How to Write a Rhetorical Analysis Essay

today I will be going over how to write

a rhetorical analysis essay this is an

essay to expect if you are taking the AP

Language exam to start with you will

want to make sure you have a solid

understanding of what some rhetoric

strategies are this will make it much

easier in the actual process of writing

the essay as it will be easier to

identify which strategies the author

uses next before you write a rhetorical

analysis essay you must understand what

the purpose of this type of essay is the

purpose is to analyze and explain the

rhetorical devices used in the essay

through their writing of persuasion

tools by the writer in an attempt to

interact with their audience remember

that you do not need to take a position

on controversy in this type of essay

continuing on when you write one of

these essays you will be given a sheet

of paper with a short statement of

background information in context and a

passage that will be about one page long

the statement on top will have

information such as who wrote the essay

when it was written and the author's

purpose then you will want to read the

passage as you read keep an eye out for

any rhetorical devices you find the

author uses in their writing to try to

convey their point this is where knowing

your rhetoric devices will be useful as

they will be much easier to identify

it's also helpful to keep the author's

purpose in your mind as I can often help

you to notice devices that you may not

have identified yet the next step is to

create an opening sentence you want to

write something that will catch your

audience's attention but still make

sense with the rest of your essay and

won't be a drawback by distracting the

audience along with this you will want

to add a few sentences of context and

background information into your opening

paragraph most of this information can

be found in the statement on top of the

passage you can also include external

information if you have any info that

you think pertains to the essay you will

then want to write your thesis you

should have several strategies that you

identified in the essay ready to write

about your thesis laying out what

persuasive tools used by the author you

are prepared to analyze in your comming

body paragraphs after you complete your

intro you will be ready to move on to

the body paragraphs remember to only

analyze one rhetoric device per

paragraph otherwise it can become over

for the reader you will want to include

an example of a rhetoric device used by

the author usually followed by a quote

containing that snippet of the writing

follow this with an analysis of why the

author chose to use this specific

persuasive tool to attempt to convince

their audience and how it impacts the

audience in your analysis make sure to

tie it back to the author's purpose and

meaning as that's a strong indicator of

why they may have used that tool another

reminder is to try to make sure to use

transitions that flow nicely with your

writing to end your essay you will want

to include a conclusion it is not

required to include a separate

conclusion paragraph do not feel like

you have to put in this paragraph if you

do not feel it will add anything to you

to your essay if you think it will work

best you can conclude at the end of your

final body paragraph your conclusion

should reiterate the author's purpose of

their writing through the devices you

previously analyzed congratulations you

now know the formatting for writing a

rhetorical analysis essay make sure to

brush up on your rhetoric devices and

you'll be all set for this essay good