Done For You Services System Review - Is This Worth It?

on aaron chen here will be doing well if

you're watching this video right now you

might be doing some research on this

done-for-you services system by wesley

virgin and irelia io rio ok i'm not sure

if i'm butchering the name but basically

irelia is one of wesley virgins

protégées and wesley version is a very

very successful you know market he calls

himself the the virgin you know

billionaire right and he's done very

very well she's also done very very well

so you know kudos there to them and so

let me review the program i'll tell you

what it's about this is the actual

signup page for the program it's a it's

a webinar ok so you kind of click here

register now there's obviously it's a

recorded webinar which is pretty normal

these days right you find the right time

you get on and they will train you a

little bit about what it is about and

then they will pitch you on the actual

opportunity where if they call it a

done-for-you services system okay now

what is it actually about what are the

what are the module is gonna be looking

like and you know how does this really

work okay so first of all understand

that it's an eight hundred and fifty

dollar program roughly right so you pay

850 bucks you get all of their facebook

templates you get the look-alike

audiences and they basically teach you

how to set up affiliate marketing

through Facebook specifically alright

which is which is good and bad and let

me explain why so you can make a lot of

money on Facebook if you understand how

to do it properly

right and they do help you and they call

it done for you because they have a lot

of templates they give you a lot of what

they what's called look-alike audiences

so that you can find the right people in

your specific market they give you

templates they give you pictures they

give you videos so they do a lot of the

heavy lifting which is great by the way

okay that helps you out but you still

have to do the work okay it's not one of

those things where you know the name is

a bit misleading because they say that

it's done for you but it's not really

done for you okay they give you

templates to help you out but you still

have to go out there learn it and spend

money on the ads now if you're somebody

that first of all doesn't have eight

hundred fifty dollars to spend on a

program this might not be the right

program for you because that's how much

it costs okay so it's a it's a slightly

more expensive program which is fine

okay it just depends on who you

but you also must have income to spend

on ads right so if you want to be

successful on Facebook you need at least

minimum three to five hundred dollars a

month otherwise you're not gonna get any

results from Facebook right because the

thing is is that even if you have only

fifty dollars to spend which you can by

the way spent on Facebook it's not

enough money for you to test out the

lead see the way that Facebook marketing

works is you must have revenue to spend

on ads to see what works and what

doesn't now yes these guys are gonna do

it a lot of the heavy lifting for you so

you get results quicker but you still

have to understand that paid advertising

it doesn't work instantly you still have

to test things out right so you need

that budget you need that buffer in

order for you to get those results right

so if you're on your last like 50

dollars you're not gonna get results

from Facebook I'm just I'm sorry I'm

telling you this because I've spent

thousands of dollars on paid advertising

and you know I've done a lot on Facebook

you know I know what it's about and it

that's just the way that it works okay

so if you're someone who has that then

great you know this is a good program

it'll teach you how to do that it'll

give you the right templates it'll give

you the right look-alike audiences and

it'll just help you get better and

quicker results on Facebook specifically

and they'll also recommend a couple of

offers that you can actually promote

right so that you don't waste time and

money which is true okay so in that

sense this program is good it gives you

the templates it gives you the look like

audiences it teaches you Facebook and it

shows you the right programs to promote

okay here is my big problem with this

program all right the problem is is that

they focus only on Facebook now this is

the problem with Facebook and you might

not know this because you might be a

brand new marketer

Facebook hates marketers okay they

dislike marketers so what tends to

happen a lot of the time is that you

might be marketing on Facebook one day

and all of a sudden bang they shut down

your Facebook account for no reason at

all alright now this has happened to me

four times I've had four Facebook

accounts shut down that's why I don't

like marketing on Facebook don't get me

wrong if you can figure it out and you

can stay on Facebook then it

it's amazing okay because they've got

you know just billions and billions of

users right on Facebook but the problem

is is that Mark Zuckerberg he doesn't

care about little marketers like you and

me he just cares about the large

corporations like Carlsberg or you know

coca-cola or Unilever whoever who has no

idea about how to market on Facebook who

dumps a crap ton of money you know

tens of millions of dollars a year on

Facebook so they let those guys stay on

but market is people like us who

actually know how to gain the system and

use it properly they don't like

affiliate marketing in fact Facebook

hates affiliate marketing and for

whatever reason you can get your ad

account banned and once you get banned

it's very difficult to get back on okay

now I'm not saying that you can never

get back on I'm just saying that it's a

pain in the butt now if you build your

entire business on Facebook only it's

like building your business on a layer

of quicksand that this is my honestly my

professional recommendation now don't

get me wrong again if you have multiple

strategies if you have facebook

Instagram you know YouTube email

marketing influencer marketing paid

display ads or whatever and you know

what you're doing and you have multiple

platforms that is the safest way to

build your business but if you're gonna

build your entire business just on

Facebook it is a very very very risky

strategy I know people that used to

spend a hundred thousand dollars a month

on Facebook who had the add accounts

shut down like that for no reason just

because they targeted the wrong thing or

they said something wrong in their ads

and it was against Facebook ad policies

remember that if you have your entire

business you know just buy on Facebook

you can just get the you're complete rug

pulled out from under you now you might

get lucky and you might be able to stay

on Facebook for a while but at some

point believe me when I say Mark

Zuckerberg he's gonna pull the plug on

you because that's what's actually

happening on a lot of the big networks

right now okay it's not gonna last

forever that's what happened to Google


I've been marketing since 2009 right in

2009 when I set up my Google AdWords

platform I was making leads easily 20 30

40 leads a day no problem all of a


dang Google AdWords just decides they

don't like marketers anymore

there were over 50,000 online marketers

who just lost their business like that I

know people from back in those days who

lost their entire ad accounts because

they became Google AdWords experts

instead of proper marketers does that

make sense right they lost the entire

business that also their homes their

cars their business some of them never

made it back online because they put

their entire business on one platform

now if you do that you are you are

taking a huge risk ok so again I'm not

saying that this program is a bad

program ok if in fact it's a good

program if you have the money to invest

$850 into the program and you're willing

to build your entire business just on

Facebook what I'm saying is that oh and

also if you have the budget to spend on

Facebook because you need to spend money

on ads every single month right 3 to 500

bucks at least otherwise you're wasting

your time you need money to test your

ads otherwise this doesn't work that

well ok but if you're someone you know

who understands ok you know I don't

really want to take that risk then maybe

it's not for you ok look I've had 4 ad

account shut down man for Facebook at a

con shut down ok just for no reason at

all not because I was trying to break

the rules in fact I was trying to do

everything properly but just understand

that that is the risk that you're taking

if you're building everything with

Facebook if you're willing to take that

risk though then absolutely done-for-you

services system great program ok we'll

teach you how to build your business on

facebook they'll recommend great

products these guys are great Reena is

obviously very very successful but I

just wanted to give you that that

warning because this is the reality of

modern marketing right now all the big

ad platforms Instagram Facebook you know

Google ads all these guys right even

LinkedIn ads they have their own ad

policies right they are the guys that

hold all the cards ok and if you do

something wrong they don't care how much

you're spending because there's no way

that you're gonna out spend the big

corporate companies they will shut you

down like that for no reason at all ok

and to get back onto the platform

extremely extremely difficult I hope

that makes sense ok but otherwise if if

you're if you're if you're ok with that

the quality of this product no problem

great quality product ok so

take what you want from that so that's

my review of done-for-you Services

system okay so you can check it out if

you like this is a webinar you can sign

up for the webinar right here and then

you'll go through the presentation and

then you can purchase the the product at

the end if you want okay now if you're

here and you're like Aaron well listen

I'm just here because I want to learn

how to make money online you don't know

how to make money online you want to

learn how to do it listen I've been like

I mentioned earlier I've been online now

for the last 11 years since 2009 now the

first eight years that I was marketing I

had no idea what I was doing I made so

many mistakes okay and that's why I can

tell you from experience some of these

insights right so from 2009 to 2016

I spent ninety thousand dollars on

courses ads programs different business

models trying everything to try and

figure out my business

I've had one YouTube account shut down

I've had one Google AdWords account shut

down and I've had four Facebook accounts

shut down in that time period okay most

people can't go through that that that

kind of heartache okay and it took me a

long time to figure out what business

model really works how do you really

sell products and how do you make sure

that you're on a platform that will not

get you shut down okay and how do you

build your business for the long term

because look you don't want to build

your business on a layer of quicksand

right here today gone tomorrow which is

very possible if you're just focusing

everything on one platform right now if

you have multiple platforms and Facebook

that's great okay then then you're safe

you want to build a 100 story skyscraper

on on a layer of you know cement stone

steel foundation not quicksand alright

and that is and that's basically what I

had to learn the hard way it took me

eight long years okay and ninety

thousand US dollars before I figured out

in 2016 how to do this properly and then

from 2016 to 2019 really figured it out

started generating tens of thousands of

dollars in sales I tripled my old

corporate income in April 2019 and then

I left my corporate job in April 2019

while at the start of May 2019 and now

I've been doing this full-time since

then and I've got hundreds of students

all over the world where I teach them

how to do

affiliate marketing properly okay so if

that's you if you're like Aaron I would

I would love to learn how you did it

properly how did you diversify your

business how do you do it safely you

know how do you make sure that you're

not at the mercy of a gigantic

corporation like Facebook or Instagram

who can just shut your accounts down

like that for no reason at all no reason

at all ridiculous okay

then I'd love to show you how to do that

right so all you have to do click the

link right below there's a free training

ok you'll see a little link in the

description box it's gonna lead you to

my website and see your best email

address on that website ok and I'll send

you an email directly to your email

inbox with the video that will show you

exactly how to do this stuff make sure

you check your spam folders cuz emails

email sometimes it ends up in spam ok

all your promotions folder if you're

using Gmail and in that video I will I

will lay this all out for you what is it

what's the what are the different

business models online how does this

really work how do you diversify your

business how do you generate good

traffic that will be there for the long

term right how do you build out a sales

process and all that good stuff how do

you choose good products to sell ok and

if you're interested then there's a way

for us to work together of course right

so listen I hope you enjoyed this review

of I'm done for you services system

again look it's not a bad program ok I'm

not saying that I'm just saying that you

need to come in with eyes wide open

because there's a bigger there's bigger

picture things going on in the

background that you don't understand

right Facebook is not a safe platform to

build your entire business on now if you

have multiple streams of in multiple

streams of traffic then it's great if

you want to take the risk then that's

fine if you're willing to spend if

you've got the budget for it then that's

fine but if that's not you then this

might not be the right program for you

ok you need to we have to weigh up all

those options before you decide to jump

on and you just need to know what it's


ok and what the risks that that there

are out there before you decide to jump

on in a program like this I hope that

makes sense ok otherwise I hope to see

you on the next page I hope you enjoyed

this review my name is Aaron Chen all

the best to you and your business take

care and all the best