We need to talk about A Serbian Film (2010)

since the dawn of my channel there is

one movie that I have been asked about

the most so many people request that I

just speak about this film and I have

been dodging it like it nothing else and

it might not be for the reasons you


after all this is a horror channel and

you guys know I kind of specialize in

disturbing movies so if you're offended

by disturbing content you're obviously

in the wrong place

but on that there are definitely

exceptions to this rule I Eve movies

like Street trash just movies it don't

really offer any meaning any substance

or any soul for those terrifying

disturbing crossing the line scenes I

definitely need something behind them to

justify them I'm very big on

justification and films and I'm very big

on films having a meaning of backbone

and especially assault I talk about that

a lot so I'm not into films that just

push the boundary for the sake of

pushing the boundary but I digress this

is actually not the reason I'm scared to

talk about this film the reason is it's

because I really like this film and I

think that there is more to it than

meets the eye but hold up wait before

you type that this is not a film that I

would say by any means I enjoyed

watching this film still made me sick to

my stomach watching after second time

was an effort let me tell you but I want

to give you some wise in this kind of

argument video about why this film does

have a backbone a structure and message

but most importantly I want you guys

down in the comments to let me know what

you think about this film keep it

friendly guys everyone has their own

opinion and is entitled to that I just

really want to know what you guys get

out of this film warning there will be

spoilers because I'm not going to walk

you through the ins and out of this film

I expect you to see it because it is

really important that you know this film

in its true context I think that's all

what a lot of people miss with really

disturbing content they know

a certain scene and they just want to

avoid it fully but what they are missing

out is the context of the film and I

think that's really important so I'm not

gonna spell this film out for you I'm

just going to talk about the elements

within it so it is important that you

watch it beforehand

but even more of a warning if you think

you might not be able to handle this

film don't watch it seriously it is not

worth it if you can't handle that kind

of disturbing content it will make you

want to have a shower and cry I promise

you that and it's definitely a film that

you can't unsee this film is a debute by

Serbian director I'm not going to

attempt that name

who would go on to years later to direct

a segment in the ABCs of death which is

a much loved to enthil achieve horror

movie the film takes the unique

perspective of a retired male porn star

who is offered a large amount of money

to make one final film to set his family

up for life but our requirement of this

is that he doesn't know anything about

film which is sold to him as an arthouse

film that ends up featuring extremely

disturbing content including necrophilia

and pedophilia making it one of the most

disturbing or if not the most disturbing

snuff films of all time the film

utilizes the main character Milo and his

ex pornstar background with the fact

that male porn stars are very rare

because it is hard to stay erect for

filming for that long but also

particularly his background because he's

able to stay erect for anything anything

but it also dodges any ill-will you have

for the protagonist if you want to call

in that Milo when they introduce drugs

into the situation but beneath it all

this film actually has a strong purpose

but you don't see coming

it's about jealousy and the ultimate

betrayal because of Milo's background he

has a complicated relationship with

everyone around him definitely not

glamourizing the corn star X porn star

live by

means his child is exposed to mature

themes his brother is jealous and

screwed up and his wife in my eyes of

the strongest character of the film

ultimately his relationship with her and

he's complicated past and in her demise

I draw a lot of parallels from old boy

to this film it's the way the film set

up the story reveals all the clues yet

the audience is so blind to the obvious

there's not many characters and you've

been introduced to them all the reveal

of the film is evidence the whole time

but the controversial scenes and themes

distract the viewer from who is the

villain the whole time and it's in front

of you so in my head this isn't a gore

torture porn snap horror film this is a

true psychological piece that is

distorted by its extreme things further

evidence of this is when Milo blacks out

and he is recounting the events that

happened during his sexual drug fuelled

murder rampage the scenes where he

recounts the night before in flashbacks

are similar to those in psychological

crossover films such as fire club of The

Sixth Sense and memento the film also

utilizes one of the most personal

internal experiences a human can have a

nightmare and that is foreshadowing that

scene and speaking of that scene yes I

have been tiptoeing around those scenes

because for one obviously I don't

condone them but I do think that people

who haven't seen the film definitely

take them out of context I'm gonna tell

you straight the baby scene the

protagonist is disgusted about what he

sees and the fact that you don't

actually even see what he sees

it is insinuated it's also him watching

it happen on a screen which I don't

think is put into context with anyone

who hasn't seen it being said it's still

the most disgusting thing I've probably

ever seen in a movie but I feel like the

way it's set up is done intentionally to

still create that barrier between him

seeing in person so that audience has

that extra layer and that extra step

back although this film crosses many

lines it does know when to [ __ ] stop

but the things that cannot be argued the

technical aspects of this film the films

are set too

sign particularly on set is visually

appealing grungy yet slick the film

utilizes minimalism giving the audience

nor the place to look or focus on you

aren't able to hide from the brutality

and the color grading is slightly

contrasted with a feathered vignette

which makes reality bleed into the

nightmare at school they become one

don't get me wrong at the end of this

film I felt sick feel disgusted but this

film pushes the audience to give them

the most intense experience of the

greatest portrayal of all time so much

so that there is nowhere left to turn

this film cannot be touch repeated or

outdone eight out of ten from me let me

know what you guys thought down below I

did it guys I did it I'll talk to you

later bye I'm gonna get a shower