How to Make precious Ruby at Home - 4K

hi folks last week I show you how I made

this HHO generator which burns oxygen

and hydrogen it's a very high

temperature so so hot that I can melt

almost every type of man so today I'm

going to use it using also tinfoil and

other little components to make

synthetic Ruby I think it's very

interesting also is also quite dangerous

so safety is number one priority for

today's video

so follow me for couple mins I show you

what's in my mind let's start taking a

glass container we also need some acid

and this is a 30%

pleuritic acid we need hundred grams of

tin foil and this is very common because

it's used in kitchen is a good idea to

strip it in little pieces so we can

accelerate later on all the process so

put pieces here on the table and drop

couple fingers of acid inside the glass

container now I can drop the pieces of

food foil inside acid be careful don't

drop hundred grams all in ones but

instead put some pieces at the time so

here are 20 pieces I push them with the

plastic straw and you can already see

that we have a reaction the reaction is

very strong it will produce a lot of

heat and a lot of smoke so be careful be

careful that the glass container can

explode and please don't breathe it yes

I'm wearing a safety mask and this is

defended foam so I let see the container

for about 24 hours and after 24 hours

the result we've got a very beautiful

color is like green radioactive

substance and now we have to eliminate

the acidity so I can drop this with

sodium carbonate and you can see that we

are forming lot of bubbles this I repeat

this a lot of times until all the


yeah and I'm eliminating the acidity so

we all the aluminum that was melted

inside the liquid will start sink on the

bottom and now I have to eliminate

instead sodium carbonate so I can add

some the mineralized water and so we are

melting again sodium carbonate

beside the water so you can see that on

the bottom we have aluminum oxide and on

the top we have acid that is no more

acid we have water and we have the

carbonates so I can suck away using a

big syringe the fluid that is on top and

put it away and we on the end to have a

very very jelly jelly white powder here

on the bottom I can put it on a heat

source for example my kitchen oven and

let all the water that is inside

evaporate and this is the result we got

a very nice and fine powder this is

aluminum oxide is a very strong and very

strong white I bought in a local shop

this powder this chromium oxide is a

very beautiful green I really loved it

and now a little spoon because it's very

dangerous don't touch it and also don't

breathe it this is chromium oxide is

quite nasty and I can put parts together

these are the ratio when how you have to

mix them together and mix them very very

slowly because I don't want to make a

big mess in the air so after 4 minutes

this is the result are very well mixed

and as you can see the powders are very

very fine I take this this is a sex toy

it because inside there is a very

interesting component inside there is a

little motor and this little motor is

the same one that is inside your

smartphone when starts to vibrate

because as you can see in the front

there is a little weight it is not

centered so once when it starts to spin

it will also produce vibration because

it's not something so it is mounted some

more because I need couple of these

motors I connect the electric wires to

them because my da's to glue them to a

high range yes you understand well I'm

talking about a very big syringe with a

very big neat neato in front because I

want to use it like a glass shower so

they can drop the powder in a very

precise way

so I glue the motor is here on the

nozzle because the powder is so thin

that probably will it get stuck inside

the syringe instead if I can make it

or move there are more chances that God

can pass through the needle and go out

so I can feel the syringe with the

powder I just don't feel it on the top

but just a half way so that we don't get

this nasty powder in the air flying in

the air so I take all this white piece

this is the piece from heaven

so we'll stand hit quite well you can

see that once the motor starts spin also

the front part of the needles being very

very strong so I'm pretty confident the

crease will work but instead after four

minutes is the only amount of powder I

was able to get out and also get stuck

inside needle so there's no way to get

it unstuck so I decide to replace the

original needle of the syringe with this

one that usually is used to inflate

balls Oh Dutch it also here and you can

see the pins shaking very well is not

also producing a lot of powder is not

what I want so I replace it for the last

time with a bigger one this is a brass

tube is four millimeter wide and this

time I'm pretty sure is impossible that

gets stuck again I grew also the motor

here in the position and let's test it

for the last time you can see that now

finally the powder is coming out my idea

is to melt this powder with this little

flame this is hydrogen and oxygen flame

and was the video of last week so if you

lost it I put you in here on the top

side so check it out and unfortunately

the heat was so strong that the white

part exploded but you can see that we

were producing crystals from ruby these

pink parts are Ruby crystals so I'm

pretty confident I can do it and it just

replace the base and this time I will

take this this is a graphite base this

can stand extreme heat without problems

you can see now with this very dark

break black round

we have a very big amount of powder

coming out yes because the idea is that

we start to melt a little bit of powder

but then other powder will fall on top

and get stuck stick to it and will melt

again so we get we have we are producing

a crystal of these we have powdered is

falling on top the crystals and keeping

the flame in this exact spot for almost

a minute will produce a very small

crystal this is the first ever Ruby I'm

making and this one instead is the

biggest one ever I made today this is

almost 1 centimeter big 9 millimeters

almost and it's very interesting

watching the color changing from a very

nice grey or black to a pink and purple

and I guarantee you that inside is

absolutely red it's just the outside

part that is a little bit dirty or

oxidized but inside we have a very nice

ruby and these rubies are extremely hard

are the hardest rock just before Diamond

I made a lot of them almost 20 if you

are thinking that are quite small I want

to show you something let me grab one

for example this one this measure 1/2

centimeter I want to show you an

original Ruby that I took away from my

house this is very nice Ruby and you can

see that the one I made today is not so

small anymore you have to imagine that

the home made one have to be cut and

shaped like a small Ruby I take I can

then take a UV light and test the Ruby I

made if is if it's an original Ruby will

light up like this one and now you can

see also that mine or Ruby lights up

from the middle

unfortunately the surface is not so

smooth or clean so you can just see the

light from the inside so I'm quite happy

and here we turn apart but here art

one's a little bit small the biggest one

was almost 1 centimeter I tried to take

it to my tongs but I have big fingers

I'm not used to this kind of job this is

such a precise job so when I crush just

keep the way I don't know I lost it here

on the table I think it went here

between the board's so is somewhere here

is was very sad experience but I'm very

excited because in couple minutes I made

a lot of it Oh Ruby's is very difficult

because the gas blows away the powder so

these take some practice I think I need

to put something that keep the flame

over there so working in a flat surface

is not a good idea maybe was a great

idea to have a surface it is graphite in

like a spoon shape so you can work it

there and doesn't blow all the powder

away so I the biggest one I I think I

will use it to cut glass because ruby is

the hardest rock hardest rock before

diamond so with Ruby you can scratch

glass or just cut it and he's also very

used I'm in CNC or 3d 3d printing

because Ruby doesn't get worn way during

time is so hard that always stay that

dimension so you can use it like a probe

to touch and put above the axis at 0 so

I want to use it on my CSC to two days

later on because the rupee also can

conduct electricity so that's the reason

why so I hope you enjoyed the video

leave a thumbs up if you do it I

recommend to use safety mask and goggles

because the meaning powder when burns

produce a very high temperature and also

very intense white light so save safety

glass and also a mask because the powder

of chrome is quite nasty so be careful I

leave you as always meet my two previous

videos so check out if you lost also

their generator or HHR generator was a

very fun project so far you find the

link here so check it out see you next

week with other do-it-yourself tutorial

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