What does a stillborn baby bereavement suite look like? - 5 News

livery suite at Colchester hospital is

busy and noisy and not the right place

for parents going through a stillbirth

on the floor above I meet bereavement

midwife Katie so this is our Rose me

suite this is a self-contained unit and

it's away from the main delivery suite

area and it's away from the postnatal

ward oK you've got the living room

and then you've got the bedroom it's an

area that the parents can stay in there

is however long they like we've also got

the cuddle cot which is a really

important piece of equipment within

bereavement care because it allows the

parents those extra few days with those

with their baby because it actually

calls the baby down baby can just stay

in there as long as they wish really

it's a time and a place to make memories

parents are supported through

practicalities to the postmortem

death registration the funeral but not

every maternity unit has a suite or

properly trained staff yet cold

Chester's MP will quinces who used the

space when his son Robert was stillborn

is fighting to change that I didn't come

into politics thinking I was going to be

a baby loss awareness campaigner and

like so many in this field it was a

personal tragedy that led me to it but

I'm actually really proud of the work

that we've done we've set up an

all-party parliamentary group we've now

got the government to give commitments

in terms of reducing Silber 20% by 2020

and in half by 2025 and we're seeing

improvements around bereavement care

across the country and now launched the

national bereavement care pathway that

means a proper plan for every family

both in hospital and when they go home

what we want to do with the pathway is

join join everything up so that the

parents have the absolute heart of the

care that's being given and that

everybody holds them with kindness all

the way through last week the government

agreed funding to roll it out across

England a welcome step after years of

inconsistent care