Top essentials to crack skype interview – Do’s and Don’ts,Expert answers


hello everyone my name is Krupa

Balakrishna and in today's session I

will be taking you through the

essentials of a Skype interview a Skype

interview could be quite different than

a normal face-to-face interview you will

not be at place or the location of the

recruiter you will be in your own

comfort zone probably your house or even

in office it differs a lot from

face-to-face interview in many ways you

will be in an advantageous position

because you have the advantage of being

in your comfort zone at the same time

you might have to work a little more

hard to impress your recruiter most

essential aspect of a Skype interview

are the digital handshake your body

language your presentation what is a

digital handshake

well it includes all those activities

that you carry on is the first 10

seconds of your Skype interview

it is those first 10 seconds that matter

a lot because they help to create an

initial impression about you with your

recruiter so make sure that you make the

most of it

what includes the digital handshake or

what you need to ensure to make sure

that this handshake is successful first

you need to make sure that the room you

choose for your interview is well-lit it

is void from any sort of noise or

distraction another important aspect of

your Skype interview is your background

you need to make sure that your

background is professional plain and

something that does not distract an

interviewer or intruder from you

remember you want your recruiter to call

to concentrate and focus on what you are

saying and not on what is behind you you

also need to make sure that there are no

technical difficulties in your interview

it might be a good practice to go

through a Skype interview or a test

Skype call with your friend before your

interview just to make sure everything

is in order

you also need to remember to make sure

that you have access to high-speed

Internet connectivity when sometimes

your Skype interview is it adapted by

slow speed internet connectivity or a

disruption alert connection it is

definitely a turn-off for your

recruiters so make sure that your

internet connectivity is up to the mark

as well the next aspect if your Skype

interview is your presentation and when

I say presentation I don't just mean how

you speak but also how you dress

remember it is the same as your

face-to-face interview it replaces your

face-to-face interview

so you need to ensure that you dress up

accordingly you need to dress up exactly

the way you would for the face-to-face

interview in fact you might have to

focus more on the colors you wear as

well because we are not in a

face-to-face interview but in a place

which has lighting so your gaudy clothes

could distract your recruiters we'll

make sure you choose subtle colors make

sure you choose clothes which are formal

which are clean and also ensure that you

don't have too much of jewelry on your

excessive makeup could also distract

your recruiter so avoid excessive makeup

as well the third aspect of a fit Skype

interview is the body language body

language plays a very important role in

a Skype interview remember you're not

face to face with your recruiter so you

have to work extra hard in case of a

Skype interview especially when it comes

to body language it's usually the best

when you bend a little forward lean and

look into the camera because that gives

your impression of the impression that

you are actually listening and you're

interested in this interview verbal cues

and verbal nods are also very essential

in your interview you need to make sure

that you look into the camera looking

into the camera is what gives the

impression of an eye contact on face or

Skype interview and that is what is

essential on an interview be a face to

face interview or a Skype interview so

make sure that you make the eye contact

by looking into the camera it is also

essential to make sure that your hands

are not making too many moments because

that would again distract your recruiter

you have your advantage of being at your

comfort zone so what you could do here

is make down shot all the points of your

company and then keep them aside either

in your sheet or put them down on the

word file and keep it open on your

laptop or your computer just to make

sure that you can refer them back

whenever the companies ask your

questions about their their details or

their informations another important

aspect of your Skype interview quiz is

to do because the technical aspect you

need to make sure that you have the

latest version of Skype updated on your

laptop or computer you need to make sure

that your computer as is well supplied

with electricity there is no hindrance

or triggers for that and make sure that

your laptop is fully charged we don't

want your laptop turning off during

Skype interview you could also ensure

that your internet connectivity like I

said is high-speed and

Daniel's ensure that there is no other

distraction apart from what is there on

your laptop which is closed on all other

tabs that could probably pop up in

between you also need to make sure that

any sort of an email or any other sort

of a notification that might come up on

your laptop could be avoided by muting

all of those notifications as well apart

from these essentials there are certain

doors and doors that you could keep in

mind and show your skype interview is a

success do remember to smile at your

interviewers because a smile is an

indication of confidence it also helps

you to be in ease the links show that

you smile and make sure that you address

all the interviewers if there are more

than one interviewer or recruiter it is

essential that you did you also address

each of these interviewers with their

names and this will be informed your

meals so make sure that you have a list

of these details as well do remember to

treat your interviewers at the end of

the Skype call and also mention that

this is your first cup call is that the

first Skype interview to mention that is

the first Skype interview do not

navigate from the screen or go on to

other tabs in during the Skype interview

because recruiters can make out that you

are being distracted also please do not

give away your skype details to anybody

apart from your old recruiters because

these are personal details and it could

lead you to danger

that's about today's session we will be

adding more videos about Skype

interviews and to keep watching the

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