What to expect when you have your septic tank pumped

I'm Tim with Kurtz your septic tank

cleaning I'm going to explain to you

what you should expect when you get your

septic tank clean when I first arrived

at the property I always consult with

the homeowner to find out aren't I there

for only maintenance purposes or are

they having issues that they need to

deal with then that I can check the

system out and see if I can figure out

what the problem may be so locate the

septic tank we use a thing called the

prod and we poke the soil to find the

tank under the ground that would be

locating the tank it makes a certain

noise and from there we know that it is

the tank and now I ride the sides and

mark the perimeter of it to know where

the lid will be now that we've located

the tank it's time to dig up the sod so

we can get to the access point of the

septic tank to the lid and most lids are

18 by 18 inch square so I'm going to

start digging it up we cut our side out

nice and set it aside so it'll look real

nice and we're finished

I have found the excess lid to the

septic tank if you do want to save $40

you can dig it up yourself you don't

need to take the concrete lid off we can

take care of that but as long as you

have the dirt removed and the excess

hole open you save $40 and dig it up

yourself otherwise we can gladly do it

now that I found the tank and dug the

lid up it's time to remove the lids so

we can access it to clean the septic

tank out and remember if you do have to

septic tanks there will be two excess

holes if you do dig it up yourself make

sure that second excess hole is dug up

there is no way to clean the second tank

if you do have to unless that hole is


now we're to the point of cleaning out

the septic tank during the cleanup

process we will remove all solids in the

tank crossed sludge everything gets

removed completely clean we'll check

components of the tank make sure that

the components are in place and working

correctly to keep any sludge from

exiting the tank and stand in where it's

supposed to and they'll keep your dream

field safe

hey got the tank are cleaned out

everything looked good just discuss with

the homeowner how everything looked just

discussed a maintenance plan with them

everybody's different so we assess their

septic tank how full it was for the

timeframe they've been and gave a

maintenance schedule to keep their

system functioning well it could be very

costly for a drain field repair so

there's nothing more important than

keeping the septic tank cleaned on a

regular basis if you need septic

maintenance in our in the West Michigan

area we would love to be your service

provider give us a call at six one six

six six two two three two two or you can

visit our website on the web at Kirk

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