Monster Stellar Black Hole Found In Our Galaxy

using a new method for hunting nearby

black holes

astronomers spotted a huge stellar black

hole in our galaxy bigger than ever

thought possible this method will help

us find many more black holes in the

near future stellar black holes come

from the death of stars and despite

billions of stars that exist in the

Milky Way

we have only discovered a handful of

these black holes until now scientists

had estimated the mass of an individual

stellar black hole in our galaxy at no

more than 20 times that of the Sun but

the latest discovery changes everything

the newfound stellar-mass black hole is

70 times the mass of the Sun it lies

15,000 light-years from Earth and

researchers call it lb-1 the Milky Way

galaxy may contain about 100 million

stellar black holes until recently

stellar black holes could only be

spotted when they were seen eating up

gas from a nearby star this process

creates powerful x-ray emissions

detectable from Earth that reveal the

presence of the collapsed object the

problem here is that most of the stellar

black holes in our galaxy aren't eating

stars therefore we cannot detect them

this way

but that's when professor g feng lu of

the National astronomical observatory of

China together with collaborators

observed the sky with China's large sky

area multi-object fibers spectroscopic

telescope looking for stars there

appeared to be getting pulled towards

the gravity of an invisible object after

using that technique follow-up

observations using the powerful gran

telescope Jochen arias in Spain and the

Keck Observatory in the u.s. revealed a

star eight times heavier than our own

Sun orbiting the massive black hole

every 79 days now scientists will have

to re-examine their models of how

stellar-mass black holes form