How a Reverse Vasectomy Is Performed

so when you have a second reversal like

this we were watching the footage some

of that I mean it's intricate surgery

yeah I know it's not foolproof although

this seems to have gone very well yeah

you know a vasectomy done properly is

almost foolproof but if as ectomy

reversal no matter how perfectly it's

performed has a success rate of up to

you know 80 maybe even 90 percent in a

select couple in a situation like Slade

and Gretchen so we're looking at

somewhere between an expected live birth

rate of about 40 to 50 percent but the

surgery is very meticulous very

technical the passageway that we're

reconnecting is a third of a millimeter

in diameter a third of a millimeter in

diameter we're putting several

individually hand placed stitches around

that circle in two layers and when

things heal they scar and just the

slightest increase in scar tissue will

block off that passageway so it is very

very technical but of course some of its

biology to how his body heals how his

sperm production is how fertile she is

all of those things go into the mix as

to why we're looking at a 40 to 50% live

birth rate in their particular situation

even though technically I expect that

that connection will work and sperm will

flow through it over 95% of the time in

my hands will you recheck his sperm yes

in about a month or so so I like to get

the first semen analysis two months

after the surgery but they're allowed to

start attempting one month after and

I've had several couples who are

pregnant before they even go for that

first semen analysis which is you know

fast as possible so it sounds to me like

one of the benefits of this is it also

takes the pressure off a little bit in

terms of okay it's not this set thing

we're going to do once you're able to

resume your your activities then it's

you know it gets back to the basics so

to speak and and so is part of your

coaching in this because Gretchen and

Slade have been through so much to not

put too much pressure not okay before we

smell like let's go

is it's a little bit more like okay

let's you know let's take the pressure

off because we know that that can help

increase the odds as well yeah you're

absolutely right about taking the

pressure off because now they have the

full spectrum of options available Slade

already has frozen sperm available for

further cycles in vitro fertility and

now he has the opportunity for this for

both of them to have natural conception

but if ultimately this vasectomy

reversal fails they can toggle back to

further attempts at in-vitro fertility

so both options are available which

really does take the pressure off and is

it true that Slade getting a haircut

will improve your eyes man through the

eyes of Ben being able to have attempts

at natural conception think about you

know every woman as a little girl thinks

about you know making love to your

partner and making a baby naturally that

way and when you go in and all of a

sudden the doctors like what month do

you want to have a baby and you're like

looking at the calendar like what what

month I won't have a baby becomes very

clinical so you know I never have tried

to get pregnant in my life so this is

the first time that I am trying to have

a baby and to be able to have that

option back in the situation where we

can just try to conceive naturally and

be able to make love and have our moment

together is really special for me and

you know at the end of the day sex is

more fun than progesterone injections

and journey we want to thank you for

sharing it with us