growing turf creating a layer of quality

natural grass for soccer pitches a

complex lengthy and costly process

however soccer stadiums around the world

are still choosing natural grass as its

considered ideal for this sport is even

used as the standard for the creation of

artificial turf the creation of a

football turf from scratch lasts from

six months so several years as you can

see if the turf was grown right on the

pitch the stadium would have to be

closed which is totally inefficient for

this reason grass is brought ready from

special farms and placed in a special

way to cover the field

strangely enough grass cultivation does

not begin with seeds first the soil is

prepared and the field is leveled in

addition experts work the soil with

special solutions that prevent the

germination of weeds finally it's time

to plant the seeds to create the perfect

lawn species resistant to heavy loads

are selected during seeding specialists

use special auxilary tools


let's ask is to distribute the seeds as

close as possible to each other to

ensure a dense grass cover throughout

the entire growth process the lawn is

cared for continuously fertilization is

necessary to ensure a balanced nutrition

of the roots soil moisture is also

maintained at an optimum level to keep

the lawn flats dense and thick it's

mowed and aerated regularly this last

process consists of perforating the soil

which makes it easier for oxygen water

and nutrients to reach the roots finally

when the lawn meets all the requirements

special mowing equipment is used smart

machines mow the lawn roll it gently and

store it independently

however grass is not only transported in

rolls here for example it's cut into

strips 50 centimetres wide enough to 40

metres long

then we folded into stacked layers


installation of running tracks running

tracks are subject to very high demands

they must provide good shock absorption

and have an optimal balance of stiffness

and elasticity a good coating provides

great safety and helps prevent injuries

in general a sports floor can have a

wide variety of properties that depend a

requiem Lee use at the track today we'll

show you the floor for an outdoor sports

field the running track is laid out in

three stages the surface consists of two

layers as well

the first layer is made of special two

components polyurethane

mixed with black crumb rubber because of

its specific color it resembles asphalt

when laid when this viscous composition

hardens it becomes a firm elastic

surface resistant to mechanical

influences the application of the second

layer begins with a liquid polyurethane

compound it gives the surface the

desired color and increases its

elasticity the colored crumb rubber is

poured over it before the layer dries

together the last two components ensure

the perfect texture of the track


Stadium transformation different

compositions and Championships encourage

countries to develop sports

infrastructure at the same time they

only generate interest in sport for a

short period of time once the

tournament's over an interest is lost

stadiums often lose their profitability

and become almost useless however not

everywhere different countries resort to

very interesting tricks to avoid this

right now for example you're looking at

the Sapporo domed stadium is located in

Japan in the city of Sapporo on the

island of Hokkaido surprisingly these

sports facility is home to two clubs the

concert dolis or a football club and the

Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters baseball

club this is possible thanks to the

convertible stadium design the engineers

were able to place two completely

different surfaces here the baseball

field is covered with artificial turf

when the pitch is not needed the grass

is stored in many rolls the football

field is covered with natural grass

dismantling it would be a more difficult

a longer process therefore when the

field is not needed it's stored already

assembled outside the stadium perform a

football match the football field is

taken into the stadium despite its size

the design is mobile who can even rotate

see how part of the stones rotates with

the field


of course is not the only stadium in the

world that can be transformed here we

have the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

located in the north of London England

thanks to its unique features it can be

used for soccer matches and for NFL

games the stadium's arena has a two

layer coating the top player is the

soccer field covered with natural grass

the second layer underneath the first is

an artificial turf patch for American

football the first pitch is divided into

three parts when the lower pitch needs

to be used the elements of the first

pitch are hidden under the South Stand

it has a special storage space for the

turf in which the optimum temperature is

maintained surprisingly the

transformation process doesn't take more

than half an hour


finally the last transformation we'll

show you today was filmed in Salt Lake

City more precisely the Vivint

smart home arena the transformation is

quite intricate and takes a lot of time

and power Disney on Ice is a show

featuring ice skaters once the last

spectate that leaves the stadium the

team starts to work the first rows of

seats are temporarily folded under the

stands then the specialists removed the

ice layer special ice resurfaces are

used for this purpose first they cut off

the top layer of the surface and then

apply hot water the procedure is that

repeated until the ice layer is loose

enough after that the ice is broken

removed and taken away the entire site

is cleaned evenly so that ice debris

doesn't become water after that they're

hidden seats are moved back into place

and the teams begin to install the

basketball court the whole process takes

that seems several days

marking the stadium today we've already

shown you how the grass for the football

field is grown however putting it in

rolls is only half the work the second

half is the marking which must be done

flawlessly and precisely a large number

of template's and special marking

machines are used in the work process

however even with the use of

professional equipments the team of

workers must be careful and attentive

it's not difficult to guess that

removing paint from the lawn in the case

of incorrect marking as a time-consuming

task to ensure that each line is uniform

workers stretch marking threads on the

lawn before applying the paint it should

be noted that a large amounts of paint

is used for the maintenance of each

playing field for example it took

approximately 260 litres of white paints

in 150 litres of yellow paint to mark

this football field it may seem that the

most difficult task is putting the team

logo on the turf because it's often a

large and complex image however most

companies today use these special

templates they are reusable and can take

any shape but the most important thing

is that they allow you to create clear

lines in the right places this in turn

allows you to draw even the most

detailed logos quickly and efficiently

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