How Are Plastic Water Bottles Made?


plastic water bottles they keep your

quenched but how are they made it all

starts with thousands of tiny pellets

primarily comprised of PE tea plastic PE

tea or polyethylene terephthalate is

strong safe and makes up about 96% of

plastic bottles and containers in the US

most plastic products are created

through a process known yet injection

molding which begins with the technician

loading the pellets into a giant funnel

known as a hopper however these days

it's far more common for the pellets to

be vacuumed up through tubes and

directly into the hopper weird they are

measured and portioned for the injection

process the plastic pellets travel down

the hopper and into the machine where

they are melted down and injected into

molds in the shape of drink where for

most drink ware like plastic cups the

process is pretty much complete a

robotic arm removes the cups from the

Machine and stalks them for the

technician to inspect lids and squeeze

tops are also done in one as the mold

opens the finished lids are ejected down

a chute ready for assembly

when bottles are injection molded the

process is multiple steps

initially the plastic is molded into a

small hollow cone the cones are compact

and thus easier to store when an order

is placed the cones are inserted onto a

conveyor and heated to make them soft

and pliable again then they are squeezed

into a larger mold while air is forced

into the center causing the plastic to

expand to the full shape and size of the

bottles it's like blowing up a balloon

when they exit the mold you have a fully

formed and beautiful plastic bottle

ready to hold your favorite beverage

some machines are so enormous that the

entire process is completed internally

the plastic is melted the cones are

formed and then immediately molded into

finished bottles without ever being

touched by a technician vibra not done

yet because injection molding is not the

only way to make a bottle this is

extrusion molding the process in which

heated plastic is squirted out into long

hollow tubes like large plastic noodles

3 at a time the molds clamp around the

plastic noodles air is forced into the

molds and the plastic tubes expand in

completed shape of the bottle the

bottles are formed but there is extra

plastic to be trimmed so they are run

through a cutter with a heated blade

that shapes them up like a hot knife

through butter now it's on 2d treatment

without it the ink used in screen print

and pad part will not properly adhere to

the drink where our extrusion molded

bottles are sent spiraling through a

gauntlet of fire and out the other side

already for logos fun fact an easy way

to tell if a bottle has been

heat-treated is to dip it in water if

the water beads up the bottle has not

been treated a fully treated bottle will

come out of the water with a glossy

Sheen bottles and cups are great but

what really takes them to the next level

is branding so it's off to the screen

printer is to add your name and logo the

final step is packaging the bottles are

sealed and plastic

boxed up and sent to lucky customers all

over the world who are looking to expand

their brand there you have it plastic

water bottles a great way to hydrate and

promote your brand