How to make time table in Microsoft Excel 2019

we were in this video I will show you

how to create timetable by using

Microsoft Excel 2010 like this once also

we mention here the total number of

field end times so create a new sheet

and select the area for the time table

apply border on the selected area and

now select these columns and apply

margin Center and type text fields

change the font size and font style bolt

merge these two rows and type days and

below the days type the day by one by

one that is Monday Tuesday Wednesday

Thursday Friday and Saturday resize this

column and select these rows and change

the row height that is 25 and change the

row height of this row also 25

align it center horizontally and

vertically change the font size of days

that is 14 select these rows

sorry columns and select the rep text

and resize and type here first align the

text horizontally and vertically

centered and now type here the number of

fields first timing up the fields

copy this one and face it one by one

now select these rows margin Center and

type X here break for 20 minutes

and change the direction of techs from

here make it bold

now change one by one second periods and

time of the period


you can change it the text directly from

the cell are you can also change it in

the formula bar


now type the first field that is English

second one computer science third one is

Matt's fourth one is physics families

chemistry sex pony's bio and the sound

what is all ooh

and the last one is social study click

here insert the symbols from the symbols

by the same procedure you can insert

symbols here and align it center so we

was you can easily create timetable for

any class in ms excel 2010 change thanks

for watching this class