7 HEALTHY and EASY Smoothie Recipes (for building muscle & fat loss)


hi everyone

not too long ago my beautiful girlfriend

who resides behind the camera bought me

a blender and it's a [ __ ] sick one me

and I've been making smoothies ever

since so today I'm gonna share my

smoothie knowledge with you all I don't

know how many recipes we're gonna do

well this is smoothie recipes when I

make them healthy you're gonna make some

for Balkan aka high calories something

for coin okay low calories and so on for

just just because they're nice let's do

it so what I'm going to do is to switch

over to a voiceover now because those

would be easier and more clear to

explain things as I go okay so you need

some scales and obviously a blender and

a lot of frozen fruit no if you haven't

got any frozen fruit we can do right

it's just get fruit and then freeze it

and then you've got frozen fruit now

first off we're gonna go tropical so in

goes some banana and pineapple and mango

mistake number one was only using frozen

pineapple really at least two out of

three of these should be frozen

otherwise your consistency just won't be

ideal as you will witness Shirley anyway

next we're using a scoop and a half of

vanilla whey protein and some

unsweetened coconut milk now I could

have rescued the consistency by just

using less coconut milk I'm just not

very clever

so I didn't anyway that's it lid on

tight blend that [ __ ]

I let's check the consistency actually

not too bad a little bit thin but not

the end of the world

I just prefer them thicker otherwise I

drink it way too fast

anyway it tastes absolutely [ __ ]

ruthless and this is probably my go-to

most commonly consumed smoothie okay

next movie let's do it frozen

blackberries frozen strawberries frozen

blueberries frozen raspberries scoop of

strawberry way a little bit more a bit

more that'll do

I'm gonna go with a coconut milk again

but if you're using unsweetened then you

really won't even taste the difference

if you use almond milk folks so you

might though cuz that's just a bit weird

it makes everything taste like soy milk

screw the lid on that is a key step

don't think that's technically a lid

anyway you know I mean blend that [ __ ]

up yes yes witness the infusion that is

the one and because we use our frozen

fruit we're gonna win us a much better

consistency this time check the

thickness mate


now you're gonna see me using a few

different protein powders but I

understand that not everybody starts

like ten different flavors so if you

want to be a bit more economical and

just get one flavor I would go in the

vanilla because I think that is the most

versatile you can pretty much get away

with vanilla in any smoothie now you

might be tempted to go for an unflavored

whey I would avoid that because you need

the sweetness of the powder especially

in some of the smoothies that you're not

putting many sweet ingredients into like

the next one okay next up we're going

healthy as [ __ ] and by that I mean I'm

gonna put green stuff in it starting

with broccoli just kidding that'll be

weird first up some pineapple I know

that's not green but we will get to that

next up some avocado that is green now

I'm going to fall avocado but if you are

skeptical maybe just start with 1/2 next

up a bit of baby leaf spinach again

I've got easy on the spinach the first

time you make it or have a bit you might

actually taste it you probably need to

give it a gentle fisting just to make

some room

gentle fisting is probably an oxymoron

if everyone anyway then I'm adding some

rather than fresh ginger mate about this

much however I didn't even [ __ ] taste

it so try doubling that much some

vanilla protein again a little bit more

I'm adding some of this complete greens

so pulling in just for extra nutrients

mate obviously it's optional technically

everything's optional now a good squeeze

of fresh lime juice and the finally some

honey I would use plenty of honey

especially if you like if you're a seven

year old who can only eat and drink

sweet things slap a bit of ice in there

and then chop it all up with some almond

milk right I'm excited to see this blend

I mean obviously I'm editing the video

so I have seen it but I'm speaking as if

it's present tense so just humor me oh

that's a lovely blend

majestic stuff a proper good stuff and

prepare for the most optimal smoothie

consistency you ever laid your eyes upon

shelves - the avocado for bringing the

smoothness right we appreciate you you

weird little [ __ ] don't even know if

you're a proper fruit or what I don't

care he's sound anyway we move on right

we're gonna try another camera angle and

then we're gonna realize that it's [ __ ]

and go back to the previous angle for

the rest of the video so it's chocolate

smoothie time banana first off ideally

frozen mine wasn't so again it's gonna

be thin but consistencies are very

consistent if that makes sense

peanut boy because I said but very

English the English Lee peanut butter

always a good idea right Nutella because

[ __ ] you why not

obviously this one might not be

particularly diet friendly unless you're

a hippo in which case you can probably

fit into calories you might have trouble

operate in a blender though chocolate

protein powder going to next followed by

quite a lot of ice and then I'm using

skimmed milk for a change

that we're just gonna skip right ahead

to the blended smoothie because I didn't

press record

hahaha and lock it turns out ice

basically just melts as soon as it's

blended so if you want thicker smoothies

use frozen fruit this one tastes

absolutely unreal though hopefully one

day YouTube can you know you can watch

it and then you can like taste it

through your screen because then we can

all share this epic moment all right

series [ __ ] anyway so get involved full

of smoothies

okay next up we're going low calorie

slash cutting smoothie and the key to a

low calorie smoothie is berries made a

lot of berries basically and also just

not adding peanut butter to everything

that does help as well so when you look

at the calories per 100 grams you'll see

what I mean so I'm keeping it simple

with just some raspberries and some

strawberries and the protein powder that

I think will go best with this just

happens to be a vegan one and I is a

vegan white-chocolate coconut protein

I'm thinking like raspberry and white

chocolate is a pretty common combo so

that's the vibe I'm kind of going for

I'm using almond milk because

unsweetened almond milk tends to be the

lowest in calories at least from what

I've seen this one is 13 calories per

100 ml and that's low me I let's bask in

the glory that's blend proper proper

good oneness you like right yep blending

a little bit some nice blend in action

top off being a bit stubborn but

afterwards like yeah go on and I'll get

involved me and that is pretty

satisfying in it and you think that's it

but that's actually not it that's just

the strawberries I'm gonna hit the

raspberries any second now on Wow yes

yes that's just very pleasing to the eye

all right let's get a close-up


quick now obviously you can make any of

these smoothies vegan just by using a

vegan protein powder and making sure you

using a plant-based milk my personal

favorite flavors from Paul powders for

the vegan proteins are banana caramel

and the white chopped coconut but what

if you're not going you want to get huge

well then I've got a smoothie for that

this is what you will need some protein

powder almond boy I'm self-conscious

about how they bought enough bananas

dates oat milk and oat now I learned

from my previous mistakes

I took my bananas and I froze them to

make frozen bananas I took my dates and

frozen as well to make frozen dates so

bananas going first I'm using about 125

grams but all measurements will be in

the video description dates next I used

5 which came to just over a hundred


I was pretty generous with the almond

butter just because generous guy then I

used about 30 grams of oats and a scoop

and a half of banana flavored protein

and finally I'm using Oh milk but if you

really want to go hard you can get

higher calorie milks watch for that

little protein eruption cute that right

ok let's blend this [ __ ] wah you'll need

to give it a little bit longer than

usual because the dates take a bit more

breaking up it looks a bit bitty but it

looks a bit bitty but I couldn't really

tell when I was drinking it and honestly

no [ __ ] this is probably the best one in

terms of raw flavor it's just a shame

there's enough calories to sustain an

entire wall Ross colony I'm not sure if

the appropriate term for a collection of

walruses wall Rai is colony now what if

you want to make a protein smoothie

without protein powder well I will tell

you you need some skimmed milk fat-free

Greek yogurt some peanut butter frozen

banana and strawberries and probably I

would say some honey as well so you

really any protein here from the yogurt

and milk primarily maybe a little bit

from the peanut butter as well now I'm

just doing this one really for the sake

of examples but I wouldn't recommend

and trying to make protein smoothies

without protein powder regularly just

because from a cost point of view the

yogurt is going to end up costing you

more if you look at the protein you're

getting per pound or per penny way is

typically one of the best you can get if

you get decent priced way anyway you

know the drill by now in goes the banana

followed by strawberry then the yogurt

the milk peanut butter and at this point

I would say add the honey because you

need a bit more sweetness to make up for

what you're missing from the protein

powder now if you use sweeter fruits

like pineapple or blueberries you might

not need it but with banana and

strawberry I would say you probably do

anyway let's blend it and yes yes that

yogurt makes for a seriously smooth

smoothie so there we have it folks like

my video subscribe to my channel and if

you make any smoothies tab in your and

stories so I can see them mate and we

can both just share in the joy of

ruthless next-level smoothies ciao ciao