SCP-2750 - Navajo Skinwalkers : Object Class - Euclid : Metamorphic SCP

good morning everyone my name is dr.

Miller and the SCP were going to be

looking at today

his SCP 2750 object class Euclid special

containment procedures currently the

foundation has three SCP 2750 instances

in containment SCP 2750 instances are

not permitted to change their

appearances for any reason any changes

in appearance are to be noted an SCP

2750 instances are to be punished


by revoking certain privileges capture

of uncontained SCP 2750 instances is

difficult due to the aversion that SCP

2750 instances shell towards humans and

the rarity of SCP 2750 instances

themselves containment teams are to

conduct a monthly sweep of the areas

where SCP 2750 instances have been known

to inhabit description SCP 2750 is the

collective designation referring to a

group of anomalous humanoids that are

known to inhabit the southwest united

states specifically the regions of

northeast arizona in southern Utah

notably the area of the Navajo Nation

reservation SCP 2750 specimens heavily

resemble non-anomalous humans of navajo

descent following this trend SCP 2750

instances invariably wear clothing and

masks associated with navajo culture of

the 1800s beyond their stated anomalous

properties SCP 2750 instances resemble

normal humans from a biological

standpoint as CP 2750 instances

demonstrate the ability to change their

appearances in body shapes to various

animals found in the southwestern United


particularly those that are prominent

did Navajo culture such as coyotes foxes

wolves Eagles and crows

this effect is voluntarily triggered and

all captured as CP 2750 instances have

shown the ability to change into at

least five different animals though

field reports have suggested that

certain instances possess the ability to

change into nine or more different

animals all at CP twenty seven fifty

instances possessed eyes that resemble

their favorite animal to mimic despite

possessing animal-like eyes most SCP

twenty seven fifty instances demonstrate

normal human vision it is currently

estimated that roughly a hundred SCP

2750 instances exist outside of

containment SCP 27 50 instances have

been noted to travel in migratory groups

pursuing a hunter-gatherer lifestyle

interviews with captured specimens

suggest a tribal structure akin to that

practice by the navajo people in the

pre-columbian period a CP 2750 specimens

have shown extreme aversion to human

contact SCP 2750 migration patterns

specifically avoid any sign of human

settlement and all discovered instances

seem to have instinctual fear of humans

despite their close proximity to the

Navajo Nation reservation no SCP 2750

instance has ever been found within the

territory of the reservation itself no

SCP 2750 instance has been encountered

in the field since 1983 though signs of

habitation from SCP 2750 have been found

such as the remains of campfires tracks

and temporary encampments SCP 2750

instances demonstrate expertise in many

bushcraft skills which is believed to

have given them their ability to evade

foundation capture to date all known

captured SCP 2750 specimens were

impaired in some way such as by disease

injury or exile from SCP 2750 society

accounts of SCP 2750 have existed since

the 17th century when European settlers

first made contact with the Navajo

people said people gave the first

description of SCP 2752 a Catholic

missionary by the name of Ferdinand

Cortez which is currently the oldest

record of SCP 2750 s existence the

noteworthy portion of his letter is

transcribed here translated from old

Spanish following the meeting the

natives described at length some manner

of beasts that plagues them much

viciously they call it a ye not la XI

from what I gathered this creature

endeavors to invade the privacy of their

homes to devastate the people within the

Beast is of a mindless temperament

aggressive and deadly in addition these

beasts may adopt the skin of all

varieties of animals to bewitched the

minds of men as well as calling in a

voice so pure and innocent a man would

not dare to question it some prefer the

skin of a human while others prefer the

ways of the common animals I am most

worried however by their claims as to

the unholy abilities of these beasts one

of their shaman's swore up and down that

they could know whatever a man was

pondering with the lightest force of

will should one of them glare at any

poor soul the unfortunate man shall lose

control of his limbs and mind

had I not witnessed one of these

monsters with my very own eyes I should

not have believed such an outlandish

story I am of the opinion that these

knob washi present nothing less than a

highly dangerous threat to the peace

there bellicosity about the natives

along with a much feared tracking and

hunting ability leads me to fear some

expansion or violence to the people of

our country I write you this letter and

send it through the fastest channels so

that you may send a response here to

quell any sort of unrest from these


SCP 2750 s existence to the public has

been concealed under the

patterson-gimlin protocol which has

successfully decreased knowledge of a CP

2750 to the point of cultural fiction

cultural knowledge of SCP 2750 among the

Navajo people persists though this is

mostly for historical purposes and not

due to the active belief in its

existence by the majority of the

population active enforcement of the

patterson-gimlin protocol for Navajo

groups additional SCP 2750 documentation

during transference of SCP objects from

SCP to foundation control numerous

documents were discovered that pertained

to SCP 2750 upon review by the newly

established foundation's ethics

committee these documents were sealed

from general viewership they have been

reproduced here in their entirety

document 2751 this document is continued

from the earlier letter presented in the

description furthermore the shaman's

begged us of our support in eradicating

these creatures from the earth being as

we are in need of allies in the region I

saw no reason not to accept the medicine

man's offer and be rid of a dangerous

beast at the same time the nod la she

eyes seemed to live in some savage

tribal cult much like the natives

themselves I am of the opinion that this

requires more investigation so we ought

not be caught in an unpleasant situation

where we know nothing of our fault

document 27:52 the following is a

telegram dated September 2nd 1877

approximately three months after the

above letter is believed to have been

sent field report initial assault

successful stop casualties minimal stop

complete surprise

stop native allies please stop

cavalry fortifying . document 27:53 the

following is a telegram dated to

September 5th 1877 field report

devastating counter-attack stop animals

in camp attacked stop casualties hi 89

kill 289 wounded all forces retreat him

stop immediate reinforcements requested

. document 2754 the following is a

series of telegrams found archived

together they are dated December 7th

1857 March 7th 1857 and June 7th 1877

respectively field report quarterly

casualties 43 killed 90 wounded stop

native casualties 87 killed 192 wounded

stop enemy casualty estimates 125 killed

502 wounded stop fortifications in place

stop constant raids stop cannot progress

into enemy territory stop request


full stop field report quarterly US

casualties 26 killed 75 wounded stop

native casualties 63 killed 143 wounded

stop enemy casualty estimates 89 killed

297 wounded stop successful use of

artillery stop advance good stop disease

spread an enemy stop expect quick

victory full stop

field report quarterly US casualties 182

killed 782 wounded stop native

casualties 409 killed 873 wounded stop

enemy casualty estimates 831 kill 1076

wounded stop enemy offensive bloody stop

request more troops stop no trust

animals full stop document 2755 the

following is a letter dated to November

25th 1877 it is believed to have been

addressed to territorial governor John

Orville director Orville the null Vashi

war is concluded to our success were at

I to choose though success is a poor

word heavy na glossy resistance is all

but gone as all leaders are dead or

captured yet for this cost

we paid nearly 400 lives and our allies

more than a thousand we counted and

burned over 2,000 enemy corpses I fear

that sporadic war will continue for

years to come until the enemy is totally

eradicated but seeing the strengths of

this foe it may be many many years until

it is truly over I hope it was all worth

it John Colonel William Tyson 7th

Cavalry Regiment


document 27:56 the following is an

interview with the first captured SCP

2750 instance the instance was captured

following a battle between American

militia and an SCP 2750 raiding party

the instance spoke exclusively in the

Navajo language the interview has been

translated from Navajo to English for

ease of access playing log now

damn you damn you are and mathilde so

you drown your children the fire of hash

Cassini will purge your souls from this

world please tell me so you dare speak

to me in such a manner you who speak the

language of the Danai has betrayed our

people so who are you to speak to me you

are nothing to us and your punishment

will be swift once you die I do not

understand what you're saying do not

mock me slave tongue I'm not mocking you

clean lies first you've shown us for our

arts and gifts that you so jealously

coveted then you attacked us provoking

ceaseless warfare that has devastated us

both then you twisted us into

unimaginable monsters in order to

destroy us and now you have the gall to

insult me so I do not understand what

you are saying can you elaborate I've

heard what you have said of us you

called us mine breeders and violent

beasts as if we were no better than the

worms that crawl through the earth has

some sort of creature that was devoted

to evil our people are dying thanks to

your lies and then B of our gift blood

is under our hands brother and our

people patterson-gimlin protocol the

patterson-gimlin protocol is currently

in effect for SCP 2750 active awareness

of SCP 2750 is to be encouraged as a

cultural phenomenon due to the inability

to properly contain awareness of the

anomaly at this present stage all

personnel should consult the procedural

handbook for general containment for

more information

directors note 2750 today at the

foundation we are able to pride

ourselves on our ability to contain

anomalies with a minimum of visibility

collateral damage and suffering this

however was not the case for one of our

forebears in the American theater of

anomaly containment the Americans secure

containment initiative from time to time

we rediscover artifacts and anomalies

that were badly butchered thanks to 19th

century containment quackery and

political motivations it is our duty to

clean up these messes of our ancestors

SCP 2715 may be the most blatant example

of this the documents currently on

display for level 3 researchers are only

a fraction of what we have on SCP 2750

while they do accurately portray some

components of the American secure

containment than issued its role in the

Indian Wars they do not mention the

unexpected side effects you see Navajo

mythology is never stated that SCP 2750

ever had a limit on the number of

transformations possible and we've never

found a reason why SCP 2750 appearances

have dwindled at a faster rate than

expected even following the purges we

recently found a new SCP 2750 instance

in 2008 yes the file is wrong but that's

because the new instance we found was

very very different this one couldn't

transform properly so it was stuck in a

state between a coyote and a human what

we gathered from it was that this is

becoming the new norm among SCP 2750


apparently the factor that allows us EP

2750 is to some degree genetic

the dwindling genetic pool has led to

inbreeding that causes improper

transformations in addition the

increasing difficulty of finding game to

hunt in the American Southwest has

caused a dramatic decrease in SCP 2750

populations the previous site director

and the security committee that he

assembled deemed that further knowledge

of this development would be dangerous

to site morale and chose not to reveal

this information publicly the last thing

we need

he said his more researchers taking pity

on anomalies indeed we are not kind to

anomalies that we contain and we do not

seek to humanize them however we do not

destroy our anomalies we treat them in a

logical manner in this particular case

the wholesale destruction of an entire

anomalous population thanks to political

motives and shoddy evidence is

inexcusable never forget the

consequences of your decisions anything

you choose to do here should not be

taken lightly

Jeremiah Whitfield site director

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