Identifying a Research Problem

hello ladies and gentlemen mr. people's

here and we're gonna talk today about

how to create your areas of focus for

your research paper and how to create

research questions to help guide that

research so you have something that's

going to a path that you can follow to

continue your research or conduct your

research the first thing is choosing

your topic now many of you already have

a general topic that you've chosen that

could be the Holocaust

it could be Pearl Harbor it could be

Adolf Hitler but many of you have

already chosen a topic but what you need

to do now to the next step in creating

areas of focus is to create a web so you

can see in this example that there is

the Holocaust here is what we're going

to be using as an example that's my

topic but I need to focus it I need to

narrow it down to areas of focus and so

what I did is I took the Holocaust and I

thought of all these different things

that are connected to it concentration

camps leaders reasons for the Holocaust

the ghettos Josef Mengele and

experiments punishment of the Nuremberg

trials the Adolf Hitler Adolf Hitler and

his role and Kristallnacht now because

of this I have an idea of different

categories that are connected to the

Holocaust what I want to do now is I

want to narrow my topic I want to choose

three of those things three topics that

connect I don't want to just pick random

parts of my web but I want to pick three

topics that connect and that those will

become my area of focus so when I'm

looking at my research packet that looks

like this those areas of focus I can

plug into my research packet and so you

can see for this one this example I took

for the Holocaust I might be interested

in finding information about a F Hitler

about the reasons for the Holocaust

being my second order of topics and then

concentration camps and so I could put

those in order based on a sequence that

is logical

now here's another example I could do

the same topic but I have different

areas of focus I could have Adolf Hitler

then concentration camps and then my

third area might be Joseph Mengele and

the experiments that he conducted I

could also have here's another example

that where I could have reasons for the

Holocaust some of the what I was like in

the ghettos and then concentration camps

those are my subtopics and so once I

have my overall topic Holocaust Pearl

Harbor Battle of Midway then I need to

create this Web so that I can think of

some subtopics then I pick three of

those subtopics and I put them in a

logical order now the next step is to

write questions and writing research

questions are very it's it's it's a

difficult skill takes a lot of practice

this is the first time you've done this

you've had attempts earlier temps in the

year with calm arts but this is the

first time you're actually trying to

apply those things and so it's okay if

you don't get it right away ask your

teacher for help not nobody gets it

right the first time so the worst thing

to do is to just not write any questions

what you want to do is make sure you

have questions and then we can talk

about how to tweak them so that they're

better questions we're gonna talk though

right now about how to write good

questions the first thing that you know

let's say I have my I have my topic now

I have my areas of focus or my three

subtopics you can see those here Adolf

Hitler concentration camps and Josef

Mengele what I want to do now is I want

to write three open-ended questions for

each subtopic I have to make sure though

that my questions stay on topic okay so

if I'm gonna ask three open-ended

questions about Adolf Hitler I can't

have one of my questions be about Joseph

Angola in that section alright so if I

continue here here's an example so my

first subtopic Adolf Hitler my first

open-ended question might be something

like who was Adolf Hitler then when I go

to my research I'm going to be looking

for examples evidence

that show what enough Hitler who he

really was question number two another

open-ended question what were some of

Hitler's beliefs whoops what were some

of Hitler's beliefs again I'm not gonna

be looking for like when was he born I'm

not gonna be looking for when did he die

I'm looking for because I'm my subtopic

is full so focused on the Holocaust I'm

gonna be looking for what were some of

Hitler's beliefs because that question

is gonna lead us into why he believed

the Holocaust was necessary and then

what things influenced him to hate

Jewish people and other groups that's a

an open-ended question that's going to

lead us to information about the

Holocaust it's gonna lead us to

information about why you would choose

to do something as horrible as this

another here's my second subtopic or my

second area focus the concentration

camps and these are examples of

open-ended questions for that what were

concentration camps what were they

that's an open-ended question it's not a

yes/no question it's not a question that

can just be answered with one piece of

evidence it takes a whole bunch of

evidence put together to answer that

question for what reasons were they

created and what was life like in the

camps and then the last one here Josef

Mengele and the experiments who was

Josef Mengele what was his purpose in

the camps and then what were some of the

experiments he conducted okay you might

need to if you don't know much about

Josef Mengele maybe you don't choose him

as a subtopic but maybe he's someone

that you know about and that you're

interested in and that's something that

you choose to do but you need to be able

to write those open-ended questions

about each subtopic what that means now

is I can then go to I can go to Google

and I can look up Josef Mengele and I

can also look up things about who he was

I can read examples about what his life

was like I can read what his purpose was

in those camps but I can use these

questions than to guide my research so

then when I find information that

answers those questions I jut that down

into my notes and then

I keep track of the sources so that I

can use it later on in my paper let me

know if you have questions this is a

quick instructional on how to narrow

your topic and then write those

questions let me know if you have

questions or mr. downs if you're from

mr. downs class let him know if you have

any questions Thanks