Learn Literary Character Types Using TV and Movie Clips

there are many different ways to

categorize characters the hero the

techie the comic relief the last girl

but arguably the most important terms

are flat round static and dynamic most

stories are gonna have a mix of all four

so it's a good skill to be able to

identify them flat characters they are

exactly what they sound like flat it

means they can be summed up in a few

traits it is the Wicked Witch and The

Wizard of Oz she is well wicked this

looks like a cool place

the characters are there for one reason

push the plot along and fulfill an

archetype or a trope


although necessary you cannot have an

entire story of flat characters look at


the movie Bella Swan seems to only have

one emotion throughout all of the film's

melancholy with the occasional

depression the opposite of a flat

character is a round character round

characters have depths are complex and

are well rounded there's a lot more to

ogres than people think example example

okay all girls are like onions they

stink yes nope

oh they make you cry no oh you leave

them out in the Sun they get all brown

start sprouting little white hairs no

layers onions have layers augers have

layers onions have layers you get it

we both have layers what Chuck is trying

to say is that he is a round character

he isn't just a brute that hates society

he also loves and cares about things

while he hates others he behaves

differently to different characters and

in different situations

overall ground characters displayed

different emotions and personalities so

they don't behave the same in every

scene they are more realistic because

let's be honest we go through mood



dynamic characters developer change and

personality or opinions throughout the

story they learn a lesson or undergo

some trauma that fundamentally changes

who they are Tony Stark

he goes from carefree party boy to an

existential crisis after being kidnapped

and ultimately decides to change his

entire business model I saw young

Americans clips show Tony primarily as

an overly confident billionaire that

acts however he chooses in the moment

then the whole alien invasion happens

enter Iron Man 3 he spends most of the

film suffering from PTSD and the

overwhelming anxiety that comes from

feeling helpless this change paints him

as a dynamic character the opposite of

dynamic is static a static character

does not change at all throughout the

story c-3po is always c-3po spongebob is

always spongebob Malekith well he's

Malekith static characters are often

necessary to push the plot along and

highlight the development of the main

character it's why we often see that

you've changed speech from the best

friend so there you have it the four

character aspects that will help you get

through that literary analysis that

you've probably been putting off all