ESL - The Structure of a Short Story - (including plot diagram)

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lesson we're going to take a look at

the structure of a short story

so let's get started what is a short


and what are the elements it is a brief

narrative containing characters

a simple plot and a conflict which leads

to a climax and a swift conclusion

the five elements are characters

setting conflict theme

and plot

let's take a look at characters first

people animal things that are involved

in the plot of the story


there can be talking animals fantasy


etc the protagonist

is the main character it is usually the


guy the antagonist instead

creates conflict for the main character

it is usually the bad guy

here we have nemo imo is a protagonist

or cinderella also is a protagonist

but we have the joker the joker

was the antagonist and recently we have

seen him

as a protagonist of a movie


so the setting is the time the time of


the season present past future

the location the country the planet

the town the buildings it helps create

the mood

and atmosphere of the story

conflict the main problem the


is trying to solve something troubling

or bad

that has happened in the story conflicts

are usually resolved

at the end of the story zap

types of conflict man versus men

here pay attention because it is written


but it can be also woman versus woman

we have fewer examples like batman


the joker for example superman against

the antagonist

man versus nature again here can be

woman versus nature example

titanic so titanic hit an iceberg

so we have men versus nature

tornado the movie tornado

man versus himself for example in the


he fights against himself to find a

solution to his problem

or the lion king for example

man versus society so again here we have

the joker

so as you can see there can be many

types of conflict in one story

or robin hood also man versus society

and here i wrote there can be many

types of conflict in a story

theme what the author wants you to learn

or know a broad idea about life

usually not stated it must be guessed

examples be good to everyone do not be


power corrupts love takes faith

etc now let's take a look at the plot

the plot consists of five parts

introduction or exposition is the


the background and the characters

the rising action is the conflict where

suspense is created the climax

is the highest point of the story the

deciding factor

in the falling action the protagonist


the action then the resolution is the

final end

the solution of the story so how does

the blood diagram look like

well it looks like a mountain we have

the exposition at the beginning

then the rising action then the climax

you reach the top then the falling


and the resolution is the end of the


so introduction or exposition this is

where you must introduce the setting

so when and where the background

a set of events created for the plot

preceding and leading up to the plot

the characters the protagonist or


antagonists or antagonists

is a choice so racing action

it is a series of significant incidents

that produce suspense interest

and tension in a narrative in literary


a rising action includes all decisions

characters flaws and background

situations that together

create turns and twists which in turn

lead to a climax

so the climax it is often identified

as the highest point of interest in a


at this point the conflict is at the

highest point of tension

then we have the falling action it

happens right after the climax

when the main problem of the story is


the falling action ends the short story


the unanswered situations and leads

toward the closure

and finally we have the resolution

it is where the main problem is resolved

the resolution occurs after the falling

action and is typically

where the story ends well

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