How To Play A Singing Bowl? | Its Purpose & When To Use It

I'm gonna talk to you today about

singing boats how to play a singing bowl

we get a lot of inquiries about how to

play a singing ball I got my sing about

it won't sing and what's the purpose of

having a sinker ball and those kind of

questions so a singing bowl this is a

healing sound healing too and it brings

different vibrations different size

singing bowls have different sounds

the smaller the higher the pitch the

bigger the deeper the pitch but they

bring different healing healing to

different environments people and places

based off of the vibrations that it

distribute when it's singing so you can

align your chakras you can heal some

past trauma those type of things with

the healing the sound healing from the

singing bowl so playing a singing bowl

is very easy but you have to kind of

know the technique in order to start so

you need a singing bowl first this is a

good size this is the one that we sell

on our site and a mallet of course some

of the mallets have like a leather strip

on them and some are just wooden ours

are Wooding and this we keep you want to

keep them in a safe place because the

thing is if they fall crack if someone

drops it and it cracks any small crack

it could be a like a little small crack

you can't even see it will no longer see

this has to stay intact in order for the

vibrations to flow throughout the bowl

so first for starters you want to take

the bowl and place it in the palm of

your hand just like that in the palm of

your hand you do not want to grab the

singing bowl like this because if you

see it just makes a ding sound but it

does not sing so you do not want to

allow your fingertips to touch the

singing bowl the bottom of the singing

bowl is fine here it's fine don't put

one finger because even one finger

we'll stop it from singing um as long as

this so you see as soon as I put my

fingers let's show you it stops

immediately say that again boom it stops

so you want to put your sink of all on

your palm of your hand

take your mallet you can strike singing

bow lightly right or

and it seems without you having to

rotate it but it will stop once you get

the technique you can start making this

scene without tapping it right again you

can stop it with your fingertips but

once you tap it you just want to apply

pressure around it to allow it to see it

takes some time in practice of course

because you're you may not be used to

the motion but you may also hear a lot

of clicks and clacks you want to focus

on a singing bowl wherever your energy

goes that's where it will resonate the

most right so if you're focusing on what

you're gonna eat or where you're gonna

go it's gonna be hard to get the singing

bowl to be in tune with you so you want

to focus on it you want to basically

just focus on it in put all your

attention and energy into it so I can

sing and go to the peelings places you

need it to go but once you tap it you

apply light pressure to it and if you

want it to continue to sing once you

stop you take she tap it and you see

that you will take it by pushing it hard

and just like swiping it and it'll

continue to sing for a little while


but let's just do it one more time top



so it continued to play once I did the

swipe once you get kind of little used

to it it'll sing you can make it sing

without tapping it but it's pretty

simple um pretty simple how to play it

once you get the technique you're just

gonna have to practice for some time you

can also do it by like sitting it on

your knee on your leg I have a sitting

it on my leg and you can still play it

you can sit it on your floor you can sit

it on like a table or something you just

do not want to grab it by as long as

this part can be touching something that

bottom part could be touching a hand

your floor a desks or something of that

sort but you do not want it to touch

your fingertips so that's all for how to

play a singing bowl for today you can

find these singing bowls just like this

with the Buddha inside and since green

and everything on it um it's a Tibetan

singing bowl I believe it's a bit a

sinking boat some of our singing bowls

are Tibetan singing bowls I don't think

that one is but um yeah that one's not a

Tibetan singing bowl but we do have

Tibetan singing bowls but you can find

these singing bowls they come with the

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my name is sunny bee peace and pies