Step by Step Roof Replacement !

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sure this is steep now steeper the same

girl because got there this

thing went out of business again

products I hate you topics I have to

reshoot it the whole thing have to fix

on the damaged wood and this is kind of

flat I got to fix all the damage food

and then this one has to finish the

refinishing with a coating of body

today I'm using my old shoes working on

a 10 and 12 slope roof put in plywood as

we go and this is how steep it is

it's barely walkable and I'm here right

no harness you see my shadow I'm blowing

the roof but when you buy shoes buy

something that's not slippery so that

way you can I can step on this little

doorway right here I'm gonna ruffle

Pelican Tuesday install them play with

my row and that's the garage and this is

a house we started this morning

I just just throw I just did this little

thing right here not nail you know


the ball tomorrow photon Berto okay

north of a massive okay




this is how I modify the the door mesh

on top they have a rough metal on the

underneath so what I did I put a si meet

blank a primary and then I install a si

midline on top of it and then I so la si

cap on top of it so it has like two

layers on top of the metal so this thing

is not going anywhere in case if he

leaks maybe in 40 years you go through

the two members on top but it still has

the metal on the bottom so I think the

lady has a better system now Ryan this

is the roof I raided their the rich on

the side and then tomorrow I'll come in

and do the rest of it I'm just gonna do

the rich on this side

and paying pipes silicone caulking stuff

like that and that's it done

similar batting around along the valley

that's what I used to cut my my shingles

you know all the way down there alright

so I use them to carry straight a

straight line on mine since the

presidential is a thick shingle so you

cannot carry that easy so you have to

have some support on you need to need to

be able to cut it in one shot so this

was an idea for one of my friends he was

cutting a slate and he showed me how to

do it so I used it for presidential so

it's an idea that you get from somebody


all right bye-bye what's up guys Eric

again I'm done today was the last day he

came to cut all the pipes painting some

details on XIV are counter flashing and

the color is shown right here it's

country gray presidential 50-year this

is the garage let's take a rest over

there this one here's the house

I stole a cap sheet on top of that

little dorm is right here I couldn't

stop presidential because doesn't have

the slope was ambu-bag is it better to

live like this

this is my open belly remember I've seen

some guys they do presidential and then

they do the closed Kubelik yes this is

the lower section on the bottom this is

little pieces that really killed me

yesterday my ankles hurt then this one

was the easiest ones I remember

presidential is not a dimensional shrink

okay you gotta be careful when you let

somebody install the singles on your

house make sure you know how to install

them you know how to install them

properly I wasn't gonna have problems

all right Warners be careful be aware

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