Social Security Numbers in Excel: Hidden trick to display correctly any SSN -Doctor Excel #037

hello itself champions it's William aka

dr. Excel today I'm going to show you

how to display currently Social Security

numbers in Excel and so we're going to

take the u.s. format for this so a

Social Security number it's a number

with nine figures and you have some but

you have some dashes in between in the

middle and I'm going to show you how to

display them in Excel so I'm going to

give you the file in the end it's going

to be available right below the video

I'm gonna give you a link to download

the file and we're gonna see right away

how to do this so here at the correct

type of number at nine figures to

display the Social Security and though

there's a pretty fine

format for this in Excel so I can go in

right click format cells I can go into

special and then you have different

special formats which depend on your

geography so color depends what you want

to use but if you're dealing with us

formats you can choose English us and

then you're gonna have different

standard formats that you can use phone

numbers zip codes or social security

numbers so you can choose it to special

social security number and it's going to

display the number correctly another way

you can put it directly so I'm just

going to rewrite it again I missed a two

time mister character you can choose the

format manually as well

you can choose custom zero zero so it's

three numbers - two numbers -

one two three four you can put it

manually to match this the social

security number format but when school

as well is if you were is it you can use

format that are not on the American

issue what you can use the format for I

don't know maybe I know that it works

for example for French Social Security

number you're gonna choose another

location so it's gonna be in F French

friends and here you're gonna have

different different kind of i've preset

number formats for example french Social

Security numbers French phone numbers

you don't know if it works for other

geographies you have to look for your

special for your specific settings but

probably you might have some some

standard number format that applied to

your joke Rafi you have to look in this

list of locale of locations and you can

choose something that suits you so this

is two ways you can use to display

social security numbers with the correct

formats one of them is you to use the

special format with us security social

security number format or you can put it

manually to put manually dashes you can

download the file right below with the

format's already set up it's gonna be

right below the video as usual and I'll

see you tomorrow for a new excel

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see you champions ciao