Making a Rose Gold Ring from Scratch

what's up YouTube today I'm going to be

making a rose gold ring from scratch and

when I say scratch I mean scratch we're

starting with the basic elemental

compounds I have pure gold here pure

copper and pure silver I'm going to be

mixing these to make my own alloy of

rose gold I'll explain it more of that

in a sec I'm going to weigh them all out

with my scale here mix it in the

crucible and melt it down with my torch

let's go ahead and get into it

alright the first thing I need to do is

to select how much of each material to

use and depending on your ratio you can

get really different results so you've

got a lot of factors to play around with

here I like to use as much copper as I

can because it gives it the nicest rose

gold color and then I also like to use

enough gold that it's never going to

oxidize on you so the perfect blend I

find of that is this recipe here you add

a little bit of silver to brighten it up

but barely any and this is what we're

gonna roll with so let's go ahead and

weigh this out now alright first I need

to weigh out the copper and to do that

it's fairly straightforward I'm just

wrapping the wire around my finger to

create a spool and I made a couple of

these until I had the correct amount

weighed out and then the silver I need

so little with this that is just really

easy I've literally all it took was

these two little beads for that and

we're done now it's time for the gold

and this was painful to do this is about

$1,700 of gold but the results will be

worth it so you'll notice I'm not using

a saw here I don't want to create any

sawdust because I don't want to lose any

of the gold material so I'm using some

wire cutters here because 24 karat and

gold is so soft I'm actually able to

just cut through it no problem

and I just weigh out these little pieces

and tell again I've got the correct

amount now the melting down process is

very simple I'm putting all the

ingredients together in my little

crucible here and then I use my jewelers

blowtorch to melt it down to a liquid

and once the metal is molten you don't

need to mix it or anything like that

it's actually going to completely blend

itself all on its own


now we'll go ahead and pour the liquid

rose-gold into a graphite mold here now

this isn't completely necessary but I

wanted to show the audience the color

that we were able to get to so I'm

polishing the piece getting rid of all

of the oxidation that way you can see

the rose gold color that we're left with

and it looks great

now we've got this rough rectangular

prism looking bread-loaf kind of shape

we need to stretch this out and get it

to a much more refined shape so I'm

gonna use my foolery roller to go ahead

and do that now you'll notice this is

quite a lengthy process all I'm doing is

I'm putting the gold through the roller

that helps your find the shape every

single time I put it through as well as

get it thinner and extend the piece and

then every so often I use my jeweler's

hammer to go ahead and flatten the piece

out and get rid of any curling that the

roller is inducing


also an important thing to know is every

couple of minutes as I'm going I'm

heating up the gold piece till it gets

just barely red-hot and then I cool it

back down in water that softens the

material back up as you stretch it and

roll it at work hardens and if you don't

heat it up to soften it the gold will

actually crack in half all right now

I've got the rose gold to the length and

dimensions that I want it's time to go

ahead and add a domed profile to it that

will give us a nice kind of traditional

looking domed profile to the finish ring

and the process for that is the same as

what I've been doing this whole time

lengthening the piece I'm just switching

over to the different section of the

roller that has the domed profile

that'll imprint the shape onto the gold



now again I'm going to buff the rose

gold piece this will get rid of any of

that oxidation again this isn't

necessary this is just so you guys the

audience can see how it's progressing so

far now it's time to turn this straight

piece into a circle so to do that I'm

going to use my steel ring mandrel and a

rawhide mallet and I'll carefully start

curving the piece into a circular ring




all right I've got the circular shape

where I want it I'm going to go ahead

and trim off the excess rose gold here

and then we'll take it over to the laser

welder and we'll get this thing



now I'm using my Orion laser welder for

this step traditionally you'd see people

soldering like this together but a laser

welder will actually leave you with much

stronger result so that's why I prefer

doing this and the filler material you

see me adding this is a rose gold wire

it's not rose gold solder it just actual

rose gold so the ring that we're left

with is just going to be that much more




now I'll smooth down that laser welding

joint then we can move on to the sanding

and polishing steps and for this it's

very straightforward I'm starting with

the inside first I'm just going through

all my different grits of sandpaper

starting at 220 grit and ending at 1500

and I hit it with an astro tech polish

to give it that final mirror reflective

finished and I repeat the exact same

steps on the outside


now here it is this ring is finished

there's a lot of work but it was

definitely worth it

it's just so satisfying to start with

the most basic of ingredients and just

go through every single possible step I

think it just makes the ring itself a

lot more special so anyways guys there's

the ring and really proud of the way

that this turned out this would make for

an awesome wedding ring as always if

you're interested in ordering one of

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anyways guys that's it for this video

thank you so much for watching and I'll

see you again next week