Residential Water Slab Leak Detection & Repair Job

okay what you're seeing right now is our

repair crew in-house Plumbing Companies

repair crew entering into a house to do

a fresh water leak repair under this lab

commonly called slab leak repair what

you're seeing there is the actual water

coming out of the pipe what you saw

before was the situation where the guys

set up plastic on the floor

we put plastic up from the from the

entry area into the house to the actual

location where we jackhammer through the

slab we use a wet towel old t-shirt rag

something like that we actually wet it

and attach it to the jackhammer or lay

it on the floor - while we're

jackhammering to actually keep the dust

down which they did and they were

jackhammering whenever you saw the video

start you saw where the leak the water

was actually coming out of the hole

right now they're in the process of

cutting that pipe loose so that we can

take the section of pipe that is no good

that's got a hole in it out here you

will actually see the actual hole you

can see that there's a small hole in

there these holes there could have been

and most likely it looks like there was

a dent in that pipe there and those

dents create weaknesses they create

situations where the water flows over

that unevenly and can easily over time

create a hole like that it just corrodes

the the inside of that pipe down creates

a weak spot and it just over time blows

a pinhole leak out and that's what you

saw there right now he's actually

cutting the section a pipe that we're

going to put in there now they will

begin cleaning the pipe cleaning the

pipe is extremely important with copper

soldering which he will do here in a

little bit he will actually solder the

pipe it's a special process called

silver soldering which you actually have

to do for under slab repairs on copper

lines so they'll clean this pipe as he's

doing now

they'll clean these couplings they're

cleaning the inside of the couplings

that will actually take the solder on to

them and the little cloth that they have

in their hand there is called Sanh cloth

it is a sandpaper type material special

material for plumbers to use and they

will also be cleaning the pipe the

actual pipe down in the hole here in a


but Clint cleaning the pipe is extremely

important in a situation like this if

you do not get that pipe properly

cleaned the leak will create itself

again in the end the solder will not

take to the actual pipe you see he's

cleaning the pipe now the actual pipe

that is inside the hole the older pipe

on both sides of the piece that he cut

out they will clean that very very well

to make sure that it is a good and ready

to take the solder the new solder that

they will actually solder but again

cleaning is very important you can see

that the hole is about three foot by

three foot give or take a little bit is

two foot by three foot something like

that is a normal hole that we make some

guys make a little bit smaller hole some

guys make a little bit bigger but that's

kind of our hole and you know that the

pipe really isn't that deep it is a miss

misinformation that that the pipe is in

the concrete it's very rare to see

actual pipe in the concrete what you see

is the pipe is under the concrete and

that's what you can see here there is

dirt although all around there

significantly wet soil around there that

was that was a pretty good sized leak

you can see now that he is actually

connecting the new piece of pipe up it's

very important as to how we put that

pipe in there to make sure that we've

got good connection on both sides plenty

of plenty of pipe under the actual

fitting the copper fitting so he'll work

with that pretty good the old pipe there

is what they call soft saw cut soft

copper soft copper it comes in a roll

this new pipe that he just put in is


copper it comes in an actual stick so a

little bit different no big deal it's

the same stuff it just comes in a little

bit different form and and so it took

them a little bit to get that connected

up but he got to connect it up now you

see he has lit the torch to go ahead and

solder you see he's got the stick of

silver solder in his in his hand there

it will get that very hot to be able to

silver solder something you have to get

it extremely hot to be able to silver

solder he will get that very hot it will

take him a little bit to be able to get

that hot enough and then he was he will

begin to solder it and that's what

you're seeing taking place right now

once he gets this soldered up they will

then turn on the water and verify that

they'll cool it down a little bit first

but then they will go and turn on the

water and verify that there's no more

leaks that the repairs that they made

are good with no leaks in them and then

they'll also make sure that there's no

more leak anywhere else in the house on

the water system so as you can see again

he is actually soldering it now you see

he's putting that little little end

right on the joint between the coupling

and the actual pipe and what actually

happens there is the solder is sucked

into the actual fitting that's that's a

good solder joint there very good solder

joint you can see it's actually cooling

because it was a little red and then

started to turn blackish in house

plumbing company is our name this is


very good plumber and some of our other

repair crew guys this crew here this

particular crew has been with us for six

and a half years as we're speaking right

now they are they have already tested it

there were no more leaks everything was

good they are now putting the dirt back

into the hole and getting ready

- then go in and put the concrete back

down so they'll make sure that a good

amount of dirt gets put back in that

hole and and and then prep it for the

concrete here they're mixing the actual

concrete we like to mix it in this

manner everybody does it a little bit

differently but we're mixing the

concrete at this time and then they will

begin as you see here taking the

concrete the mixed concrete back into

the house and buckets pouring that

concrete there and and then basically

got some sand mix there that they're

pouring down on the top then they will

go ahead and pour the concrete in there

they'll patch that concrete they'll

smooth it all out real good make sure

that everything's good as you can see

here and then they will begin the

cleanup process we take very extra care

or special care at cleanup at the end of

a job is very important to us how the

job looks upon completion thank you for

listening have a good day we hope to

hear from you soon if you have any kind

of problem like this