Scrum Master vs Project Manager | Differences and Similarities

Hello friends, welcome to knowledgehut, in this video, we will be discussing about differences

and similarities between the scrum Master and the Project Manager.

Let’s look at the similarities between the scrum Master and the Project Manager.

The Project Manager has to report to the client and the stakeholders, whereas the

Scrum Master has to report to the Product Owner beside the stakeholders and clients.

They both can communicate, receive feedback, mitigate the risks, and enable a great bonding

within a team.

Both Project Manager and the Scrum Master fail when they ignore the basic principles

which they are supposed to follow.

They fail when they not only neglect being professionals, but also when they are any

less than skilled professionals.

Sometimes, they may also fail when they disrespect the team members’ opinions.

Let’s look at the major differences between the Project Manager and Scrum Master:

The Project manager has definite goals like the completion of the project on time, planned

budget and scope, whereas The Scrum Master makes sure that the team members are well

trained to follow Agile practices appropriately.

Also, Scrum Master coaches the Scrum teams and mentions the timeline to finish the project.

A Project manager knows the importance of quality, but doesn’t know how to achieve


Usually, a consultant is hired to fix the errors while The Scrum Master assures the

quality and very well knows the importance of it.

Project Manager likes to make the things large.

A Project Manager works with more people and a huge budget, but A Scrum Master always tries

to keep things smaller.

They like to work in small teams irrespective of budget.

Now, Let's look at the Job Description of A Project Manager

The job description of the Project Manager includes Planning, creating the budget and

the related documents.

The Project Manager has to work with upper management to ensure a scope and direction

of a project.

In cases of emergency, a Project Manager has to work with other departments also,.

Project Managers sometimes have to work themselves or instruct the team to finish a goal.

On the other hand, the job description for Scrum Master includes Resolving barriers

and controlling the Scrum processes.

The Scrum master Makes a team aware of Agile and Scrum to deliver successfully.

The Scrum master facilitates the Scrum ceremonies.

It is the Scrum master's responsibility to ensures that a project is running smoothly

with the help of different tools.

Execution of the Product Backlog as per the Product Owner prioritization is done by Scrum Master.

Scrum master Solves team conflicts with good communication skills.

The scrum master also motivates the team and monitors the Scrum processes to increase efficiency.

So these were some similarities and differences between the Project Manager and the Scrum Master.

We hope, that you were able to understand them with the help of this video.

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