly daughter and this is without

killing her of course but no method

seemed to work except for one because

fall test eventually decided to employed

the services of a white head Witcher who

I'm sure all of you who are listening

will know is Geralt of Rivia Geralt and

set to work and use the method that I

would explain to you now so Garrels goal

was to make sure that this trigger

couldn't return to her sarcophagus

before daybreak

so after serving up Ostra as a

distraction The Witcher defensively held

back this trigger that sealed himself

inside her grave until dawn when he woke

up the next morning he was happy to see

princess adder finally in human form

lying on the floor the curse had been

lifted and you may think oh that's

pretty simple but you've got to imagine

how many people can hold off a streaker

without killing it and then be able to

stay in a sarcophagus at night and not

let it enter and then also have to know

how to do this I mean I certainly

wouldn't have thought to do that so

that's the full story but I'm sure you

may be curious as to how X triggers

function after being cured well adders

case was actually a special one as she

had been a stringer since her birth she

actually had the body of a

fourteen-year-old but the mind of an

infant so it's not exactly known if this

is exclusive to adders case because of

the fact that she's been has triggered

her entire life or if you turn into

restricted and turn back into a human it

can just cause your mind to become

childlike we don't actually know because

obviously changing shape is going to

have some sort of mental impact as your

brain will probably have to change shape

as well so we don't know if it's the

curse that might cause people to become

mentally disabled in general or if it's

just because

adda was a stricker since birth so I'll

also men

despite being cured there is still a

possibility for a relapse so a cured


should always wear a protective amulet

and participate in rituals to assure the

monstrous form will not return and this

is what Ida did pretty much her entire

life after being cured in fact if you

play The Witcher 1 she still wears the

amulet that Geralt gave her so yeah a

Stricker is a fairly straightforward

creature it's just a cursed creature

like any other you could argue that a

werewolf the cursed creature it's just

something that people change into I

suppose and the people that change into

it usually lose control so that's all I

really wanna say Lance triggers this

video is not meant to be a particularly

long one as I've got a busy week but

what I'm gonna do to end today's video

is I'm going to read The Witcher journal

entry on Stricker's and then I'm gonna

read an extract from ostrich journal as

I just think it's very very interesting

so first the journal entry where does it

come from spells magic I have no idea


the sages researched these phenomena for

us witches it is enough to know that

strong will may create them we also like

to know how to fight them and kill them

most frequently yes that is what we are

usually paid for if you want the spell

lifted people usually just want to be

protected if the monster has killed

people revenge may be another motive so

that there's the journal BC re-entry but

that is actually a quote from the

conversation between garel and foltest

in the short story The Witcher next for

ostritz journal I curse you fall tests

and hope you rot amidst worms in hell I

curse your incestuous deeds your sister

adder deserved better

I implore destiny to render the child

born of your letter E as monstrous as

you if the witch spoke truly you will

soon taste my vengeance I need only

prepare the ingredients and uttered the

words thrice some say that not even the

words are necessary that hatred alone

suffices know that my hatred is fierce

on the margins someone made notes as if

we're searching how to renew the curse

of the Strega anyway guys that's the end

today's video I hope you've learned

something new I hope you've at least

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time listening to The Witcher and

enjoying yourself in the which universe

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