Smart Water Meter

welcome this is a small video tutorial

of the smart watermill

designed by gastronomic solutions India

these are the four PCB modules

now we shall see how the boats are

stacked this is the controller board the

LCD board comes on top left of the

controller board

the Hall sensor board comes on bottom

left of the controller board

the RF module comes on bottom right of

the controller board

this is the stacked view of the water

meter module


the simple working demo unit to show the

functionality of a smart water meter

a small motor pumps water continuously

into a meter the meter can measure any

type of fluid the meter is being powered

by a USB cable once it is powered on the

motor starts pumping the water the meter

counting starts once in every minute the

meter data is transmitted through the

wireless embers to the concentrator

this is the concentrator which collects

data from the meters and it is connected

to the PC

this is the PC demo software the serial

port is selected depending upon the

concentrator connection and the

concentrator is powered on the yl

assembles mode is then selected to be s

to click data available button to see

whether any data is available the

received message is view by clicking

auto wreck the current window shows the

setting of date and time for the

connected meter once the command is

received from the meter the correct date

and time is sent

the meter data is received once in every


here you can see the meter reading data

on the LCD and also receive through

Wireless embers in the PC tool hope you

got an overview of a smart water meter

working principle thank you