Stellate Ganglion Block


Estela ganglion block is used as a

diagnostic or pain relieving procedure

the stellate ganglion is a group of

nerves located at the base of the front

of the neck these nerves carry signals

about pain in the head neck upper chest

and arms and regulate functions that you

cannot control such as sweating and

blood flow your doctor may order a

stellate ganglion block to help diagnose

the cause of chronic pain a stellate

ganglion block can be a helpful

treatment for people with pain from

certain nerve conditions such as complex

regional pain syndrome phantom limb pain

and shingles or herpes zoster in the arm

head or face a stellate ganglion block

is an outpatient procedure you will

receive and relaxing medication before

the start of the procedure the front of

your neck will be sterilized and numbed

with a local anesthetic a support will

be placed behind your shoulders and neck

to help raise your chin and tilt your

head back your doctor will use a live

x-ray to carefully guide the injection

needle to the stellate ganglion contrast

dye is injected to confirm the placement

of the needle before the pain relieving

an anti-inflammatory medication is

delivered the medication is then

administered and then the needle is

removed if the treatment provided pain

relief additional treatments can be

provided over time individual response

to stellate ganglion blocks vary from

short-term to long-term periods of pain


generally speaking the pain free phase

lasts longer with each additional