Rift Valley Formation

Rift Valley formation a Rift Valley is

formed as a result of the sinking of a

portion of the crust between cracks on

the surface of the earth there are three

stages in the formation of a Rift Valley

stage one layers of rock are subject to

tension or stress stage two faults or

cracks develop in the layers and the

central block begins to subside stage 3

after subsidence a depression with steep

sides is formed this is a Rift Valley

you can make your own Rift Valley using

a long eraser take a long eraser and use

a pencil to draw fault lines on it use a

cutter or blade to cut the eraser across

the lines drawn earlier

place the pieces of the long eraser

together to make the eraser hole again

apply a little pressure on the corner

pieces and lift the whole eraser above

the table slowly pull the corner pieces

apart and you can see how the land in

the middle of false line subsides and a

rift valley is formed the Great Rift

Valley of Africa is a special physical

feature of the southern plateau it is a

long narrow valley formed as a result of

vertical cracks that developed because

of the movements within the earth it

extends for a total distance of five

thousand kilometers from Lake Malawi

through the Red Sea and the Gulf of

Aqaba to the Dead Sea in Jordan many

freshwater lakes like Malawi Rudolf

Tanganyika are found here