How Silver Fillings are Removed

welcome back everyone today I'm going to

be using a surgical grade operating

microscope to show you guys exactly how

silver fillings are removed and then I'm

going to show you what we do with the

tooth after the fillings been removed

you know how do we fix it so without

further ado let's jump right in when a

silver filling begins to leak or there's

decay underneath we need to make sure we

remove it in order to solve the problem

the thing you need to understand about

silver fillings is that they're actually

mechanically locked in place so yeah I

could go ahead and just try and drill it

all out but it actually makes a little

bit more sense to split it into multiple

pieces so that each separate piece is no

longer locked in place as you'll see

once I complete a couple splits here of

the filling the first piece will just

dislodged naturally there it goes and

there goes the second piece there's a

third and before long we have the rest

of the silver filling out


now invariably there's a few little

pieces left behind so we have to get

those out as well

now let's left underneath is a couple

silver pins in the bottom left corner

there and also some soft decay so that

decay is it really important to remove

because it's infected with bacteria that

can cause problems with the tooth down

the road so I spend some time removing

all the decay now keep in mind that not

all of the dark stuff is actually cavity

some of its healthy tooth structure

that's just been discolored because of

the silver filling with so much of the

tooth missing and a cusp already gone

direct filling is not the best option

for this tooth so we're gonna elect to

put a crown on it but just like a strong

house we need a good foundation so we're

gonna put a foundation in now we're

going to the bonding process to make

sure that the foundation we do put in is

nicely secured the foundation comes out

in a fluid material but as soon as we

set our light on it actually becomes a

rock solid I like to make sure that the

first layer is really thin and that it

covers the entire floor of the tooth

that way we get a really good seal and

less sensitivity

and I put the rest of the foundation in

now this material sets in two different

ways as soon as I shine the light on it

will achieve an initial set in an

initial hardness but it also sets

chemically as well so after I give it

some time it will Harden and even more

then I put my rubber dam clamp back on

and start the process for trimming the

tooth for a crown now I have another

video that shows us in much more detail

so if you'd like to see that here's the

link for it essentially the whole point

of a crown is to create a porcelain

shield that goes all the way around the

tooth to protect it from fracturing now

as you'll be able to see here as I'm

trimming the tooth for the crown sure

enough there's another cavity so I'm

gonna go ahead and remove that and then

we just build it back with a little bit

of fluid composite material

now I have to over build it and then I'm

going to make sure I trim it back to


now it's really important that this

little mountain road I'm trimming around

the tooth is really really clear because

the laboratory technician is going to

use that mark as the guide for where the

tooth stops and where the crown begins

then we need to get the gums out of the

way to make sure that our digital scan

of this tooth is perfect we have enough

room for that porcelain take that out

spray the tooth of the powder and then

we take our digital images here is a 3d

model that we have that shows exactly

that little mountain road I was telling

you about then we get the crown back

from the lab try it in cement it we can

kind of see the difference from before

and after well there you have it folks

next time you go to the dentist to get a

silver filling removed you know what to

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mystery and fear out of dental

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