How to Contour Your Round Face | Sephora

Hi, this is Caroline here with Sephora Pro

and today we are going to learn how to contour round face shapes.

Before we get started, I want you to go back into the first video of our series

to identify your perfect face shape.

To determine a round face shape, the length and the width are equal.

We want to make sure we are highlighting the center

of the face to elongate and we are contouring the

perimeter areas to create a little bit more narrow.

Are you ready? Let's get started.

So I've already prepped her skin with moisturer and foundation. There are three different ways you can

contour. You can use powders, creams, or sticks.

I will be using creams today just to show you exact placement.

So we'll take a little bit of highlight, and we're going to

highlight right in the center of your forhead

as well as down the bridge of your nose, and also your chin.

Would like to try it? Yes.

Create a little X right in the center of your chin.

Create a nice highlight right under the eye.

We want to make sure we keep it nice and long.

Pop a little bit of a highlight right on top of that cheekbone.

And there you have your highlight placement.

So now for the exciting part, we're going to start into contouring.

This is the part where it's really gonna change the face shape

and really narrow down any round edges on her face.

So I will be using a really taupe-y, cool undertone.

You want to stay away from any shimmers or warm colors.

We are going to start right in the area of her ear and

we're gonna drag it down and this is really going to slim down

any round edges. Would you like to try it? Yeah.

We want to also contour the temples.

You just want to do a little c-shape, to really narrow down the round edge.

We want to slim down the nose a little bit by contouring

and shading the sides. Just make sure to use the edge of the brush

to really give it a nice smooth line.

Pop a little bit right under the nose to give it more of a lifted look.

Now that we have all of her highlight and contour in place,

the next step is blending.

So now we want to blend all these lines into place and create a really smooth and seamless finish.

I also like to do rolling motions that really just holds the product in place where you placed it.

Would you like to blend your chin?

Keeping the product in place and creating

really smooth lines. So now that we have

her highlight all blended, let's start blending all those contours.

So, we're gonna just blend all of this into place.

Here, try the other side.

So you really want to make sure you contour down

that way you really smooth out the jawline and then

you can start blending upwards. There you go

and that's really gonna smooth out any harsh lines. And blending

towards the hairline, rolling out

to really smooth out that harsh line that I've mapped out.

Blend down the bridge of her nose.

And there you have it, she is all blended.

We want to make sure we set everything into place so nothing moves.

So we're going to grab a little bit of setting powder

This is really going to prevent any product from moving.

As you can see, you can contour and define a beautiful face shape in just a few easy steps

and don't forget: add a pop of color to your lip and your cheek.

And there you have it - this is how you contour for a round face shape.