Characteristics of a Sexual Predator HD

one of the proactive measures that we do

to prevent a sexual predator from

claiming a victim on your campus is we

educate staff and parents on what the

common characteristics of a sexual

predator are there aren't any type of

blood tests there isn't any type of

blood test there aren't any type of

video cameras that can identify a sexual

predator versus a normal person but what

we can do to be able to prevent that

long-term person from being involved

with our kid around our area and again

not saying it's school staff parent

doesn't matter who really not that

important what's important is that we

know what to look for and then if seen

we know what to do and how to report it

these are the common characteristics of

a sexual predator and then after this we

will get into a common characteristics

of a sexual predator victim I spent over

two years interviewing over 35

registered sex offenders 17 of which who

were involved in school or school

activities and this list of common

characteristics again is based on my

research and the research that I've done

through other professionals that are

more versed in sexual predator

characteristics than I am but as a whole

the list that we got together if a

sexual predator demonstrates four or

more of these characteristics that I'm

about to read to you there is a very

good chance that they very well either

are a person who has committed as sexual

abuse or potentially will be a person

that will commit an act of sexual abuse

here are the characteristics to be able

to look out for one engaging in repeated

acts of physical contact with young

children or adolescent example tickling

and roughhousing the second

characteristic having that

physical contact with individuals

against their will

excites them if somebody is saying stop

tickling you stop tickling me and they

keep doing it and keep doing it over and


that's an identified characteristic

inflicting third characteristic I'm

sorry inflicting pain or humiliation on

others reflects their non empathetic

nature characteristic for participating

in or watching acts of physical

aggression or violence on a regular

basis and talking about it regularly

number five taking zero precautions when

addressing in public areas they enjoy

being seen

number six secretly watching others who

are undressing unclothed are engaging in

sexual activities a voyeurism ifs if you

will that cannot be satisfied if that

person is not looking at some this is

where the online type of material comes

into play for sexual predators people

that are chronic sexual abusers that

have to see that sexual image they need

to do it on a regular basis almost like

a drug addict needs a drug to them they

have to be satisfied with that image so

again that idea of watching others

undressing or seeing video something to

stimulate them visually is what we're

talking about as a characteristic number

seven cognitive distortions when

describing criminal acts for example a

person that describes a rape by saying

things such as well that girl was

wearing a short skirt she deserved it

when they have that cognitive distortion

when describing criminal rate acts

displaying that empathy that's another

characteristic of a sexual predator

someone that demonstrates social

interpersonal and intimacy deficits

doesn't have effective communication

skills problems with intimate

relationships social isolation social

isolation they have a difficulty holding

on to long term

Dyson ships over and over and over and

over again they sometimes isolate now

again these are characteristics what

we're going to get to next is some of

the outgoing type characteristics that

identify themselves where once a person

is identified or even being investigated

parents and staff members will say

there's no way that guy could have or

that lady could have never done this

they're so outgoing they're so personal

that again is one of the extra

characteristics will describe number

nine lack of victim empathy we talked a

little bit about that with the rape

angle they don't have empathy for anyone

that's a victim poor coping or self

management skills always late on unable

to get simple tasks done bills paid

things like that they will either

describe or talk freely about a history

of maltreatment from their youth number

twelve increased hostility that grows

like grass you can actually see them

getting angrier and angrier and angrier

usually will be on a similar topic but

they don't have the ability to back

themselves down emotional identification

with children kind of self-explanatory

but you'll see that that really tied in

and I saw it and one of the people

identified who was a teacher who the

kids described as she's just a great

friend she's my best friend it doesn't

mean again the teachers that are

friendly should be looked at as sexual

predators no way whatsoever but when we

talked to these children about this

individual they would say things like

well we related really well she just

seemed like she was my age and going

through my struggles that type of

discussion and that type of

characteristics is what we're discussing

number fourteen preoccupied with sexual

manners sexual matters or activities

they constantly are discussing or

talking or or doing something that

involves a sexually like and if it's a

man constantly going to

topless bars talking about them

constantly discussing never quite

letting it go self-regulation problems

again employment problems impulsivity

substance abuse even volunteering I'm

sorry characteristic 16 volunteering for

anything and everything involving

children now again this is combined with

some of these other characteristics if

you have a wonderful volunteer and

somebody that's always wanting to do

that we praise those people but again

making sure that that characteristic

isn't combined with any of the others

will help us prevent having a sexual

predator in the environment that we're

discussing and what trying to prevent

and then finally what makes sexual

predators so difficult to notice and

what we discussed earlier is one of the

greatest identifiers of characteristics

is they're extremely well-liked and

adamantly defended that's the final

characteristic of sexual predators they

have that that's a common characteristic

a lot of times they're very well liked

they're that one that's what makes them

very good at hiding for so long in an

area where people are you know pretty

well versed in looking for things that

are danger to their children so again

knowing these characteristics knowing

that a sexual predator when approaching

a young girl that they don't know will

say things like hello that's a nice

dress and if that young girl looks up

and says thank you very much I

appreciate that that sexual predator

will will immediately move on from her

as a target because she had some

assurance she had that ability to

accurately describe not really

accurately talk for herself but she was

had that self awareness and that that

self confidence where if a person just

if once a sexual predator makes that

comment and that genuine you have a very

pretty dress if the potential victim

drops their head and says thank you or

just drops their head looks

that's an immediate target for a sexual

predator with a history of abuse

somebody that looks like they can't

defend themselves or is in their minds

the way they justify this to individuals

expect especially young individuals they

justify them as and described them as

non-human these are some very difficult

things to discuss

obviously the more we talk about these

things the more we know about them the

more we are looking out for them the

better chance that we can avoid ever

experiencing them