Soft Skills - Setting SMART Goals

hello friends and welcome to yet another

video on tutorials point with me to cha

today we are going to talk about setting

SMART goals but before we even get on to

this particular module I would like you

to think of the situation have you ever

sat on a train or a bus or aircraft

without knowing where it is headed or

the final destination of the train bus

or aircraft well have you ever written

and lit a letter to somebody and

forgotten to write the address of the

person on the postcard and posted

without it well if you have answered no

to these questions which of course means

that it's basic common knowledge or

common sense that you need to know where

you're getting if you sit in an aircraft

you need to know the final destination

if you're writing a letter to someone

you definitely need to write the address

of the person else how would the letter

reach that person well friends the

reason I've asked you on this thing

is because of the fact that SMART goal

setting is all about that well you need

to know where you're headed in life else

you can be in any stop or any aircraft

or any train without really knowing

where it's going hence it's important to

set goals which are smart let's take a

look at the agenda for us today we've

talked about what is SMART goal setting

we will also talk about what does the

acronym smart stand for we will also

talk about certain tips for extremely

smart goal setting well friends what

exactly is SMART goal setting a or it is

a goal which is without a plan is just a

wish or a desire how many times have you

you know told your parents or relatives

or teacher I want this I need this or I

desire this well is it the same as goal

not really because if your goal is not

smart it is not a goal it is just a

wishful thinking dreams without you know

which are not written down are really

just wishful thoughts which have no

deadline so let's take a look at what

exactly do we mean by smart setting

organization use various tools to make

their goals achievable using SMART goals

is one of them

this particular tech

Nik helps you to a teen and track your

progress you also can verify it every

point where you are going or how much

more closer to your goals you have

reached so what does the acronym SMA are

T stand for let's take a look at that s

smart stands for specific your goals

need to be something which is not

general but specific like what do you

want to do n stands for measurable which

means that how will you know whether you

have reached that particular thing or

not that's being able to measure your

success he stands for achievable which

means is it in your power to accomplish

it is your goal attainable or is it

something which is too challenging or

too easy to attain you need to

understand whether it is achievable

attainable or accomplishable R stands

for realistic is your goal realistic or

can you realistically achieve it if you

say something like this that tomorrow I

want to go on the moon or tomorrow I

want to become an astronaut well is that

realistic not really you need to be

realistic about your goal and that is

what R stands for T stands for timely

when exactly do you want to accomplish

it do you have a deadline do you have a

time bound thing for your goal

well if you don't have it then it's not

a goal is just wishful thinking as I

mentioned before your dreams are not

your goals you need to mention make it

specific measurable attainable realistic

and time-bound

for it to become a real goal well you

need to make sure that you're asking

yourself specific questions for example

is your goal specific means what where

how and when you cannot give a

generalized statement and expect that

goal to become you know alright you need

to make sure your measurable that is

you're making it measurable by breaking

it down into measurable units achievable

or attainable realistic how relevant it

is to you and timely you need to make

sure that and you understand that

time is equal to money now let me give

you an example over your if you say a

statement like I want to be rich is that

a smart goal well not really because for

this to become a smart goal you need to

make it more specific and measurable and

attainable and time-bound as well so you

need to say a sentence like this for

example I want to be rich by 40 million

dollars by the end of 2020 8 well now

you have made it more smart because you

have made it specific by saying that you

want to be rich by how much measurable

you have made it by taking a particular

amount into consideration when once you

reach that amount means you've attained

your goal and you've also made it

realistic which is 2028 which is 10

years away from now it's realistic it's

attainable and you have put a time bound

on it by saying that you want to achieve

it in this year's time now that is what

I want to explain with the help of this

particular example your goals need to be

smart and not just gender extents well

let's take a quick look at what are

certain tips for good smart goal-setting

you need to think about the big picture

how many times has it happened that New

Year's comes and we are all kicked up

about making a new year resolution

midway through the year rather one or

two months down the line we have broken

all our resolutions and we have no idea

how to get back to track well the idea

is always think of the big picture

always think about the end goal and what

you would want to achieve by making sure

that you always have that at the end of

your mind you think of this is what I

want to become or this is what I want to

achieve so always think of the bigger

picture it will help you to stay focused

second is getting down to the bottom

well this is what it means once you have

said the bigger picture you need to

break the goal into simple small

measurable actions this will help you

understand how you can make your goal

measurable and attainable your goal is

also something like this that planning

smaller steps make you build the

right momentum in the right direction so

always break up your bigger goals into

smaller actionable plans which is easily

you know easy to make sure that you can

carry it out use a systemized formula

goal setting is not wishful thinking you

need to actually write them down if you

do not write your goals they are not

goals they're just wishful thinking

and hence you need to write everything

down it will help you to get from one

point to another smoothly you will also

start getting the desired results if you

have a proper and a structured formula

so always make sure for example the the

sentence which says I want to be rich by

40 million dollars by the end of 2028

now how do you put this into a formula

how do you strategize it and make it a

proper structure which will help you to

go about your goal smoothly and in a

nice functionable manner the next step

for smart goal-setting is how do you

track your progress so make sure that

you are always reviewing your goals if

you've set a goal today does not mean

you forget about it nicely and remember

it only after one year's time you need

to ensure that every week every month

every fortnight you are checking the

progress of your goal and then only it

will make sense to have a smart goal

next tip for setting SMART goals is set

and ended well if you do not have an end

date you will not know whether you are

going to you know achieve your goals or

no so always have a deadline a timeline

so that you know that this much is what

is left to do and you can always track

your progress so always always have a

end time or a timeline for your goals

well friends that brings us to this end

of a beautiful topic which is known as

SMART goal setting which is one of the

topic which I'm very very passionate

about training people on I do hope you

have understood how to set your SMART

goals making sure that you are also

understood the tips of how to set your

goals in a smart way

please go ahead set your SMART goals

right now thank you for watching us

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