Primary Colours and Secondary Colours.

here we have our paint brushes continue

to mix the pins and the color wheel our

primary colors are red yellow and blue

so let's fill that in to the color wheel

we begin with yellow our first primary


next we will fill in our second primary

color which is red

and lastly guru

next we'll be mixing our primary colors

to create our secondary colors which are

orange green and purple firstly we begin

with orange we mix yellow and red by

putting the lights are colorful which is


then we are already by mixing them we

will create orange

now we added to the call of you

next we mix yellow and blue to create

green by adding a yellow first which is

the lighter color

who makes the yellow and blue to create

and then we added to the color wheel

lastly we mix red and blue to create

purple which is our third secondary


then we added to the column

so here we have our economy but our

secondary colors and primary colors our

primary colors are yellow red and blue

secondary orange purple and green so

here we go

this is the end of our demonstration of

primary and secondary colors thank you