SMART Goals - Measurable


writing construction smart goals

part 2 measurement the purpose of this

training is to understand the M in smart

goals by providing real-world examples

measurement is a noun

according to Google definitions

measurement means the size length or

amount of something we use measurement

every day one example is traveling from

point A to point B if I have a meeting

at the state capitol at noon and I want

to arrive 10 minutes early then I will

need to leave according to Google Maps I

will need to leave at 11:10 this gives

me approximately 30 minutes to travel to

the capital and then approximately 10

more minutes to park and walk into the

meeting once I'm seated in the meeting I

can take a look at my watch and reflect

on the process how close was I to the

actual time that I thought it would take

for me to leave the office and to be

seated in the meeting in part 1 of the

training I focused on writing a specific

goal being able to read a blueprint I

recorded my actions toward reaching the

goal in an Excel document the first few

days the visual shows measurement data

which includes the date location of work

and work performed July 15 started the

week and my record-keeping became more

detailed as I started to understand the

work by Friday July 19 I decided to

verbalize the location and work

performed with either the foreman or the

superintendent on the job since I did

not have access to a computer on site

progress toward the blueprint girl goal

continued but my way of measuring the

progress changed the most important part

of the SMART goal process is taking the

time to measure and reflect on the

learning a study by dr. Gail Matthews

supports this claim the results of the

study showed that 76% of participants

who wrote down their goals actions and

provided weekly progress to a friend

successfully achieved their goals

comparatively those with unwritten goals


we achieved the goals 46 percent of the

time I hope this quick training on the M

and SMART goals was helpful

next we'll explore the a attainable to

help us write goals within our power to

achieve until then be well