Can I get a single tooth denture?

yes you can get a single tooth denture

known as a partial denture this will

usually clip round existing teeth within

the mouth to provide a secure fit to

replace that missing tooth however more

common when you are missing just one

tooth or maybe two teeth is to have

something called a bridge or implants

implants are essentially both teeth in

the sense that you get an artificial

root in the form of a screw and then you

get something called a crown attached to

that screw and that forms up the

structure of what otherwise would be a

natural tooth and when fitted it gives

the look and appearance of a natural

tooth and it also fuses into the bone of

your jaw like a natural tooth wood

retaining your natural smile and

ensuring that you don't get any

droopiness in your smile as a result of

the lack of a tooth but another common

option is a bridge and like a bridge

that a car might travel across a bridge

is designed to span a gap usually one or

two teeth sometimes it could be a little

more and what actually happens is with a

bridge you have the kind of false tooth

in the middle where you're replacing

that missing tooth but it attaches to

teeth either side of that missing tooth

so the bridge attaches to natural teeth

that still exist in the mouth now quite

often with a bridge there has to be some

preparation done to your natural teeth

to allow for the bridge to be attached

but when that bridge is attached that

spans the gap where your tooth was

missing but it gives you the appearance

of having all your own natural teeth

again it's very secure it's durable and

it's a

really good option for you one of the

primary benefits of going for either

implants or bridges over a partial

denture is that there are essentially a

permanent fixture in your mouth they're

secured in by a fusion to the bone or

being cemented to existing teeth whereas

a denture is designed to be removable if

you want something that's permanent and

not removable you should look at the

bridge or the implant root but of course

your dentist will provide their

recommendations based on your individual

circumstances but it is of course

possible to get a denture to replace a

single missing tooth