Difference Between Sessions And Users In Google Analytics

everyone and welcome here's a quick

video related to a question I received

the other day about sessions vs. users

in this refers to Google Analytics when

you go into your Google Analytics they

have a number of different types of

information and data that you can go

through and the main to the top to our

sessions and users and this is a website

that I have and I just pulled together

the data over a few months and just want

to look at the number of sessions versus

the users and a user is one person an

individual now it is true that for

example if a group of people at a

company go to a website it could only be

counted as one user because they're just

counting that one location that can

happen so users is a general number it's

relatively accurate and a good base to

work off of

now sessions are the number of times

those users have gone to the website so

but for example if one user goes to this

website three times that would be three

sessions but one user so sessions is

usually much higher than users and that

it's good to have a number of sessions

per user that means you have some

loyalty there a good number of people if

you subtract this from this you're

looking at about six thousand users

who've gone to this website more than

once and then of course you have your

pageviews and that's how many page views

these people viewed when they went there

and then of course you can see what the

averages and that's one point two seven

and how how long they've been on the

site now how long they've been on the

site and bounce rate notes all that all

depends on the type of website and

that's certainly for another video but

it's good information to have

so this number comes from this number

divided into this number and of course

users in sessions are connected because

this is how many times these people have

gone to the website so hopefully that

answers your question and if you have

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