Solstice Stream TODAY! 3pm PST - Astronomical significance of Christmas, Wikipedia bias, raw footage




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daddy everyone welcome to the stream to

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here on well I guess Saturday afternoon

for me Saturday night for many of you or

even later I guess at this point if

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good to see you all here I think I think

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I got to I have to thank Oliver pointer

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brother good timing happy winter

solstice and indeed happy winter

solstice to you and to everybody it is

the winter solstice right now so I

thought it would be an opportune time to

do a little stream and I don't comment

in here that closed captions labels the

channel Uncharted acts which is at

decent name I guess I could handle that

four minutes over midnight in Europe

yeah Central European Time I know I've

I'm still not quite dialed into where

I'd done the poll on the times but this

was the time I could I could make it

work I just I wanted to I wanted to do

this stream today because I thought it

was a good chance to talk about a few of

the astronomical significance that

surrounds this period of time and how it

relates to you know the traditions we

have in our modern world particularly

our Western religions as far as it goes

so that'll be interesting some of you

probably already know exactly what I'm

going to be saying and looking at chat

I am going to do a few other things

along with that I wanted to do a

follow-up to the last stream about kind

of some of the talk around bias and

Wikipedia and looking at some of the

history of that which is going to be

fairly interesting there'll be some

background about that they've came out

in the last stream so if you haven't

seen that I'll try and summarize that

before I get into it I have I have a few

sites that I want to get into and take a

look at I've got some really good raw

footage that I think I've lined up to

take a look at I also have a bunch of

questions from people that I have

collected and I know that I've asked

people to post questions in the thread

on YouTube the I guess the post on the

community post and I'll go back to that

and try and answer questions as well as

talking to chat do I have do I have a

nemesis charter decks if anything it's

probably the Uncharted game that seems

to be the Nemesis I didn't really think

through that one before I named the

channel but if you type in Uncharted

anything it's going to come up with that

computer game which you know I haven't

played that but all accounts that

probably should given that it does touch

on some of these historical topics at

some point but and have a lot of time to

play games these days unfortunately but

what else are we doing today we are

getting into all that stuff we've got

site reviews we've got these Christmas

stories we've got some Wikipedia bias

news to recap I've got a bunch of people

to thank today I'm gonna try and do a

bit more of that I'm trying to make

these streams a bit more of a regular

thing so I appreciate everybody that has

popped in with super chat I think

there's one that I missed here which was

history shift for a buck 99 what's my

favorite book then well that's a tricky

question I have to say god it depends on

whether you're talking about fiction

nonfiction in the field of history if it

was in the field of history

it's hardly though for me it would be

hard to go past fingerprints of the gods

just simply because it was really the

book that I know for me and for so many

other people really started me off on

this journey of questioning what we know

about history and and it was the

beginnings of trying to really dive in

and understand all of the mystery and

Wonder and the

the real unsolved things that are coming

to us from the past and that there's a

lot more to learn there I mean that book

kind of kicked that off for me probably

there are other books in that feel I

mean there's there's a lot of these

Chris Dunn's work I really really dig

lost technologies of ancient Egypt

because it's right in my bailiwick and

the sort of stuff that I talked about I

think his analysis of Sarah p.m. the

statues the cuts I mean Haven these are

all topics that I'm looking at for some

future videos but yeah his works

excellent but if you're talking fiction

man I ever I have a few there I really I

keep rereading a number of same fiction

books what's his name the evolutionary

void there's a few really good science

fiction books that really kind of tackle

advanced concepts that are really well

done there's some excellent

world-building jeez that looks like the

remember the name of the of the author

it's slipping my mind but he did a trill

he's done a there's two books in a row

then there's three then another two it's

the void series he's quite famous

science fiction author maybe it'll come

to me you guys may know it I will try

and remember it

as I go forward lots of those David's

and Dells and other author that I like

you can't actually find his books

anymore I don't think they're in print

but yeah that's actually I've wondered I

thought about doing a video about books

at some point and just sort of a

recommended reading is to have a number

of interesting books over here that are

that I kind of keep going back to in

this field so but yeah I will get back

into will get back to questions in chat

nessam exam five bucks I'm a scientist

of course will I think it's hit that

again for you I'm a scientist Peter F

Hamilton thank you very much Steve

Atwood yes Peter F Hamilton his voyage

series highly highly recommended

I like the audiobook versions and I like

the printed books I have both I did all

that stuff so let's let's get into this

a little bit so as I said I've got a few

things planned today one of them was

that I wanted to talk a little bit about

the astronomical significance of

Christmas and of the period around

Christmas and kind of the backdrop to

this is many of you

were aware of this but the Bible and

modern religions in many religions in

fact are just full of astronomical

significance and allegories st. Lika has

anyone here read the Geezer power plant

by done yes I have I've got it here the

snake brothers are doing a good review

of it in their podcast series right now

excellent excellent book as well I think

probably the best modern theory about

the about the pyramid although I still

suspect that the true answer of what

that pyramid was for is outside of our

current perspective and maybe it's

something we'll learn in the future but

I mean his his is probably the best

explanation within our modern sort of

knowledge base around what it lines up

however given that there's been more

voids and everything discovered in the

pyramids I don't know if you know that

how that affects that theory the books

sort of getting its its aging now but

it's just an excellent piece of work if

you're looking for alternative theory on

the explanation of the pyramids but you

know there's there's particularly as it

relates them in Christianity's one an

example that there is no end of

astronomical allegory I mean the zodiac

the twelve disciples the 12 signs of the

zodiac defected I mean Jesus essentially

represents the Age of Pisces that we're

in right now it's in a lot of ways you

know the whole thing is essentially a

symbolic some cult or some religion as

you might imagine many religions have

been in fact it takes a lot of elements

from ancient Egyptian religion which was

also a son religion son cult like all of

the colors it's a religion but it's if

you look back at old artwork

particularly pre-renaissance you will

find and oftentimes you the halo has

been replaced or earlier on was you know

a Sun disc behind the head of Jesus

essentially he represents the Sun the 12

disciples are essentially

representations of the signs of the

zodiac of the zodiac has been very

persistent through many religions

through many cultures civilizations

throughout time and I mean I like the

the whole the whole allegory towards

Jesus being a representation of the Age

of Pisces now this all relates to the

precession of the equinoxes if you are

familiar with that I'm sure again many

of you probably are but it's it's known

as the great year the great cycle so as

as the Earth spins we have a slight

wobble that that changes where the Sun

rises on the you know the the equinoxes

throughout the year and it's something

that shifts backwards through the zodiac

in terms of where the Sun rises under

what constellation every year and I

think it shifts one degree on the

horizon every 72 years the entire great

year cycle of the precession of the

equinoxes is a twenty-six thousand year

cycle little more than that but it's in

that ballpark and right now we are in

the transition between the sign of

Pisces and the house of an Aquarius

where it precedes backwards through the

normal process and all the equalizers

the normal progression of the equinox as

why it's called the precession of the

equinoxes we go back throughout the the

regular cycle it sort of works backwards

throughout the various star signs and

each age if you like so we're in the Age

of Pisces transitioning to the Age of

Aquarius right now roughly 2000 2500

years somewhere somewhere in there and

the real interesting aspect of that is

that as you look in to the Bible you can

find many references to this I mean

Jesus is associated with fish you know

he was a fisherman he creates fish and

he feeds people with fish and bread he

you know it's it's people drive around

with the Jesus fish on their car and

essentially they're making reference to

the fact that we're in the astronomical

or astrological Age of Pisces right now

and it gets more interesting when you go

back in time to look at well what was

before the Age of Pisces and what was

represented in terms of theology and and

religious figures before that well it

was Moses right and what was what's

what's an animal that's associated with

Moses it's the RAM he blew the ram's

horn there's a lot of RAM symbology when

it comes to Moses and he represents the

age of Aries which came before the Age

of Pisces roughly 2000 2500 years ago so

you kind of have even to line up of

these figures as they're introduced into

culture lines up at roughly with the the

actual ages that we're in where the Sun

rises during that period and if you

remember the

origin story of Moses when he came down

from the mountain with the tablets he

found his worshippers he well he found

his subjects worshiping a false idol and

he had them all killed or something like

that I can't remember the actual story

but he you know he all the details of it

but he if you remember what that idol

was it was a golden calf which means

they were worshiping the ball row the

calf which we were in the age of Taurus

before the age of Aries the golden calf

so we have all that lined up and in fact

there's even references in the Bible and

I think the New Testament to then the

next age the Age of Aquarius and this is

always interesting too there's been

various translations of it but most

people a lot of people believe that at

the end you know that the you know

there's that the end of the world will

come but it's it's been mistranslated in

various ways it actually means what

happens at the end of the age and

there's a passage in the Bible where

some of his followers ask Jesus you know

what will we do when you're gone like at

the end of the world or at the end of

the age and he says I'm really

paraphrasing this I wasn't this isn't

the astronomical significance of

Christmas I just wanted to set the

backdrop for this but he talks about how

if you go into town and you find the

house of the man or follow the man

bearing the pitcher of water and in his

house you will find sustenance so what

he's essentially saying is is that you

know you go and find the man bearing the

pitcher of water and follow him and

what's the zodiac sign for the guy

bearing a pitcher of water to Aquarius

so you have in the Bible essentially an

acknowledgment that we will move into

the Age of Aquarius and again I think

this is a lot of just a method that

we've used over time to encode

significant and accurate astronomical

data in myths and legends we deify it we

we symbolize it you know that's how we

we put it into verbal traditions and

oral traditions and we keep that

knowledge within our species if you like

but pre writing it down so there's a

bunch of interesting things when it

comes to the Bible in that direction the

other aspect of it is is that in why we

have some cults and why we have these

religions that have really been built up

around the Sun is that we in the past

you know

in modern life it's hard to really have

the same connection but we have ancient

people had a much tighter connection to

the Sun and the movements of the heavens

because your well-being your comfort

your prosperity your safety even was

much more tightly connected to the

movement of the Sun and the movement of

the seasons as we go through the year so

we were observing it we were looking at

it and things like spring when spring

came and when the plants grew and there

was more sunshine there was more food

everyone was more comfortable you were

warmer there was less night less

predators coming after people in the

dark all that sort of thing we've had a

very tight relationship to that and I

think that that connection is somewhat

lost in today's modern world right we

have supermarkets we have we have you

know we have food that we can get out we

can live indoors we don't have to pay

that much attention to the outside world

but everyone before us really did and

that's where a lot of these traditions

and and things have have really come

from and it gets even more interesting

when you look at some of these specific

stories about Jesus his birth story the

resurrection story because all of that

applies you know specifically to the

time of year that we're in right now and

the motions of the Sun as I said will I

mean let me go to I'm gonna pull the

chat off the window for this we'll come

back to chat on the window a bit later

but I just wanted to talk about the Sun

and where it rises so as as you know

when we move through we're in the

Solstice right now right so this is the

the winter solstice and what this means

it's kind of that fit was it's the first

day of winter but essentially and this

mostly relates an ad playing or

something I can we can turn down the

background music or kill it let me know

if it gets annoying I have done my best

to fix the audio issues I know some

people who are talking about my low

volume of I've ramped it up as much as I

can right now

all I can say is if it's low turn it up

on your end but we have today if you

look what happens with winter as the Sun

moves through the heavens and

particularly in the northern latitudes

this is this is a picture of the view

from near where I live

at the end of the year the Sun moves

south so as in northern latitudes or

sorry north as as we as we progress

through the season the days get shorter

and shorter and where the Sun rises and

sets on the horizon appears to move

further north right in the northern

hemisphere moves further north and north

as the days get shorter and shorter and

something interesting happens as you as

you go into this period of time that

we're in right now particularly I think

today the Solstice the 22nd and I just

want to show you some of these pictures

this is off the west coast of the US

this is Pismo Beach I'd do a little bit

of camping at Pismo Beach try to do it

every few years throughout the

Thanksgiving period and this as you can

tell the Sun setting on the horizon you

get some beautiful pictures of it but

the Sun moves further north further

north further north until we get to

about December 22nd which you know

today's or 21st that the Solstice

usually around the 21st or 22nd and

don't start the volume debate yeah I'm

not I'm not talking about volume anymore

that's it we're done as the Sun moves

further and further what happens is

eventually the Sun appears to stop on

the horizon so if you're looking at if

you're marking where the Sun rises

perceptibly everyday it did moves north

north north north and then for a

three-day period the 22nd 23rd 24th the

Sun stops it appears to die on the

horizon and then on December 25th the

Sun imperceptibly just slightly starts

to move back south again and that sort

of signals the birth of the Sun as the

Sun starts to move south the days begin

to get longer again and eventually we

get returned back to spring and this the

the representation of this and the Bible

is essentially the the resurrection

story right as if Jesus is the Sun as he

died he was he was he was in a cave or

he was dead for three days and then

after that he was resurrected now this

is this is essentially a direct

representation of what the actual

motions of the Sun are during this

period of time and it's not I mean I'm

sure many of you have have a know this

story but there's another aspect to it

that that isn't just simply aligned with

I guess the Sun dying in the

resurrection story there is another and

in fact we don't actually and I'll just

finish this bit about the the three days

of weather

son dies and then is reborn we don't

actually celebrate the rebirth until

Easter which is essentially the equinox

right there spring equinox and we only

do that because at the spring equinox we

essentially marks the the full return of

the Sun right at the equinox equal

halves day and night and after the

spring equinox the days get longer and

we have this o the light overcomes the

darkness we have more light than we have

darkness and that's that's why it gets

celebrated around Easter Easter is tied

up with the actual equinox and that's

why we celebrate in at least in the

Christian tradition the resurrection of

Jesus or the resurrection of the Sun and

the light overcoming the darkness

there's one other aspect that happens

around Christmas time and around

specifically December 25th and this

relates to the birth story of of Jesus

Steve le $4.99 thank you for bringing

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thanks Steve Cheers thanks for the super

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livestreams - revenue anyway I do it

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than my normal videos and it gives me a

chance to touch on topics and look at

real footage and kind of share that with

everybody so but I very much appreciate

all the support so the one other part

that that is really interesting around

December 25th and this relates to the

birth story right so again Jesus being

the son one of the thing we all hear

about and I certainly heard about when I

did religious education in school which

was about as far as it goes was that you

have the three wise men or the three

kings that said follow the star in the

east and you will go and find where

Jesus is born right in Bethlehem or

wherever and Bethlehem literally

translates to in the sky there's some

interesting analogies there but

astronomically what it means is that

essentially when you look at what the

three kings are three kings are the

three stars of Orion's belt they're the

three brightest stars in Orion's belt

when around December 25th they always

point to Sirius which is the star in the

east and around December 25th or at the

winter solstice which is right now they

will point directly to the point on the

horizon where the Sun will rise at the

winter solstice which is roughly around

December 25th during that period where

the Sun dies on the horizon which is

again just sort of a direct allegory for

the astronomical movement and motions of

the heavens that's been encoded in our

religion and this is why there's so many

similarities between the character of

Jesus as well as the chorus and Mishra

and and there's a whole number of other

you know I guess religious characters

and deities that share a lot of the same

characteristics whether it be disciple

numbers or the birth story the you know

all that sort of stuff it's all

essentially the same astronomical data

that is that is encoded in these

religions and it's just it's a cool sort

of area to go into when it's Pumapunku

part - I'm working on it I have these

tomes of books that I'm trying to get

into to read and that's taking a minute

of time but I'm definitely going to do

that one in the next within the next

couple of months I think that that will

come so this is I think this was an


aspect of it I thought it was timely to

kind of cover over these things some

interesting news it I'll talk about a

bit later as well as that next week I'm

talking to Randall Carson I have I got

him on the phone and we arranged the

time to chat we were going to do it on

Christmas Eve and then I we both were

like hey it's Christmas Eve maybe we'll

do it a little later but I am I'm pumped

about that and I think maybe we can talk

about a bit of a bit of these sorts of

topics with him we'll see how that goes

but very much looking forward to making

that happen I got to say I kind of

geeked out pretty savagely talking to

Randall on the phone for a minute even

setting it up so I've been wanting to

talk to that man for several years so

you know I'm I'm very thankful that he's

agreed to give me some of his time to

talk to a little old mean the other the

other one of my other favorite aspects

of let me make me a little bigger huh

one of my other favorite aspects of the

Christmas story is the whole Santa

Clause thing and this this thanks frosty

and and this idea that we have this

whole strange tradition wrapped up it's

not you can't if you look at the whole

Santa Claus reindeers and all of the

traditions aligned with it it's not in

the Bible right it's not exactly a a

part of Christian religion but

nonetheless it's it's a it's a Western

tradition that is associated with it and

we wrap it all up in this in this this

this talk around Christmas and Christmas

time and it has some very interesting

origins when you dig into it it's one of

my favorite stories I love to talk about

this when people talk about about

Christmas and Santa and it's and it's

it's it traces its origins back to again

Northern Hemisphere's in fact this is

like Siberian Nordics that type of area

far northern hemisphere where it snows

you have conifers and pine trees it's a

it's a essentially a shamanic tradition

that has been adapted and changed

slightly and and and we adopt it now and

it has a lot to do with the colors that

we celebrate around Christmas the the

methods that we do it by decorating pine

trees in our houses and also some of the

myths and legends that are wrapped up

around Santa it's it's kind of fent kind

of fantastic

but what happened the original tradition

around this was and it really does this

is if you haven't heard this before it

may sound a little crazy I'm sure many

of you will have heard of this but

essentially you have it is it's a it's a

tradition centered around the use of

psychedelic mushrooms it's something

that that surrounds a particular

mushroom called the Amanita muscaria

also known as the fly garrick mushrooms

shown here this red and white mushroom

that's fine I've got some pictures of

them here here's some actual Amanita

muscaria is growing beautiful mushroom

and as you can see Christmas colored

right this is this is the yeah it's a

pagan tradition and it's wrapped up in

Christianity today but beautiful colored

mushrooms red and white and if you go

back not only 50 years or less you will

find most of your Christmas decorations

old-school Christmas decorations you go

and look at this on YouTube or not

YouTube Google search for images go for

it like old Christmas decorations

traditional Christmas decorations

they're mushrooms they're red and white

mushrooms it Christmas cards all these

sort of things and so what happened was

back in the day when it's snowed it was

heavy in the areas where these mushrooms

crew which is northern latitudes you

would have a shaman who dresses in red

and white kind of like this they dressed

like the mushroom so you have that same

red and white costume and they would

pick Amanita muscaria mushrooms fly

agaric mushrooms they would put them in

a central pine tree to do as use you

know you're a foraging for them you

would as you collect them you would they

would put them in a central pine tree to

dry and dry out these mushrooms and then

as as this sort of they would visit

households and visit people that lived

in these villages in these areas and

they would because of the snow and and

all of the heavy snow in the region you

you often would have something like a

roof entrance to these houses right the

snow builds up and you had this a ladder

and a roof entrance to come in through

so that would come in through the roof

that's now translated to Santa coming

down the chimney and they would

distribute these mushrooms and you woody

that you could also further dry them and

they'd put them in you know above the

fire and you know in a cloth sack or

something which is

how we hang you know we hang socks over

the over the fire or on the on our on

our little ledges and things like that

but people would dry these mushrooms and

then they would take them the Charmin

would distribute them and they would

take them this is essentially

representing Santa Claus and it gets it

gets even better with this so with the

fly agaric it's a it's psilocybin it's a

it's a particular you know it has a

heavy effect and one of the most common

effects that you feel when you take a

fly agaric is it and why it's called a

fly agaric

is you get the sensation of flying it's

it's as if you're flying more so than

many other mushrooms there's lots of

different effects but quite commonly

with the fly agaric the Amanita muscaria

it you get the impression of flying and

this is an interesting point because it

it relates to the reindeer and the

reason that reindeer get involved with

this whole legend I've got a picture of

some reindeer here is that the reindeer

also really like fly agaric mushrooms

and it's it's it's not a and it's you

know they wouldn't they would I'm not

sure if they ate them directly but what

what I've heard about this and this is

certainly the case for the fly garrick

and this there's other connotations in

the Bible around this around you know

drink of my water and you will see the

truth there's there's a lot a lot deeper

aspects to this as you go into it this

might sound gross but this is what

people would do is is when you eat these

one of the effects of these sorts of

mushrooms is you know you can get quite

ill at least feeling ill you get you

know upset stomach you can you can feel

a little ill before the effects take

place however as it passes through your

body and you your body your liver and

your kidneys cleanse the the toxins that

are in it your pee when you when you pee

at it's actually a purified form of the

psychedelic substance in it so quite

often people would collect pee Andry

drink the pee and you would actually

have a much cleaner experience you don't

get sick you don't feel nausea and you

would go you would you would you know

you would have the same you could repeat

the experience this is something that

this happened in

in these traditions now where the

reindeer come in is that you know this

is at least what I've heard is that they

could smell that Amanita muscaria in

people's pee so if you go out in the

snow and you boot pee in the snow

then reindeer just about knock you down

to eat the snow that had the P hence

flying reindeer so the reindeer would

get basically stoned on these mushrooms

and seem like they're flying and we

represent that in today's traditions by

you know flying reindeer with a Charmin

delivering mushrooms that we hang on our

trees in our living room so I always

find it interesting to tell it to people

that like a nice wholesome Christmas

idea and it's like well actually you're

kind of celebrating a psychedelic

shamanistic ritual that happened in

northern latitudes for a long time so

you know enjoy yourself drink some booze

yeah you in therapy right all that sort

of stuff it's an interesting tale and

and the deeper you go into that there's

there's I just wanted to mention John

Marco Allegro John Marco Allegro wrote

this book it's called the sacred

mushroom and the cross this is yeah and

not everything is about drugs I

understand that this in particular is

about psychedelic trishy and it's not I

hate to use the term drugs with this

there is always been if there's

beneficial aspects to you know visionary

experiences where the only culture today

that doesn't really value those altered

states of consciousness and altered

altered methods of thinking at times it

can be it can be quite revelatory

ayahuasca look I mean that's that's a

whole bag of worms getting into it and I

enjoy Graham Hancock's work in that

respect as well I think a lot of these

experiences have a lot to teach us and

when done responsibly are very

beneficial can be frightening and all

the rest of it but it's like peeling

back layers of ego and finding out

what's underneath it but it's in terms

of a therapeutic use or self growth and

self improvement I think there's a lot

to a lot to take from that and I you

know the right set and setting is always

super important with all that sort of

stuff right you know I'm not it's not a

party thing it's not about being as high

as you can get or anything like that

it's about self exploration there's a

lot there's a lot to know there however

gianmarco Allegro interesting guy if you

look into his history he was one of the

only non ordained Catholic priests

to be able to study the Dead Sea Scrolls

which the you know their translation

once it was translated the Church sat on

for something like 50 or 60 years before

releasing it he was previously a

Catholic priest I believe left left the

the whole organization it was the only

guy that was allowed to study these

texts and on the back of it he wrote

this book called the sacred mushroom in

the cross and it explores a lot of the

analogies between the Christian religion

as well as you know mushroom use and

there's it's there's there's a whole bag

of worms to go into there when you when

you research it this is a good book to

read on it but mark or Allegra I did

some good work on it and there's

certainly a lot to suggest that you know

there were there was more than just

shamanic traditions involved with

mushroom use one of the things that I've

heard is a lot of the friars and the way

they used to shave their head would be

because they would I would take oil that

had been infused with with mushroom with

mushrooms and they would put that on

their heads on their freshly shaven

pates and and would absorb things that

way so was a very interesting aspect I'm

looking at there's quite some discussion

going on in here

Amanita muscaria herb of immortality

yeah there's there's a lot I mean it's a

whole other it's a whole other world

when you get into this however let me

bring back up the chat

there's this life then you're doing job

job Thank You Festivus for the rest of

us yes so I you know when it comes to

Christmastime night I wasn't where I

mean I'm not you know celebrate how you

like I certainly don't mind

you know people can exist in the

communities and believe what you like

and and and follow religions that's part

of the human nature we we we have we

seek connection we seek explanation for

for our place in the world and our

purpose and certainly religions give

that framework Christianity Today's is

generally probably a force for good at

least today it hasn't been over time

it's never been something that's been

part of my life so you know I don't when

it comes to celebrating there these

holiday seasons and things I like to

look more towards the astronomical

significance of things equinoxes

solstices those types of things I enjoy

looking into the tradition and the

history of a lot of the I guess the the

traditions that we have and the way that

we celebrate these things it kind of

tickles me a little bit to think about

things like this so okay I kind of

wanted to relate that story I thought I

thought it was a fun time to get into

those couple of stories I love the the

sander story some cracks me up I'm gonna

do something a little different here

let's see and look at chat music cutting


if I can turn it down anymore and turn

down a little bit here hang on there we


bedtime see you Jeff all right so the

next topic I kind of wanted to get onto

here was and I will go back to this guy

yeah all right so some of you may have

seen the last livestream that I did it

was around I think it was Sunday last

week and just a bit of background before

we get into that is that so I wanted to

address there was a 27 pages dedicated

in the recent Society of American

archeologists journal to attacking

graham Hancock's

latest book America before that's not

what I want to talk about here I talked

about that in the livestream and one of

the things that came up was a bunch of

discussion around the younger dry so

there was yeah it was if you're

interested in in my response to all that

criticism and the way that was was was

written up that's all in that live

stream you can go and check that out but

something that I didn't address in that

stream that came up afterwards was

specifically to do with the bias

allegations sort of surrounding the

Younger Dryas and where the discussion

really is and excuse me I'm still

suffering from a little bit of the

plague at the moment and why not so one

of the things I'll bring this up here is

is to show that so we talked about a

little bit of the tweet and I kind of

want to focus in on something else again

so this when this first came out I'm

going to show you some screenshots from

Twitter here and we'll get into this so

when Graham tweeted out some of this

started when Graham tweeted out his

response to the the the sort of attack

on him but then specifically he also

talked about my interview with George

Howard and he's been getting some

responses and in particular I want to

call out John hoops again so John hoops

is the professor of anthropology at

Kansas University I have actually a lot

of respect for what he does in his work

but he's he's very adamant and very very

public on Twitter

at sign of trying to bring down or he

tries to cast to the Younger Dryas and

all of the research that's happening now

in he tries to I guess put it in the

light of these esoteric traditions and

old books and you know all these sort of

superstitious beliefs and things like

that and it kind of gets related will

bring this back to Wikipedia because

what he mostly will do is whenever this

topic comes up he will reference

Wikipedia he will say like for example

when Graham Hancock tweeted out that

we're talking about the Younger Dryas he

responds the Wikipedia article provides

historical background as well as an

up-to-date summary of the claims and the

research points it to us and then

talking about things like the

bibliography on cosmic tusk of all of

the of all of the various peer-reviewed

articles which we will get into in a


he calls it clearly biased says that

this is clearly biased towards the

conclusions of the site's contributors

the bibliography of this article

represents a great deal more balance

again pointing us towards Wikipedia and

you know I again I I he's there's been

some engagement I've watched it go back

and forth

I haven't particularly engaged in it

it's not really my place to do so I'm a

commenting on it from here but some of

the people that are involved in primary

science and primary work around this

mountain Swetman is one of them who is a

I believe he's a professor or at least

has a PhD in Chemical Physics he teaches

at the University of Edinburgh Marc

young who is in the chat right now is a

student who is working with George

Howard in fact Marc built the

bibliography that we'll look at in a

minute and he went back and forth with

hoops and essentially hoops tries to tie

in the younger dry swith all of these

books by donna lee that happened in the

1850s and he you know plato and all

these other things now of course people

have talked about comet impacts write

comets have been a meteorite impacts or

cosmic impacts these things have been a

major part of human history they are

apparently quite a major threat we've

had plenty of examples of cosmic impacts

Tunguska event there is Burkle crater

they go back through time and when these

things came down and happened I mean

it's something that people were meant to

do it was it's something that's talked

about as a threat it's it's and

in religion and culture I have a whole

video talking about the links between

ancient religions and cultures and their

references to cosmic impacts it's called

myths gods and the Younger Dryas

Cataclysm and it runs through just many

examples of you know references towards

comets and impacts and all that sort of


it's natural for us to write about these

things it is probably that one of the

biggest existential threats to humanity

and people have been writing about this

sort of stuff for a long long time that

what what hoops does is he tries to tie

the whole current discussion around the

scientific work with the Younger Dryas

to all of that old esoteric stuff that

you can poke holes in because it was

done years and years ago we didn't have

the same type of data we didn't have all

of the same methods and access that we

have today and you can see this is kind

of where mark got to with one of his one

of his discussions with him and you know

quoting marker and still you refuse to

grasp the point there is no precedent

relevant to the bibliography because no

peer-reviewed work prior to the 2007

paper pertinent to the Younger Dryas

impact hypothesis exists say it with me


peer-reviewed scientific literature this

is the crux of my point and this is the

point that we'll get to when we look at

the Wikipedia article in a minute and I

know that marks been blocked by hoops so

as martin Sweatman's been blocked by

hoops i think george howard down here

talking about how hoops blocked him

because he suggested he talked to one of

his colleagues down the hall martin

Sweatman's been blocked I talked to I

said I missed all the fun in the Hancock

Twitter thread I don't need to engage

directly on on Twitter about this I

don't really spend that much time on

Twitter but as martin says here it's all

about maintaining the supremacy of the

orthodox view of a non-catastrophic non

diffusional prehistory regardless of the

evidence and its political and i would

agree with him because as we get into it

one one of the things i want to talk

about there's some more of this again

you know he pops up in a lot of this a

reason I'm not potatoe name anything

personal against professor hoops i I

said I have a lot of respect for what he

does in his field but he definitely is

essentially discrediting and not quite

slandering but certainly discrediting

all the scientists that have worked

on everything that's happened since 2007

because it's only been since 2007 that

we've had an abundance of peer-reviewed

literature dealing with the Younger

Dryas and as far as the scientific

investigation into it goes you can

discard everything else because

everything else is essentially may not

necessarily relate specifically to the

Younger Dryas like Plato's timing is

convenient all that but as far as real

scientific work that's peer reviewed and

verified 2007 and onwards and published

you know in peer-reviewed journals is

the stuff we should be looking at and

that is in my mind the debate that's

that's the the scientific literature and

that work is what the debate if there is

any around the Younger Dryas should be

associated with right that's what we

should be looking at not this tying it

into Donnelly not tying it to Graham

Hancock or anything else like that so

let's um actually let me take that over

here because I've got my notes here so

let's before we get to the younger dry

so let's take a look at what this biased

bibliography is right this is what hoops

calls bias this is on the cosmic task

and again in sandy X mark young

really well really good work here I

think this is excellent so I think I

covered this in the last stream so I'll

go do this I'll do this fairly quickly

the the bibliography include the

bibliography here includes all the

papers not just the ones that support it

but the ones that are critical of it and

the ones that refute it and the list of

them is here in this spreadsheet that's

on this page it's on the cosmic task.com

you can find it yourself and in fact

many of these have hyperlinks to go read

the papers if you want and as you can

see we start with the top first article

2007 from Firestone at all evidence for

a massive extraterrestrial air burst

over North America 2.9 thousand years

ago etc etc and this goes on and on and

on so we have some you know critical

some refuting lots of green supporting

and this is what the debate should be

about like this is the scientific

literature this is all of the literature

it's not biased it's not it's not

slanted towards anyone's

you know preconceived notion of what

this is or all the conclusions of the

it's authors and in fact I love this

slide down the end here because this

actually talks about it sort of

summarizes all of this with looking at

individual proxies and if you can see

that very well on make that a little

bigger but you have each individual

impact proxy as it relates to the

younger Dreyse as reported in all of

these scientific papers so cosmic impact

spherules melt glass carbons funerals

nano diamonds iridium platinum spikes

osmium all the other things the impact

related biomass burning mass extinctions

human population declines you have the

proponents which or listing the papers

who is you know the the for kind of the

argument the independent workers that

maybe somewhere in the middle and then

the critics of them so it's it's all

listed here

this isn't biased not not remotely but I

don't understand how you can call it

bias now the other thing that is is

fairly interesting when you look at some

of the papers against it and as you go

through the list you can you can see

that many of these papers represent kind

of a back and forth discussion you will

have one paper and then you'll see

another paper titled a response to that

paper and it goes back and forth and in

many cases at least in my opinion and as

I as much of this literature as I've

read in many cases the critical papers

are pretty thoroughly debunked and

responded to by proponent papers so many

of the critical papers get a response

they a paper comes out that essentially

crushes them like it's it's in my mind

there's very little you know I can't say

that it's settled science and this

debate in the scientific realm is

exactly what should be happening for

this to become mainstream I think this

is one of the most significant

discoveries of our time certainly

relevant to us I mean it's it's you know

there's a lot of because of it shows

what real climate change is I can

understand some of the political

reasoning behind not wanting to talk

about it in the mainstream because it's

going to upset the applecart when it

comes to the whole climate change

discussion and what the real threat is

as George Howard said I love this it's

like it's like we're arguing over what

channel the radio is playing and the car

sitting on the train tracks and one day

we're going to look up and see the train

coming and we're going to feel pretty

stupid about arguing about the radio

great analogy for it but as an example

one of the things that annoys me about

some of the the critical papers is

things like this one of the papers is

called the Younger Dryas impact

hypothesis a Requiem what's a Requiem

got to do with any scientific literature

this is essentially saying a

conditioning this is how you need to

think about all of this stuff okay

Requiem doesn't have a place in real

scientific literature and you'll see

many of the same authors people sort of

referencing each other there's peer

reviews not perfect either

but but this this is this paper has a

response to it as well but I just don't

think this is has any place in in a

scientific discussion particularly this

term I see this little little common

here have I seen prehistory decoders

channel yeah that's Martin Swetman I

interviewed Martin Swetman on my channel

I think he was my first interview back

in the day talking about his book

prehistory decoded I have seen his

channel and I'd highly recommend if you

don't want to read the scientific papers

go and look at prehistory decoded he's

got Martin's got excellent videos that

that go through the specific details of

many of these papers he covers them he's

doing it chronologically it's excellent

work I have one video on my channel that

I specifically wanted to dig into the

first paper that looked at the southern

hemisphere evidence of the Younger Dryas

in Chile I and that's a page that's a

video that I have on on my channel but

yeah I can I highly recommend

Martin's channel prehistory decoded so

so let's look at Wikipedia what will

come to that will come to the history so

when it comes to Wikipedia and the

Younger Dryas you know mostly I don't

have a big problem with this page I

think some of most of this information

is just fine but there is a lot of

context that this has been put in that I

do object to that I do find to be fairly

just political man biased and and the

idea that this isn't biased is what I'm

trying to debunk here I think this page

is heavily biased you know Wikipedia has

its uses it's it's actually not about

sources of information for a lot of

stuff but when it comes to anything

that's controversial call it

controversial that is debated anything

that has

you know really two different camps of

you you you will often find that

Wikipedia really really sides on one

side it just you know it's it's

something that it's very Orthodox and

mainstream perspective that there is not

a lot of room given for people to

express other valid theories about

things that are in under debate and

under constant back-and-forth and this

is one of them because I think this you

know this if you read this article you

see how it's clearly slanted to try and

put this in that the the perspective of

a fringe theory and when it comes to

bias the nice thing about Wikipedia is

is that we can actually go back and look

at the history of the edits on this and

we can look at some of the discussion

that has gone back and forth it's gone

into making this page because this page

in particular has been around since you

know I think 2009 or 10 was where it

first popped up couple years after the

first paper came on so there's been

quite a bit of history here however

let's let's just look at this I'm gonna

I want to read a little bit about this I

don't have much problem with the start

evidence is fine consequence of such an

impact is fine history of the hypothesis

this is where it's like okay this has

got nothing to do any of this has

nothing to do with the scientific

literature the original hypothesis about

a comet impact that had widespread

effect on human populations can be

attributed to Edmund Halley we can you

know biblical flood of Noah there's all

this other stuff Ignatius al Donnelly

which is the point that that Hoopes

likes to make in his tweets and his

literature saying that this is just the

Younger Dryas is just a rehash of an old

idea this esoteric kind of nonsense old

books that aren't scientific as you said

this was published in 1883 and you get

to bring in and invoke things like

Atlantis which of course for most people

summon up the image of what is just

pseudoscience or pseudo archaeology

which by the way I'd recommend watching

the latest episodes of cosmography er

which is Randall Carlson's podcast he

gets into a lot of details around

Atlantis where there was quite a bit of

scientific research and papers done

particularly like 50 years ago now the

50s and 60s that really supports a lot

of those hypothesis is about Atlantis

being you know the Mid Atlantic red

dirt on the ground like the idea of a

cataclysm that actually did sink a

substantial landmass but sometime

between all that research and today's

times it's it's essentially been

declared bunk essentially by the

mainstream and it's it's really

considered fringe now which is a real

pity because all of the scientific the

real scientific work that looked into it

stopped all of a sudden but when you go

back and look at the literature and

that's what randall kind of covers in a

lot of this podcast it's it's

significant it's worth watching if you

just think that Atlantis is some

nonsense legend from history think again

there's that there is a lot of very

interesting scientific literature and

data that Randall reviews as well as you

know geological processes that explain a

lot of the stuff that Plato said really

well anyway but you but you get to

invoke it in a page that talks about the

Younger Dryas and this just has the

effect of tying this stuff to Sciuto

whatever right it ties it to the fringe

and then we talk about things like 21st

century revival and refinement of the

theory so revive just the idea that

saying well we revived this theory in

the 21st century and we you know of

course he's a trade book we're talking

about this book simon warwick and these

other books but this way it really

starts okay so from in 2007 5-stone west

24 others authors suggested that the

impact may have led to an immediate

decline in human populations in north

america at a time this is a reference to

their first paper in 2007 as far as i'm

concerned everything that comes after

this is fine this and this should be the

core of the discussion as it relates to

you know a scientific discussion around

the Younger Dryas on its merits on its

critics this is what we should be

talking about and I don't have a any

problem with the stuff that talks about

in here you talk about the Platinum

spike in the South African site and if

you followed the debate over the last

few years you'll know that it seems to

me and to many people that more and more

and more support for the Younger Dryas

is is growing like more and more

mainstream scientists earth scientists

are coming on board the Wonder crater in

particular with Thackeray coming on

board I mean he's he's a big-time

mainstream scientists that is now on

board they found the platinum anomaly

that aligns with the Younger Dryas

boundary in these areas it's

all done on impeccable science you have

more than 50 sites in the northern

hemisphere that display these same

things in fact it's an interesting story

as to how they went and found they did

the analysis of the soil to look at the

Younger Dryas boundary they actually

went to archaeological digs in the they

kind of shortcut everything because the

archeological sites that are looking for

that Clovis layer which is around the

same time there's twelve thousand eight

hundred year period they done the work

right they very good provenance on these

sites that they're well preserved so

they could go down to these layers in

the soil strata take some samples do

some analysis and turns out like you see

this again and again and again on all

these archaeological sites in the

Americas so it's pretty funny you kind

of the archaeologists and

anthropologists kind of probably so they

said no to some of these scientists when

they wanted to look on these sites to do

this to do this to do this analysis

because it's their sites that show us

the truth behind the Younger Dryas and

that's since been extended now to

include sites in South America again I

did that review in detail of the South

American paper which was when you look

at the the megafauna extinction rates

and also the plant life extinction it

was a tremendously bad impact like 80%

of the megafauna in South America at the

time went extinct or was died out and

now we have evidence for the same thing

in South Africa so interesting right now

there's criticism of it that's fine

there's a bunch of it as there's these

this is basically covering the the

against papers talking about they're

disputing this and that and there's the

discussion gets in-depth in the papers

themselves I don't need to cover it here

if you want to see it you'll read the

papers but this sort of stuff is also

what I object to when it comes to a non

biased opinion of the scientific debate

around the Younger Dryas in popular

culture now here we're invoking Graham

Hancock Charles Hapgood ran flemeth pole

shift hypothesis

you know fingerprints of the gods and

they just talk about magicians like it

this is all interesting interesting

stuff but it has no relevance really to

the Younger dry so no it's it's talked

about in these books but

who cares like there's lots and lots of

people wisent Randall castle mentioned

here why isn't you know and all the

other people that have talked about the

Younger Dryas I don't know why Graham

Hancock's picked picked on on this page

or rather I do know why Graham Hancock

is picked on on this page and we'll get

to that in a second one other thing I

wanted to point out before we get on to

the next little bit here is that in the

footnotes there's a criminal this this

talks about something with Allen West

and this I only want to mention this

because it relates to his credentials

which is important because we're going

to come back to credentials in a minute

and this this is just this simply states

that the criminal conduct was conviction

for fraud misrepresentation of

credentials by Allen West one of the

lead authors who later convinced a judge

to void the old plea after his

colleagues found out so I like the

wording right who later convinced a

judge as if it's somehow he did it on

the sly oh just the wording alone is is

kind of quite questionable but so he's

essentially what they're accusing him

here of is he has no formal academic

affiliation and a degree from a Bible

College which he wouldn't name as if a

piece of paper has anything to do with

what you write in a scientific paper

that is peer-reviewed since when do you

need anything like that to produce a

scientific paper that is peer reviewed

by colleagues and tested and all that

and and Allen West's work is exceptional

you know this is just ad hominem

basically trying to attack his character

not attacking what he's writing in the

papers but it questions his credentials

and that's important we'll come back to

it because remember hoops points

everyone towards Wikipedia says it's not


go here and look at this Wikipedia is

the place to go to find out more about

the younger Dreyse one of the

interesting things about Wikipedia if

you haven't figured this out already or

if you haven't done this before is that

you can look at the history of what

happens in the younger in in Wikipedia

as I scroll down here you may start to

notice some names hoops

let's just go to newest oldest newest

there's actually changed since I looked

at it last night however I let's go

older fifty is it here here we go

so it's funny to me I find it

hypocritical that that hoops points

everyone's to the Wikipedia page and I

should have covered this in the last

livestream because he's very busily

writing it as well you can see all of

these line lines down here this is all

at it's made by John hoops and some of

these are quite significant you can look

at the character count here so he's

essentially the one who's gone and

written all of these popular culture

adding information about graham hancock

which just serves to overall try to drag

the discussion down into the pseudo

realm right but but but the I just find

it incredibly hypocritical to call

everybody else's work a biased and say

that the Wikipedia entry on this isn't

biased when you're over here writing the

damn article and slanting it such that

you would do everything you can to take

people's attention away from the

scientific literature and focus it on

everybody else that's either talking

about it or Donnelly and all of this

other work that has to do with comments

and not anything else

I just find it to be just just

unbelievably hypocritical and it's

dishonest it's not you know this is this

is just silly he's how can you say this

like oh you look at my article it's it's

not biased and by the way I'm writing

like you're pointing to it like it's

some sort of authoritative source at the

same time as you're writing that source

now that's fine I kind of wanted to

point that out but this is you know he's

adding in the history about Halley

wisdom Donnelly so all of the things

that serve to drag this discussion away

from the scientific literature and put

it into the realm of Fringe which it

isn't as far as again as far as I'm

concerned nothing against hoops the only

discussion around the Younger Dryas

should be focused on the scientific

literature and the scientific papers

lots of people have written about comet

impacts and comet threats it's you know

that's that's just the way it goes so

something else I want to talk about

remember we talked a minute about

credentials now I'm gonna I'm gonna flip

back to some of these oldest edits so

this is kind of entertaining I'm not

gonna go through all of this but if if

ever you wanted to

you can go back and you can look at the

actual history of this paper so it

originally started May 2007 and you can

see people's back and forth sort of

interactions as things are edited as

things are changed as as we go on and on

and on oops no let's go back to oldest

sorry 100 you Oh 100 I had one in

particular that I wanted to get to let

me find it here all the 2008 it 2012 at

it's in April because I wanted to talk a

little bit about this so as we go back

you can see kind of who's making all

these edits we talked about credentials

earlier there was somebody called

skeptical Raptor which is I guess the

user name on Wikipedia and you can kind

of follow the discussion in here at some

of its it's sort of really petty back

and forth and people are attacking each

other a little bit you know you know

what is it with quoting remove huge

quote undue weight re added poorly

written information you know there's

there's a lot of sort of stuff in here

where actually there's something

interesting here it says reverting POV

edits of a blocked editor and and

something else I noticed now is so you

know Steve gee in Al so I guess Steve

gee in I ELLs Steve gee in illinois'

who's making you know rename the

sections to criticism off to controversy

over so somebody probably pro Younger

Dryas in here editing what I've noticed

as I've been looking through these pages

is that some of these names are in red

now I don't know exactly what that means

but as far as I can tell when you click

on say Steve G and il this user is

currently blocked if you go back and you

look at all the people that are making

edits that are Pro Younger Dryas that

continually do it their names are red

the preference that their profiles

either deleted or they get blocked and

you specifically see up here removing

the edits of a blocked editor now we

talked about credentials earlier and

they're skeptical Raptor guy here

doesn't appear to have made any edits

recently this is like going back a few

years and if you go through this there

is literally like he just calls it bunk

he calls it completely debunked he just

says it's all fringe I mean there's all

sorts of derogatory comments in this so

removed weasel wording at

and informations this is a fringe theory

lacking evidence you know there is no

controversy it's been thoroughly

debunked you know primary study that has

numerous problems including volcanic

origin you know because there's

volcanoes nearby so it's just sarcasm

and you know these guys are attacking

each other in his comments you know no

bias here right this is clearly not

biased why would it be biased it's utter

rubbish and let's go look at skeptic who

course has a page skeptical Raptor let's

move this over so you can see it this is

the important part sceptical Raptor

fighting the good fight making sure that

everyone knows the earth is 4.5 billion

years old that Tennessee is full full of

shite and that pure water potions are

useless and that vaccines do not cause

autism interesting right

born blah blah blah talks is sort of

smart smarmy answers to things about

sort of personal questions this is kind

of telling to me not a criticism

necessarily but marital status unmarried

as a protest for my LBG LBGT brethren

and sistren there's some nice virtue

signaling so and it all you have to do

to interpret this is this is I mean

social justice warrior cancel culture

right it's being applied to Wikipedia

this that all you have to do is look at

the tactics of you know this the the the

SJW type of people on twitter or ever

else just canceling censoring crushing

people it's the same type of person that

is doing the same thing on Wikipedia

which is then purported to be some sort

of authoritarian source oh and by the

way let's look at education occupations

shall a mature Lane employer I refuse to

be a slave to the man education studied

science I know if that's a joke or what

that's supposed to be but studied

science isn't a credential you know

there's there is if you look through the

edits on the Wikipedia page people are

criticizing Martin Swetman for his

credentials I mean they got this I don't

know he doesn't have a degree in

archaeology he's a physic you know

chemical physics teacher

I mean study science is a credential and

this is the one of the people that has

made major changes and has

pretty much crushed all the other

opposition to this so it's really

interesting you can go through these

edits yourself and look at it I would

suggest that you know if you're

interested in the debate around the

Younger Dryas in detail you can read the

papers go to the bibliography ignore the

Wikipedia page read the scientific

literature for yourself both for and

against make up your own mind there is

there is a lot of debates like 180

papers in this in in my opinion the the

massive weight of evidence is for the

Younger Dryas actually happening I think

what these guys yeah right and just a

joint for for the way this is put

together and joint shame on you for

people pushing this Wikipedia page as

being somehow authoritarian and non

biased because it's clearly biased and

you can go and see it for yourself

I just I wanted to follow up on that

last livestream and and talk about this

because you know it's I find it just

ridiculous that guys like Mark and

George Howard at the cosmic task and

Martin Swetman are being attacked for

just reporting on the scientific

literature that's out there and every

time the discussion gets shifted away

from this and just pushed into the realm

of well it's esoteric fringe belief

you're discrediting the hordes of

legitimate scientists that have worked

on this paper and you know I'm not this

shouldn't just doesn't need to be a name

slinging contests or anything but you

know for what debate there is it should

be focused on the scientific literature

that's that's pretty much pretty much

what I wanted to say well that's yeah

feel free to point people of that if

you're getting into the Younger Dryas

debate okay all right have I missed

chats I probably have huh I'm gonna

scroll up here and good lord

I have probably missed some how do I do

that I'm trying to figure this out and


analytics your activity okay

Conrad Jones I'm a scientist sit as well

I'm a scientist I'm a scientist okay

no I got them the word is not a sound

neither flatten around shame on you

well said okay let me go on to this next

thing what I want to do now it's kind of

probably the fun thing for everyone is

gonna be let's look at some footage

shall we

I will pull up some footage and I want

to while I do this and while I introduce

this not in that footage the other

footage here we go so what we're going

to look at

let me see is this gonna work so I'm

gonna play this as we go hang on one


what I'm going to do is is show some raw

footage of some sights that I'm not sure

everyone has seen in South America these

are the sillustani towers or the trooper

towers at a place called sillustani it's

on the edge of lake titicaca in in peru

which in lake titicaca is a joint like

it's at about I think twelve and a half

thousand feet altitude huge tremendous

the beautiful part of the world there

are how do i do autoplay i guess i don't

huh i'll just have to click on next and

i've got a bunch of footage as we go

through this as a lot of blocks that are

embedded in the ground as there's these

really impressive towers that look as if

they've exploded out there is a ton of

just astonishing kind of ruins laying

around here and we're gonna look at it

at another site as we do it but in the

meantime what I want to do I'll keep

this playing in a second is I want to

thank some people so I'm gonna I am

going to just set that line that up I

it's I'd like to spend a minute just to

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the channel

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Canadian what are your thoughts on the

obelisks of Rome how significant do you

think that the latter that the elect

Lateran is covered in hieroglyphs and

the Vatican has none great content

thanks I actually talked a little bit

about the obelisks of Rome particularly

in what was it which video was that I

think it was the the curious connection

that the the the improbable timelines of

of the Old Kingdom pyramid builders

either that one or the connection

between the no it's that one so there's

a section in there

I talked specifically about the obelisks

you also have the columns of the

Pantheon which are incredible single

piece granite columns all of those came

from Egypt

you know Rome has more more Egyptian

obelisks in it than any other city and

there's several dropped in the

Mediterranean as well that will lost at

sea one they're on their way to Rome so

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I too am fascinated by the wonders of

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inside the bent pyramid which was a

wonderful experience it very tiring on

the legs due to the low height of the

tunnels I've got some pictures if you're

interested but no video keep up the

great work Joe

thanks from the UK Joe yeah the bent

pyramid I can't wait to get in there

that's 100% going to be on my trip to

Egypt next year which will be in

November early December so about a year

from now and I will will be getting in

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Ben been watching your channel and I'm

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let's hope the truth will out eventually

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any way possible thanks Ryan

yep keep post stay posted for that Qi

tonic resistance TV super Chad you guys

are getting ahead of me thank you great

work do you think the pyramids were

power plants I think it's I think it's a

possible explanation you know I've had a

new thought on this recently because

I've been looking at a lot of the

suspicious observers channels work I

know many people are at me about

suspicious observers but in terms of the

magnetic field weakening and shifting I

don't know if it's possible I would try

and do something around that I'd look I

have nothing to back that up

but the powerplant idea seems to be the

most the best explanation that that we

have yet about it I'd my real opinion is

that I think the real explanation for

what they were I do believe they were

functional I think much of the Giza

Plateau stuff was functional and I think

all of that is currently outside of our

perspective and our understanding I

talked about that a bunch in several

podcasts in terms of technology and how

it informs our perspective and how we

look at the world oh yeah it's right why

am i doing that I'm so so sorry about

that let me back up man you guys weren't

you just staring at my face huh sorry

about that guys I will put this footage

on these sillustani towers I feel

embarrassed now so this is again puno

near puno the city of Pune which is on

Lake Titicaca and these are these

sillustani towers and you can see the

megalithic blocks that are laying around

a lot of them have been put together

extremely well you also see evidence for

multiple layers of construction in terms

of the Inka yeah that was that was my

fault on that and you know it's it's

this is strange this really have been a

lot going on here this you can see all

this this kind of amalgam of concrete's

been added afterwards but it's almost as

if these things blow up at some point

that's that is really what it looks like

to me you see many of them just as if

they've exploded out and so did a lot of

these blocks are very old you see a lot

of vitrification and you see some just

some huge blocks in other areas and some

of this stuff is is quite well made but

extremely weathered at the same time I'm

nearly done here tip Oh mark tip Oh

Marta Kanan sent me ten euro hi Ben

thank you for your great videos and

open-minded thoughts about ancient mega

structures hope this small amount to

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Benny so thank you everyone for those

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it helps me out a tremendous amount it

is the only reason that I can continue

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questions in here is how me how am i how

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been very encouraging in that respect

it's still not I mean it's not you know

so I wouldn't recommend anybody try and

start a YouTube channel to make money

you've probably barely making minimum

wage doing this stuff getting started

but the path is there the growth is

there I think I'm going to keep doing

what I'm doing I'm gonna try and do as

much as I can and and hopefully make

this an ongoing concern so I've got a

lot planned for next year as I said I've

got Randall Carlson interview coming up

I've been swapping

emails with Graham Hancock recently I

will be talking to him in a couple of

months and you know as I said I also

have some trips planned that hopefully

we can we can get a good group together

and go and see some stuff I see another

question here from frosty is teddy is is

it Titicaca we see down there yes it is

so this is on one of the this actually

is quite interesting here I don't know

if I have a I've got a picture of it you

can't really see it well but there is

this there's actually a strong

connection to the art and type of

artwork that you see it gobekli tepe on

this tower if you if you look up right

here this is I've got to find the

picture of it but this is like a small

bird that is that is that comes that is

in high relief that comes out of the of

the of the of the tower and it's very


very reminiscent of what we see at at

places like gobekli tepe it's it

actually I remember when we first saw

this was this is from an earlier trip

when I was with Graham Hancock and he

wanted to go see this he took a bunch of

pictures and it made made a mention in

his book actually there's pictures of

this in his book

magicians of the gods Justin well when

are you headed to Peru again I'll be

there next June granted you get your

passport by then actually I'm looking

I'm I don't know exactly yet there's

that bird there I don't know exactly yet

I still need to organize that I am Peru

looking at maybe October time timeframe

if I can I'm gonna have to try and make

that work next year but that's the

intent I just haven't put it together

yet a taco sauce $5

do you like Praveen Mohan its if so

would you ever do a collaboration with

him I am a fan of praveen's work I he

shows some very interesting sites in

India India as a whole you know just

just a full of unknowns in India so many

sites so many and so many pieces of

interesting stone work he shisha he

shows a lot of that stuff he has his own

style when it comes to kind of you know

sensationalizing all of that and his

channel is huge he's he does quite a

good lot of good work but I'd love to

meet him one day I've I think I've

swapped one or two tweets with him here

and there but

yeah I'd love to do that if ever I went

to India which I do intend to do I've

been there a bunch of times but back in

the old career NIT

I would I would love to to do something

with him I'm sure he would show a lot of

interesting stuff in India he would be

capable of it I saw a lot of different

parts let me look at some questions here

Praveen is the Indian guy from which

everything is Magic for yeah he

definitely talks up a lot that stuff he

do any of these South American megaliths

used granite and sandstone and aside I

think rhyolite they do al ante Tambo is

granite there are a number of granite

spots granite artifacts I think there's

a type of granite that's in some of the

stones in Cuzco also but al anti Tam

bows are the the best one that comes to

mind there's a beautiful area to visit

this I definitely want to go here on

this trip to South America there's so

much around the lake there's so much to

see and it's also just a really nice

place to spend a couple days you hang

out in on the Bolivian side at

Copacabana there's some really nice

little little and very affordable little

hotels that are unique that have

incredible views over the lake it's I'd

recommend it just for a holiday for

people Robert's ephes stuff lucky Larry

I'm not familiar with that you'll have

to send me a link any credibility

supposed to pyramidion why I don't know

anything about that either the Bosnian

pyramids an interesting topic I'd love

to see it for myself I'm undecided as to

what it is it's hard to tell I mean not

that I'm a particular expert on it but I

find that to be it's an it certainly if

it's if it is it's there's some

extraordinary claims around the Bosnian

pyramid saying that it's the most well

aligned to true north structure on the

in the world that kind of thing have I

got a chance to meet JJ Ainsworth I hope

I spelled her name right I'm familiar

with JJ's channel some megalithic maiden

I've never met her I've never met Hugh

i we follow each other I think on this

too and I do on Instagram I haven't met

those guys I'd love to meet them one day

yeah I get a lot of value from Hugh's

work Andrew Collins I like JJ's videos

it's anyone that dedicates their life to

kind of looking at these things and

sharing information with the public it's

it's worthy but you know I like their

style he did a one thing I did like was

either her video with him was a

Stonehenge video but showing how to get

at Stonehenge without having to take the

tour by just you basically get the same

view but but but you can walk there's a

walking path down the highway a lot of

the you know the the byways in England

something not many I guess people

outside of England know so there's some

if Andrew or anyone is watching there's

quite a few nubs on these rocks in this

footage there's lots of that sort of

nubs that you see on other rocks here

also at sillustani but she shows a good

way to actually get at Stonehenge for

free where you can walk there you can

park and then walk on the byways in

England they you have to give

right-of-way for people to walk across

land you can't have private land and

then close off access to it if it has

been a path that people have taken over

the years I think there's something like

that so you sort of have a right-of-way

as a pedestrian to go on a lot of these

places and and walk in a lot of these

areas jeez some of you guys settle down

joy Williams been you up in the Tahoe

area right yes I am in the I'm in the

foothills of the Tahoe region and Lyra

2-1-1 to ask is aboo-seer on your next

Egypt trip absolutely yeah so there'll

be special I'm looking at the next trip

there will be special permissions to get

into a B C R Abuja Rab the Great Pyramid

so getting into the Queen's Chamber the

subterranean chamber the Osiris shaft is

something else that I really want to get

into the three levels like 120 feet down

underground with the megalith with the

huge single piece boxes I don't think

you need special permission now to get

into the bent pyramid I'm but

we going in there and I'm not sure if

the step pyramid is special permissions

now or not

I think they've opened it up for public

access that's also a goal and then the

other special permission is going to be

getting down into the Assyrian at Abydos

which would blow my mind I'd love to do

that I I've been to the Assyrian but

don't you can only sort of look at it

from you know around the around the top

I like this wall this is look at the

size of that block that I think I get up

and look at it but this is like just

gigantic shaped massive massive

megalithic block here that's again you

see this sort of precision turning the

corner fitting on these blocks a taco

sauce again $5.00 thank you what are

your thoughts on some of the

indisputable evidence of rock melting

technology and ancient past

man that's I've I'm learning and

researching that quite a bit now there

vitrification you know this is again it

comes down to the some of the aspects of

the electric universe theory and

certainly some of the aspects of severe

solar events that cause massive

disruptions to the magnetic field of the

earth such that the actual bands of

magnetism move away from the poles so

saying in the event of a micro nova or a

massive solar flare you may push it may

push on the on the magnetic field of the

earth such that it sort of polarisers

and moves in these these l:l bands that

protect us and it causes arcs and

discharges from all of the the battering

from cosmic rays and all of the

particles coming from the Sun and this

is certainly what Robert Schoch says

about it it seems like we've got

evidence of that type of thing on the

Giza Plateau and I was looking at my

footage recently of it I know Luke's got

a video on his channel it's the same

footage of what looks like melted

granite in the causeway the limestone

causeway or melted stone and you know

there's accounts of like the Sphinx

being hit by lightning in the past I

think that's a possibility I think that

this there may well have been around

that younger driest timeframe as well

just a huge solar outburst

big event and this is again Robert

Schoch talks about it he believes that's

what what this we're looking at hello me

you know he he says that it's the

evidence of these lightning discharges

and solar activity that is causing this

this melting of stone and a lot of this

fitrah fication it's I'm only really

just starting to get into that that

aspect of it I've really been enjoying

the suspicious observers observers

channel recently particularly his look

at the magnetic field you know it's

honestly something I'd like to talk to

Randall about when I talk to him because

the Earth's magnetic field right now is

it's weakening right it's it's we've

been stable for thousands of years the

poles do shift but ever since about the

mid-1800s maybe a little earlier our

magnetic fields been weakening and the

poles that the magnetic poles have been

moving further and further year by year

in fact I had to redo the magnetic model

of the earth earlier than they thought

they did and this is sort of the model

that gets used for instrumentation and

what not they were supposed to redo it

in 2020 they had to do it this year

because the poles had shifted so much

and each year it seems like the poles

are wandering further and I think the

rate of weakening of the magnetic field

at this point is that around 5% per

decade and that weakening rate has been

accelerating and we're at something like

75 percent of what is normal strength

now and it seems like we may be at the

beginning of what could be a pole shift

event which is bad it's kind of bad news

for civilization

it's a complicated topic and I'm just

sort of starting to get into it but I

think that I think there's something

there and when it comes to the

vitrification and melted stone on on

places at places like Giza or even in

South America you know some of this

stuff may have been the result of just

tremendous solar activity associated

with impacts to our magnetic field and

the current discharges that come to it

it's it's something that I need to to to

do a lot more research on and and

incorporate into my work I think it's um

I think it's I think it's really

interesting it's it's a good area of

science right now

it could have always been moving yeah

Azarath I know we've only just recently

found it but we do have a paleo we do

have a paleomagnetic record of the

strength of the field and for the data

that we have at least we know we know

that the weakening has been accelerating

which is lately it's been accelerating

much faster yes

vegan Marshall will you cover the Indian

and other Asian megaliths megalithic CS

I will we I do have footage from

Cambodia in other areas I don't have

much from India but there are places

that all want that I do want to get to I

also want to get to Japan I could think

there's I think that's probably going to

happen before those other two I think

there's a tremendous amount to be found

in Japan there's a lot of megalithic

stuff in Japan and I want to get into

yeah Vince talks happens every 13 K

years when the destroyer passes through

the solar system yeah it's it's the the

plasma exit electric universe

I know it's wrapped up in that theory

there's a lot there's a lot there you

know it's I haven't really formed all of

my opinions on that yet I'm still trying

to research it to be honest but it looks

it certainly is evident that the

magnetic stuffs happening to our

magnetic field right now we'll see what

happens while we're here so Adam and Eve

story right that's that's the de Chan

Thomas thing yeah it's all part of it I

mean it doesn't look honestly the

conspiracy angle to a lot of this stuff

doesn't help it I'd like to do this I

just try to focus on the science aspect

of things but all right let me get while

we're watching this footage I'm going to

also pull up a few other questions here

because I've got another site that I

want to look at after this and this is

Lake Titicaca as you can see in all of

this area just while we're looking at it

just strewn with megalithic work like

you have and I find evidence for all

three styles you have the hanan Parcher

ancient style you have this sort of

megalithic work which is just was

probably once a fairly well formed

megalithic block with these nubs on it

that has just eroded massively over time

so it's really hard to say how old some

of this stuff is I think I think you


the origins for all these sites goes

back way further than the Inca which is

you know only several hundred years ago

really reading chat

okay questions let me hit a couple of

these and then I will keep coming back

to chat

have you been to Chichen itzá yet now

I've been I haven't actually been to

Chichen itzá I've been to the the

Yucatan Peninsula I have a lot of

footage from there but there's a lot of

places in Mexico that I have yet to go I

have some interesting footage from

climbing pyramids in Mexico maybe

that'll be a good a good subject for one

of these live streams as well I haven't

really used much of that footage in my

videos yet but it's it's coming yeah

please do a show on the 500 ton stones

at Baalbek in Lebanon predates the later

record Roman temple to Jupiter yeah

Donald good or good question and in fact

I on this Egypt trip next year there'll

be an extension to Lebanon to go to

Baalbek and I cuz ice that's always been

a goal of mine I've not been there so

I'm gonna try and if people want to take

an extension on that we're gonna go to

Lebanon if enough people sign up and

check out bail back for a couple days

including going to the quarry seeing the

stone of the pregnant woman the 2,000

ton quarried stone you know that the

trilithon which are there whatever 500

to 900 tons stones that are placed in

their foundations of I guess the the

foundations of the foundations at

Baalbek which is the the question like

everyone calls that a Roman temple but

you know the Romans built their stuff on

top of pedestals and they did that at at

Baalbek but that pedestal sits on a much

bigger pedestal that includes these

truth on stones I think they just found

this really that's a good place to build

it so here's another great example right

a megalithic block nice flat surface

with nubs on it if Andrews watching he's

gonna love this stuff from ancient

history criticisms tons of these sort of

things out here and it's everywhere like

this that's that one of these sites

where it's just literally littered with

megalithic blocks all over the place


maybe they invented nukes fifteen

thousand years ago well the the the

venomous right the the bra the bra ha

must rush IRA actually you know a good

interpretation of that is as a nuclear

weapon that's it's it fits it fits what

they say about it I'm not saying that's

what it is but it does fit kind of the

the description of the Brahmastra Shira

which was the weapon that would kill

gods if you used it against men I

emailed you a few of Robert surfers

recent videos on offered yes lucky Larry

I did see that I think I sent you back

an email did I I'm not familiar with his

where all you did you just sent it to me

ok thanks I will check that out

she tonic resistance TV what do you

think of the theory of the recap

structure being Atlantis I liked it it

certainly the the profile of it seems to

fit there's a few I've been watching

Randall Carlson's response to that

recently I you know I would pretty much

I would trust his judgment when it comes

to that in terms of not deviating too

far from where Plato said but I mean the

he and and it's certainly an interesting

formation I'm not sure that that's what

it is

if you look at the elevation profile of

it too it doesn't really make sense in

terms of it being flooded because it's

already I think much lower than the the

environment around it there's a few

there's a few sort of issues with that

theory though it's interesting and

there's barely any work been done on it

I think it feels like to me it's

something that it certainly needs some

more people looking at it but I pretty

much would go with Randall's opinion on

it at this point at least but I haven't

you know honestly I haven't done that

much research into that specifically

being Atlantis or anything ok so let me

ask there's a couple questions here that

I that I queued up then I will read out

while we watch the rest of these videos

Zed V one of my patrons sent me a

message besides a mere token of

appreciation regarding your excellent

work I had a question for you is it

plausible that the precision granite

boxes reviewed in your various videos

could have been some sort of safe for

knowledge and or other items in order to

survive a cataclysm this would imply

that the civilization who built them

already survived at least one previous

Cataclysm if not two in which case this

would means what mean we're talking

about life's about lifestyle who have

had at least 24,000 years of history

good question thank you for it I I it's

a possible explanation

for a lot of the boxes I bet I just

don't think that when it comes to the

big giant boxes in the Serapeum and the

other boxes that we see that are these

precision made single piece boxes I'm

not sure that really explains the

precision that's behind them like you

could if you wanted to store items or

precious things you could build a stone

box out of small blocks you could put

them in a stone room that it was

underground you could put them in a

wooden crate or a wooden box that's

underground what I think the issue with

the boxes is is the degree of precision

that that is evident in their

construction must have been it must have

been made for a functional purpose there

is a tight relationship at that level of

precision to function you just don't

chase down that degree of precision

where you have now making walls flat to

within one twentieth the width of a

human hair and making sure that you know

adjacent walls that are 11 feet apart in

the case of the big box is just utterly

perfectly parallel and perpendicular to

the walls around them or you know

narrowing out the corners to just these

these perfect you know 90-degree turns

and then doing it all in a single piece

box and then having to go to all the

effort of moving a single piece box that

might weigh up to 100 tons into a tunnel

underground that you have less than a

foot clearance off right that's it

that's a whole lot of trouble to put a

box into then just put some objects in

that you're just going to leave and keep

used for safekeeping so while it's

possible that we use that way and maybe

they'll use that way later I think some

of these boxes were certainly used as

things later for like burials and

whatnot but I think originally the owned

into my mind the only and this is a

point I want to make in an upcoming

video is the the only reason that you go

to that degree of of effort to to create

the ability to be that precise is for

function and here's a book here I'll

quickly flip back over it's Simon

Winchester books called the

perfectionists this was recommended to

me by Philip Adams who's an intellectual

in Australia I had a small email

exchange with him and this is that it's

called the perfectionists how precision


is created the modern world and it's

it's a good look into into the

relationship between precision and

function you can think about things like

why do we have to be precise well when

you're making a cylinder head for an

engine or you're making a precision

instrument or medical or aeronautical

sort of equipment like Chris Dunn makes

you need a high degree of precision in

order to achieve a specific function and

the only reason you bear the cost of

developing that capability is for the

return you'll get for making for that

functionality and the example I always

like to use is CPUs silicon you know

microchips things like that like we have

the millions of millions of transistors

that make up these incredibly complex

objects and we're doing it on a

nanometer scale and that costs quite

literally billions of dollars to develop

that capability the only only reason we

do that is for the return we get from

being able to pack that much logical

circuitry into that small of a footprint

and power envelope so you know it's not

we don't do it for artistic reasons we

don't do it for any other security

reasons it's there's just this tight

relationship between precision and

function and I think you can apply that

to the precise megalithic work that we

see so that is the answer to XIV ease

message while we're here let me let me

pull up another site because that was

the sillustani towers it's very much

worth visiting if you're in the region

it's a great site to spend a few hours

at let me get to this other question

here well I got this one piece of where

is it this was a question from actually

it was a question right as a today in in

my community post big itch says hello

Ben can you discuss Khafre enthroned and

other similar statues and the Sphinx is

made of that same material it seems to

me some of the black granite statues in

the museum are originals only when you

can see the heads carved down or the

rough inscriptions show they were found

and the pharaohs just tried to claim

them I kind of get the I kind of get the

question but I do I do understand what

you're saying there let me pull up

Khafre enthroned which I did prepare

earlier which is some videos will panic

laughs wait this is in the Egyptian

Museum this is a one of the I think at

diorite or grano diorite statue Khafre

enthroned is kind of over to the right

here and we'll pan around to it I just

saw a question here that I wanted to

answer as well really quickly Dan petit

what about the one owned one one

unopened box that was blasted opened by

Mariette what did he find there in

nothing it was empty

there was nothing in there just a

perfectly finished mirror finished

inside I don't know whatever was in

there was had been since been removed

and the lid was put back on such that he

couldn't get it off and you know without

using dynamite so the question is about

the statues and this is I've expressed

I've talked about this in a couple of

videos and I will talk about it in in

more videos because I want to make the

point about the writing on these statues

so I think that a lot of these statues

predate the dynastic Egyptians because

of the nature of their manufacture they

are incredibly precise they're very

well-made they're symmetric they're

polished and they're made out of some

insanely hard stone like harder than

granite and they also have machining

marks on them like when you when you're

cutting granite and you're doing this

sort of work you do not make over cuts

if you're doing things by hand use of

cause these power tool marks I don't

know what else to describe them but you

can see here along the seated edge you

see an over cut somebody cut too deep

into this insanely hard stone like this

die right and left an over cut mark you

also see tubular drill marks between the

feet a lot of the times you see these

same over cut marks in the armpits and

you know these things aren't made by

accident there's a tubular drill hole in

there and you see a lot of these statues

and then when you actually when you look

at the quality of the writing that is on

them the writing is quite oh this is

this is Khafre enthroned there's a very

famous statue beautiful statue again die

right and the point I'd make I actually

have another video that looks at some

detail on a statue on the side you had

these lotus flower motif Carolee see it


there's like a lotus flower motif I

think that's all original but quite

often when these are engraved with

hieroglyphs the graving are clearly done

by hand clearly done with hand tools

there's tool marks on them they're rough

they're they're not polished on their

interior and obviously whoever made the

statue had the ability to polish all

sorts of little nooks and crannies the

insides of the fingernails and all of

the details are perfectly polished but

the hieroglyphs don't show the same

process so yeah I think I think in many

cases so there's a tubular drill hole

between his feet I think in many cases

so these these glyphs you can kind of

see on that are written on here you can

see they're not polished this isn't the

best image of these I do have a video I

think it's part 5 of my syrup M series

video that really gets into this the

glyphs don't match they just don't match

the the manufacturing process of the

statues and Egyptians developed

capability to do you know good writing

and and and and quality hieroglyphs but

they just you just don't see the same

sort of machining marks that you see on

here so this is what is the example I

like to talk about so this is a

beautiful statue again perfectly

polished but if you look at the glyphs

on the side rough I mean well made a bit

rough I mean made by hand tools not

polished on the interior and you know

clearly added later and compare these

with the thing below it which is this

lotus flower motif that isn't symbolic

writing this is original this isn't and

you see this once you see this on

ancient Egyptian stuff particularly the

precision made slabs the statues the

boxes you know it's it's I mean look at

the fine detail it's like you can't

unsee it once you see it on everything

it's it's you start to realize that a

lot of the writing was added to a lot of

these artifacts later on particularly

the boxes I mean so I mean the Box in

the Sarah pium there's there's many

statues and examples of this where the

boxes are perfectly polished and even in

the best cases of

the writing just doesn't match the

process of manufacture it's a different

level of technology even when it's the

case of great writing the glyphs came

later and I think this is the case for

obelisks as well and it's it's a topic

that I'm going to get into in a bunch of

detail in one of these upcoming videos

in fact let me flip back and I'll show

you a good example of it in just bear

with me for a second while I find this

video even that's sort of writing the

big writing same thing because they

develop that capability over time and

they got quite good at it but it was

still not I still don't think it's some

original to a lot of the artifacts

whereas it's got to be here somewhere so

even this stuff which is just high-end

glyphs and and very well made glyphs and

you know this is the this is what's his

face being dissected and then finding

his peepee and you know putting him back

together on the basis of that all of

these this writing came later like it's

not polished it's done very well but

it's still done by hand tools you can

see it I've got even better example one

in particular I want to show I think

it's this video all this one before it

here I'm sorry I will find it yeah I

mean it this sort of stuff you know

beautiful polished stone weathered you

know damaged in places the heart did

glyphs just don't they don't match this

is this is this might be it here you can

actually you can see the reflection like

I love this you can you can see the

reflection on the if you back that up

and watch carefully you can see the you

can see that the the shining polish of

of the original surface of this box but

has just been covered in writing and I

think all this writing came after

because the writing doesn't reflect the

same technology the writings clearly

done by hand well done by hand but you

know someone attacked this thing with

the chisel and I don't think a chisel

was used in its manufacture it wasn't

how the box was originally made or

polished even these divots are polished

is it this is you see this time and time

again in the museum so

yeah the faces were removed from

stretchers during a rebranding that

happened a lot there's I have some

excellent footage from Tanis that that

shows exactly that that shows how they

sort of removed hieroglyphs and rewrote

over them it's kind of something that's

in process so let me show you one other

thing before we wrap this up and I'll

answer a couple more questions this

footage is of actually you oh I'm going

to do first we're going to look at some

images first for it is it a place called

the temple of very kosher or widow

kosher and what it is is this means flip

to this guy this is a it's a so I'm not

sure many of you would have seen this

this is citing Perutz in the sacred

valley floating around in there

somewhere called the temple of we're a

kosher or very kosher I find this to be

particularly interesting because you

have again this example of layering of

different types of Technology when it

comes to the architecture on the bottom

you have these megalithic walls of the

typical sort of polygonal masonry that

isn't straight the sort of stuff you see

all over South America

you know these complex three-dimensional

angles between blocks that still you

know match up perfectly you can't fits

things inside them there are these these

holes in the blocks so these these

windows into the blocks and then on top

of them you have Adobe mud-brick

extensions so you know it's not the same

technology between one layer and the

next and in the case of this place

you also see imitation Inca work where

you have the real rough Inca work that

is imitating these sort of perfect

blocks in the square I want to set this

up before we we watch the video but you

see a bit of both so do you have the

original what I consider the original

megalithic work with those very sort of

iconic you know trapezoidal shapes and

holes and then you see how the Inca came

later and tried to replicate that they

also put this Adobe mud-brick extensions

on the top of this this probably was

once originally a full structure

so there's a good good image of one of

these things and as you see it as you go

up in these places there's there's a

roof been put over the top of it the

roof is modern they did this to protect

to protect the Adobe mud-brick they say

that it was actually a little bit taller

than it is now but the rain and the

weathering over time you know where's

that mud down in it it runs down frosty

is the bottom solid rocks or just cover

plates to protect the mud interior the

the block there is a foundation layer

here as well you can see it around the

edges and underneath these these pillars

there is foundations as well but you I

like this because it's clearly there's

clearly multiple levels of architecture

here and this sites quite extensive you

had this one main sort of area and again

the roof is modern because that the

Adobe work was actually higher at one

point and as you'll see there's some

interesting stuff here like these

damaged rocks which could be from I

don't know what but you see some of the

same sort of damaged rocks in Cuzco and

in some areas of like the lower lower

parts of saqsaywaman as it extended down

the hill that's in there's good good

footage of that sort of damage in my

saqsaywaman video again lots of damage

on these rocks here which could have

been from Cataclysm could have been from

something else hard to say but I find

this sort of damage to be really

interesting like these also these square

holes and things you know who knows what

happened here that something hit this

whether this was discharge or solar or

related or you know Cataclysm or some

other form of of damage is there a flat

earth argument going on in chat yes you

can't prove the curvature of the earth

yourself flat arguments Flat Earth is

nonsense I'm sorry I know there's plenty

people that believing in that but it's

that's just a joke I mean like I'll it

you know Australia's a real place to I

know there's a conspiracy that thinks

that everyone from Australia is it's a

fictional country and they're just all

the people from Australia or just paid

actors but that's not true

you know I can talk to my family on the

other side of the world and it's not

over they're like try this stuff or go

and look at the I've seen

tall sailing ships come up over the

horizon where you see the top of the

sailing mask first you can prove it for

yourself I know the people that design

the sugar off loading ramp that several

kilometers long in Australia they had to

account for the curvature of the earth

when you see you can see it from planes

when you fly I used to fly a lot come on

it's silly is it is this whole idea of

presumes that it's light only goes so


that it's a flat earth but it's dark

over here and it slide over here because

light doesn't travel that far you're

kidding come on it's it's it's so

bizarre and then there's so many

experiments and videos where you can see

this literally being disproved right

down to the point where they suck at a

bunch of people to spend to fund like

$35,000 and buy themselves an aviation

grade gyroscope that they then said well

if this if this josh group works then

within this period of time we should

show a 15-degree tilt and turns out

that's exactly what it showed oh no that

was cosmic rays let's put in a tube and

buried underground figured come on I

don't want to hack on the Flat Earth

stuff but it's a joke and and there's

plenty of ways to prove it for yourself

look at those guys that you know put the

cardboard lines they try to shine a

torch between these two you know

cardboard cutouts at night and they just

proved to themselves that it was wrong

there was the experiment at the lake

with the helicopter and the laser you

know it's a boards a big place it looks

flat when you look at the horizon that's

okay silliness anyway I'm not I'm not

here to raggle now just but I am NOT a

believer in that particular theory

something else that I like here is this

is sort of thing you see all over cuzco

notice the building material its

megalithic stone the archway over the

top this is perfect example of reuse and

renovation right a lot of this rock came

from these sites original megalithic

stone some of it and people used it for

building material all over the place so

this is this church today the whole

facade the front end all built using

megalithic megalithic stone so so anyway

that's that's a bit of context but

before the video let me play this video

and you get a look at the temple of

we're a co show it's

it's a really interesting sight and

again this is this so this is why I

wanted to set that up because this is

inca work that is replicating what we

saw in the megalithic work so it's it

this is you know it's it's a it's a

tribute to what they were doing it's


it's revering it it's it's how they

connected themselves to that earlier

work I don't understand how anyone can

say that the inker were responsible for

both styles

Brian thanks thanks to Stanley Cheers

is there an Egypt tour group coming up

soon generally Rickson I talked about

that earlier yeah I'm looking I haven't

announced it yet but end up next year is

the is the is the target for the trip

otaku sauce to perhaps each Rock was

made to lock together like a puzzle a

taco you're doing kicking goals man

thank you so much

and you also Nick Davis sorry I missed

you Nick been in your gut how do you

believe these ancient sites are

connected and do you believe they were

functional ceremonial I think that were

used ceremonially later I think

let me help tab to find my OBS window I

think that they were certainly said I'm

only used in later times by the dynastic

Egyptians they were ceremony used by the

Inca I think their original purpose

particularly I would say this about the

precision work in Egypt I think a lot of

that stuff was functional that's just

what my gut tells me I and and that's

what I why again that that whole

relationship between precision and

function I don't believe that pyramids

were tombs I think they had a purpose

that was other than ceremonial or

symbolic and we it's tough for us to

admit that to in today's times because

it would it sort of puts that answer as

something that's beyond us but that's

what I think it was I'd I'm less

convinced about the stuff in South

America a lot of it is architecture I

don't know what its original purpose was

if any I do believe it's connected to

the original builder culture but I just

it's hard for me to say I mean mostly

what we look at in South America is

there's some precision stuff there but

mostly it's just this megalithic

architecture that seems to be a

structure and it may have been ceremony

as well I think there was an element of

that because these statues of Egypt are

clearly symbolic and ceremonial it's

like you can't you can't separate the

Builder culture from the ancient

Egyptians because that's what they

modeled themselves after if you I'm

saying that there's a lot of the statues

predate the dynastic Egyptians it's an

iconic Egyptian statue still it looks it

has that look and feel about it and that

it you know I think that still represent

maybe that culture that built them and I

think the Egyptians based a lot of their

culture on that stuff so that's you know

it's it's you can't say that the statues

were necessarily functional but but

that's so I think there's there's

there's definitely an angle of ceremony

ins and and symbology in there as well

but in terms of a lot of the

architecture and stuff I think it's yeah

I think I think a lot of that is

actually functional and this this

applies to the Giza Plateau to a lot of

the Sarah pium site like the the Saqqara

all of those sites that are in that Sun

Belt I think there's probably dozens of

actual pyramids that aren't there

anymore that have subterranean boxes

underground at all I think whatever that

function was it's all using it I mean

that whole zenyk surface wife thing that

I talked about a bunch the way that the

our whole concept of electromagnetic you

know transmission is changing with with

zenyk surface waves I think it's that

dimension of change relative to relative

to how we think of technology I think

those little leaps are required to

really put this stuff in its proper

context and I just don't think we've got

that yet

I think we might one day so okay another

question David Highfield this is from my

from the we'll go back to the the

community page post in a minute and try

and look at some other questions but can

you this is from David - he said

something I'd love you to investigate

and possibly make a video on is the

possibility that other human subspecies

Neanderthals Denisovans etc could be

responsible for some of the megalithic

architecture we see and knowing that we

know about catastrophes and civilization

is it a possibility that other

subspecies went almost completely

extinct say during say the Younger Dryas

because it was them who was civilized in

homo sapiens were not at this point in

time just a curious thought thanks for

the question David I shouldn't say I'm

yeah I I think that's a I think that's a

possibility I do I mentioned in a couple

things I think there's our relationship

with our cousins it's certainly far more

complicated than we think it is as we've

extended the

and timeline back further and further

from you know 90 or 110 thousand years

ago to now at least 300 thousand years

ago possibly longer we've had longer of

time to intermix and interbreed mean

people have Neanderthal DNA some people

more than others and you know I think

that's that's you know that may be an

answer it's it's quite possible that the

other types of humans were responsible

for some of this work I don't see how we

can rule that out

you know the elongated skull people in

South America and Peru hard to say it

but absolutely a possibility I think I

think owl owl we've got a lot more to

learn when it comes to that aspect of it

and it's it is possible that you know

we're just the warlike buggers that that

remain like we were aggressive and we

look out we behave now and that's all we

do is fight with each other we're

certainly capable of all sorts of nasty

stuff and yeah it's possible that we we

did we were probably a large

contributing factor to wiping out other

parts of the other some of these other

species I don't know but it certainly

seems possible to me okay

temple of we're a kosher that's all the

footage I have on that site for now neck

see any nxe 279 thanks for all you do

inspiring a new generation Cheers I'm

glad you feel that way I hope you get

some inspiration from it I have yeah at

this what I think is it's a lot of these

sites are worth a modern look I think

you know a lot of a lot of a lot of

these sites are worth a fresh

examination and I think there's mystery

to be found in all of them it's it's a

wonderful thing to into to occupy

yourself with and to try and find out


Daniel Whittaker look at some of this

look at the size of Denisovan teeth

those were some large people yeah a lot

of a lot of them were and Lloyd I like

to work of the late Lloyd Pye when it

comes to looking at human origins I part

ways with him when it comes to Sitchin

but he has an excellent lecture on

YouTube it's called everything you think

you know is wrong and he gets into what

the part are really like is is the

connection but

Australopithecus early hominids and then

you know the types of bigfooting around

the world frankly and he sort of

connects the dots looks into the missing

link thing it's not like there is just

one missing link between us and the

hominids that were in the fossil record

there must have been several iterations

of people because you know you're

talking about ax handles two broomsticks

in terms of bone density far stronger

creatures than us but you know that's

never been our strength either like we

can't take on chimps you know in a

straight fight can't take on gorillas

but we can sure band up and figure out

how to kill everything I mean that's

what we do we we're good at that you

know tactics and it's the brain part

that sets us apart in a lot of ways and

you know it's its weapon use and all

that sort of stuff it's not really you

know humans are really strange we're one

of the species it doesn't seem well

designed for the planet we can't look at

the Sun without going blind we have all

sorts of debilitate 'iv to Bill it

debilitating general you know genetic

illnesses that seem to propagate through

our species somehow where there's not

many other species alike us in terms of

our FAL ability and you know the way

were designed relative to the

environment on the planet so make of

that what you will but you know it's a

it's it's an interesting dynamic and

look I'd recommend anyone who hasn't

seen that watch that lecture again Lloyd

Pye double L o yd py e everything you

think you know is wrong great lecture he

does for be forewarned he does dive

directly into Sitchin towards the end of

it I think this was pre Sitchin being

fully debunked like he was but

absolutely excellent work I think

looking at the some of the data around

the early human origins I think some of

the other things that Lloyd points out

like the the the he seems to think they

were captured Bigfoot's in Siberia and

they were lived in a village and stuff

some of that stuff's been debunked as

well but his analysis of the footprints

and the the bone structure if you like

of australopithecines down to some of

the evidence for Bigfoot is quite

compelling I'm not it's just a good

lecture check it out beef Strom $5 do

you like Tom Waits and thanks for

spending your time researching the roads

less traveled yeah I don't mind Tom

Waits he's cool

I have some of his music

I'm just so by the way the music in the

background is a creative

commons-licensed it's all out of the

YouTube library more or less so I just

get hit with copyright if I do anything

that approaches anything remotely

commercial I listen to other music

usually but this is just a collection of

stuff that I've downloaded from YouTube

on their music library that is open

licensed so let's see let me we will go

to here we'll do a quick refresh and

I'll pull up chat sorry for leaving chat

off there 17 comments let's see if

there's a couple questions here Eng says

there's never a dull video from us

interesting anyway the topic I'd like

discussed is the tube drill video

causing a stir mostly on Foresters

comments channels by the two Russian

guys I haven't seen it yet some people

have sent it to me I will have to look

at it I some people are looking at

comparing their core to Kristen's core

I'm always for any more experimentation

I don't have any answers when it comes

to how that core was done all I can tell

you is what I said in that documentary

about that core is that none of the

attempts that I've seen to recreate core

drill cores drill or like tube drill

cores and have them look just like the

spiral the helical groove that's on

Petrie's core haven't the Penn

University stuff none of that looks the

same I just it's a no doubt that's a way

that you can do the copper tube thing

and drill granite yes sure

add sand and water whatever but that's

not what we're looking at when with that

specific subset of ancient Egyptian tube

drill marks I know there's a lot of

debate on that I've seen I've been sent

this video I haven't seen it yet I will

check it out it just doesn't have the

same result as the as the ancient in as

the best Petrie's core number seven nor

I think most of the holes that you see

on places like a Busia

which is why I like going there because

that's probably the one place that has

the most hop you know really precisely

and well-defined striations and grooves

into you know granite and basalt and

things like that

John see reading some of these many yes

I saw this emails a billion questions in

here from John Kelsey why does the

Department of Egyptian antiquities deny

researchers access to crucial areas of

the Giza Plateau tunnels under the

plateau exists are they mapped they

appear locked so he who was long blocked

denies and denies deflected even lie so

yeah it's terms of that so there was you

know working in Egypt recently you can

you know that there is a history there

there's a entire expedition to Hawara

that was basically suppressed and I do

have a video in the works on Hawara and

the labyrinth about a French team that

found a bunch of stuff there so that as

far as I understand it the way that it

works in Egypt is you have to be an

institution of high repute or whatever

and you have to partner with the

Egyptian Department of Supreme Council

of Antiquities so what they're called

and the way that partnership always

works is that they get control over any

release of information and they you know

it's what takes so long and so he takes

credit always taking credit for all the

robotics work and whatever else and they

get to control the release of the

information so it's very tightly

controlled and you know that there's the

Edgar Cayce foundation has been in there

there's depending it's all the case of

who you know and and what circles you

run in and much like the Vatican I

imagine getting access to the Vatican

archives it's a similar kind of tightly

controlled environment you can't get in

there as a regular researcher you have

to be part of one of these organizations

and you have to partner with them and

give them all the rights to everything

you find basically and then they control

it so that's why the release of

information on a lot of these projects

has taken so long and it takes forever

and in some cases you never hear

anything at all I imagine that's in the

case where it doesn't match the

narrative right it gets squished that's

what happened at Hawara

it's an interesting story about what

happened in Hawara this guy had to

eventually put up his own web site which

was then taken down but thank all the

imaginary gods for the Internet Archive

you know the Wayback Machine because

there's archived portions of this

website where you can go back and find

what he said about the project at Hawara

where they found the labyrinth and they

found whole bunches of it but it just

never got released because they wouldn't

let them and you know that I think that

sort of thing happens quite a bit to be

honest uh would it be pagans who

celebrate the Solstice I think everyone

should celebrate the Solstice Cafer

enthroned we did that one I think that's

about it let's see yeah Anthony C says

I'm going to visit the haven't

Connecticut I think CT after the

holidays hope to get some cool video and

info I wonder how many more sides are

hidden around the country not to mention

all the sites that are now underwater

considering the sea level rise of twelve

thousand five hundred years ago Merry


excuse me it's a good point all of the

stuff under the water I you know I I

tweeted about a drone underwater drone

that you can get now that shoots in 4k

goes down to about 300 feet runs for a

couple of hours great idea I think this

is I would love to I had hoped that in

the next decade we're gonna see a lot

more exposition of stuff that's under

the water in these coastal areas off

coastlines with things with technology

like that because you know you can die

it's hard to dive on everything

particularly if it conditions a rough

I've done a lot of diving 300 plus dives

I'm quite experienced I like diving and

but you know if it's a red you can't

dive that deep you know you not diving

to 300 feet you can do that tech diving

that's very difficult and you can't stay

down very long and if conditions are

hard it's hard to film but sending down

a drone like an underwater drone that's

connected by a tether and recalls in 4k

great idea I think that you know that

that sort of technology is becoming in

the realms now of consumer-grade right

it's a couple thousand dollars or

whatever you know it's not tens or

hundreds of thousands of dollars so I'd

like to think that in the next decade

we're going to see more and more

discoveries coming from that that region

yeah gonna need a bigger boat anyone got

a link to check out their website the

details the Hawara labyrinth I'll have

to find it I do have it somewhere I will

I will try and tweet about it afterwards

if I remember oh but I will get there

I'm sure some other people maybe find

about it's on the if you if you search

around for like French expedition to

Hawara and and once you find the name of

the website go and check it out in the

Wayback Machine and and you'll you'll

see some stuff so alright chat what else

have we got here any other questions

because otherwise we've been going for

two hours and I can feel my voice

already starting to to wear out on me I

still have a touch of the plague I'm

slowly getting better corundum was used

as grinding paste and will easily mark

granite yeah I frust he's still gone on

about all that stuff yep you can scratch

stuff actually Petrie even talked about

he found some other substance that very

easily scratched it and he knew he'd

know he lost his sample and never got to

analyse it they may have been some some

other thing involved in it let me look

here how did the French gained so much

access there you know the it's not just

the French you have archaeological

institutes from all over the world it

just so happened that in that case it

was a French Institute that had access

to that site I know there's there's it's

not just national institutions there's

plenty of them I think the God who has

the abbe seer place I think it's like I

want to say not German but another

archaeological Institute has has pretty

much carte blanche over aboo-seer it

depends on who partners with them

they're not they're not you know it's

not they don't I don't know that it's

preference preferential one over the

other there's a various number of

institutions and as long as you are I

think of you know mainstream repute and

can partner under the conditions that

they want to let you in under then

they will take your help and take your

projects and take your results and claim

it for themselves but you know it's this

the way it goes I guess

yeah straighter is burning up right now

it's um it's too bad it gets all the

fires I hope people are okay and my mom

and my family over there been in the

path of that I feel like the fires have

been chasing me all around the world we

just live in Canberra and I was actually

my first trip to the States it might

have been 2000 2001 there was huge fires

in Canberra and we live backing on to

like a Nature Reserve or just a park and

like three houses in our street burnt

down my wife was evacuated and take the

birds and the you know out of the house

and I was in the States trying to figure

out what's going on I had a buddy in

Australia ended up just we had a Skype

connection open he just had it tuned to

local radio with his you know his

microphone pointed out it cuz none of

the phones are working or whatever and

then you know move over here and we have

bushfires threatening us I mean the area

that I live in now they they cancelled

everybody's house insurance like

everyone in the entire zip code

basically all of the insurance backers

that are like nope you're all in this

crazy fight and all of them you know I

was in that area with all the blackouts

and the power shut off from PG&E but

they screwed everybody now they get

stuck all the insurance companies are

backing out of insuring anybody there's

ways around it now but you know it's

it's it's the the it's the the wholesale

people are on the back end of most

insurance companies that are just

basically riding off in ties if codes

now going nope not happening so yeah

frosty I'm the fire magnet or I'm moving

to Iceland and see what happens there at

Greenland even better

Nick reidman what's the best video to

show people looking into the Younger

Dryas well you know I have for me at

least I have a like it's my shortest

video it's like six or seven minutes I

have a cataclysms of the Ice Age it's an

introduction to the Younger Dryas it's

about 6-7 minutes long that's a start I

know I talked in detail about it when I

look at the South America paper on the

Younger Dryas otherwise great videos

from you know rental Carson's Channel

you'd have to go and look he's got about

a billion

but him also Martin Sweatman's channel

prehistory decoded as looking into the

Younger Dryas there's a number of them

yeah right pay for years of insurance

and one that looks like your house may

burn down they'll cancel you my husband

gonna burn down I have access to ditch

warlike irrigation water here it's it's

you know we're green through the summer

here I'd it's I'm not at the edge of a

canyon or anything like it's we're not

it's if you if they took the time to

individually look at people's

preparation and the work they do to set

up themselves for that and they wouldn't

have a problem with where we are but you

know that's they just they're not gonna

do that they just write off the entire

zip code all of this areas like nope and

yeah it's I mean when we were first

looking at this area you know there were

there's places like on the edges of a

canyon and stuff where quite literally

you had to go to Lloyd's of London for

insurance because it's just such a they

just market that's such such a high risk

of fire when you're right on the top of

a canyon you know and the fire shoots up

canyons it's but I'm not in anywhere

like that I'm just you know it's rolling

hills and green around me in the

immediate vicinity because I water

anyway alrighty well guys that was fun

let me swap back to here

hello no I have there we go alright

thanks for everyone tuning in today

tells fun I hope that was good I I will

do another one probably next week or the

week after we'll see how it goes

as I said got Randall Carson lined up

for next week I will get that published

out as soon as I get that I get that

chat listed with him I am very much

looking forward to that chance of I hope

I don't get out too hard

tokido Randall is someone I respect just

a tremendous amount and very thankful

that he's going to spend a bit of time

talking to me I'd like to provide I

hopefully will go through a bit of a

grounding on the Younger Dryas in that

video look at some of the best evidence

for it I think he you know we talked

about all the scientific papers with the

younger Dreyse in a lot of cases those

things really focus on what you'd call


the microscopic evidence for it the

spherules and the carbon layers and all

that stuff and what randall really does

is he ties the macro evidence he looks

at the geological features of the

terrain looks at the evidence for mega

floods the whole the whole catastrophism

aspect of geology which I find to be

tremendously valuable and a very good

companion to all of the scientific

peer-reviewed work around that Cataclysm

so you know I think his his aspect of

that work is a whole other angle when it

comes to the proof for catastrophe and

Cataclysm in our past so very much

looking forward to that I have a few

other topics to get on to talk to him

about so I will I will wrap this up I

have something prepared for a stream

exit let me get that ready go No okay

it's thinking but enjoy yourselves

have a good holiday season happy

solstice to everybody or Christmas all

those things Happy New Year but I will I

will be back within within a week or two

and we'll do it again and I'm working on

a bunch more videos I hope to get a

couple more out before the end of the

year we'll see how it goes but yeah hit

me up email otherwise any comments I'll

try and if you find if any good

questions here I will try and carry them

over to the next one and I'll try to

make these live streams a bit more

regular than I then I have been doing in

the past and certainly going forward

into 2020 so thanks everyone take it

easy and enjoy ourselves and yes I've

been watching the cosmic graffia podcast

with Randall I will play you out with a

little bit of a video here this is of a

man teeny island walking down the path

in a lightning storm I love this footage

it was just a single take my phone was

dead so I couldn't see where I was

aiming my camera but it's just a

beautiful time of day at a beautiful

place in Peru and if ever you're in the

Lake Titicaca area try and spend and try

and spend a night on our Montini island

it's it's worth doing and we'll see you

in the next one


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