Sonic Boom Heard in Seattle

Glenview frog web com2 Air National

Guard f-15s out of Portland

International Airport went supersonic

over the continental US Tuesday and the

sonic booms were caught on local videos

the Jets had been dispatched by NORAD

with permission to intercept what was

later found to be a Cessna 180

floatplane with two aboard aircraft had

wandered near airspace temporarily

restricted for a presidential visit to

the region first video was shot in

Seattle by a local news crew the

president and the senator but this

changed your mind no my second

apparently by a local mother I'm

watching I don't know that was really

loud wasn't it

the booms shocked many local residents

who flooded 9-1-1 facilities with calls

the pilot of the small plane was not met

by the jets in the air but by Secret

Service agents on the ground

pilots are responsible for checking

temporary flight restrictions but the

restrictions are often posted with

little notice in order to bolster

secrecy of the president's schedule the

FAA will determine what if any penalties

the Cessna pilot will face visit a v'

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