What’s Considered a “Small” Business by the SBA?

what's considered a small business by

the SBA what exactly is a small business

the Small Business Administration uses

employee size and annual sales receipts

to determine which businesses are

classified as small according to the SBA

a small business is typically one that

has up to 500 employees yet in certain

industries the SBA still considers some

business small if they have 750 to 1,000

employees just take a look at these

industries and what the SBA considers

small business based on the number of

employees merchants wholesalers with up

to 100 employees drilling oil and gas

while operators with up to 500 employees

and manufacturers can have between 500

to 1,000 employees and are still

classified as small businesses the SBA

may also consider a business small if it

has average annual sales receipts

between 750,000 and 5,500,000 and again

it depends on the industry the SBA also

considers the following industries small

businesses if they have revenue below 18

million for janitorial service twenty

point five million for security and

patrol Service Providers 27 point five

million for staffing companies and 27

point five million for freight

transportation operations businesses

that employ close to 500 employees and

make anywhere between 750 thousand and

28 million a year may be deemed small by

the government but these are not small

in scale to the families and local

economies they support with the SBA loan

allotment reaching its max for the year

and banks shying away from working with

small businesses where are these

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