Our Hand Made Traditional Scottish Kilts | Houston Kiltmakers Scotland

okay this is generally what we sell a

most off this is an eight-yard super

handmade coat and these are girls who

are very passionate tickle our time

making a coat and all our code makers

I've got over 20 25 or 30 years

experience there's around about 32

pleats and the scallops are all neatly

cut to template

rather than cut anyway so attention to

detail and the more time spent on the

coat look spend basically a good few

hours setting it repeating it chalking

up and these codes basically take a full

day to make the settings very ocular the

stitching is very very tight which you

can hardly see the step show and

attention to detail ovens all matching

and again the stitching is all

reinforced again

going to Nate yard Cal get good deep

pleats and a lot of Celts have got

tacking stitches the and these are

generally kept and transporting once you

get the count home you just cut it a nun

pick and they will run out in a left

take it from one corner or another that

these are put transporting and also when

we place the kill finally it just keeps

it nice and tight

again decent kelps should have three

buckles and straps the three buckles and

straps that just displaces the weight of

your Kell over about four to six inches

we can do copes with two buckles and

straps these are more casual kilts but

we only do two buckles and straps and

again you have Celt

you'll get one and a half inches up or

down and you'll see the setting marching

is all exactly the same

front and back good friend

okay be hoops for hanging up your Cal or

did you get your club again good canvas

good Silesia